Erotic Hypnosis : femme orgasm, amnesia

The following journal was written by My monique.
monique is registered as serving Lady Surrender, on the Slave register.

In the Live One-on-One Hypnosis session, I used hypnotic trigger phrases from Gay Hypnosis mp3, as well as other sissy recordings. I also programmed hypnosis trigger phrases for monique to experience a feminine orgasm, so that monique would experience orgasm when I brought her up from trance.

I interrogated monique’s subconscious mind, while I had My sissy monique deep in trance.
I programmed monique’s subconscious mind to have amnesia – to have no memory of the conversation I had when I interrogated her subconscious mind and to “forget” all programming hypnosis.

I then brought My sissy monique up to full conscious awareness… and smiled…as I heard her gasps of pleasure …. as the feminine orgasm immediately took over her body. Such a delicious way to toy with My subject…. I then used the trigger phrases from gay Hypnosis, Addicted to Cock & other sissy recordings….. listening to monique as she her body responded to My hypnosis….

I asked monique what she could remember of the session…. & she had no memory of the programming. So- I thought I had better fix that for her…. with a trigger phrase, I took her subconscious mind back into deep trance and suggested her subconscious mind remember…everything.

Such an obedient mind – I do love playing with memory…. whether it is amnesia, re-instating memory, implanting memory….

Lady Surrender,
what a wonderful private session I had today. First of all you took me deeper than I’ve ever been before. There is no doubt that a personal session leads to the best possible effects and even though I’ve had the privilege of having had a few sessions with you before I find you improve time after time like a wonderful vintage wine.Your words went straight to all my pleasure receptors and at one point I felt totally deconnected from all my body sensations and just floated without a care in the world.
Then you woke me up to ask me what I remembered and I thought oh dear what just happened? My only desire was to pursue the wonderful feminine orgasm I was experiencing and I didn’t really care much about anything else.
Then you brought me back down and gave me all my memory back and I thought Wow! How did you do that?! But I’m glad you did because you allowed me to experience so many deliciously naughty slutty feelings and actions that you knew I was craving for.
I’m tempted to guard you as a secret but as serving you is so wonderful I’m pleased to share and promote you to others.The more success you gather the happier I am.

your monique

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Feminine Orgasm – Level 1

Priming you for the next step!

This recording will condition and prime you to experience a sexy and intense feminine orgasm.

I will remove all of your  doubts that you can experience a delicious melting… feminine orgasm… I will delete all of your prior socialisation and experience of male orgasms.

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Feminine Orgasm – Level 2

No Fantasy – Simply Orgasmic Bliss!

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Erotic Hypnosis : Naughty monique

Monique felt compelled to treat herself to a double dose of secret sissy sluttiness and had decided to listen to Lady Surrender’s Craving for Cock and then Sissy Training : Sissy Sex.

It had been on her mind all day, and several times she’d found herself rubbing her sissy clitty, giving herself pleasure and feeling it throb and ache at the anticipation of her Mistresses voice.

As the day drew to a close she was getting hornier and hornier and found herself opening the drawer to her toy box under the bed.

The sight of her favourite dildo and the memory of it’s penetration into her sissy pussy tipped her over the edge and she closed her eyes and invited her phantasms to quench her thirst for dark moaning sex.

She craved being forced to her knees by strong hands pushing down on her shoulders until her stockinged knees collided with the floor and then ordered to take out the erect man-cock that was bulging in the crotch before her.

Her tongue would play with the saliva in her warm wet cock-hole of a mouth and she would retain her juices, thinking of the hard, throbbing, purple-headed monster that she intended to ease out of his pants after having pulled down the zipper with her teeth.

Her phantasms were intensifying and she started to whimper softly imagining what might happen afterwards, drifting even deeper. Her phantasm began to take hold of her and sights, sounds and odours invaded her mind.

As the zip lowered, her heart skipped a beat, and she imagined feeling warm black latex. He was wearing latex underwear! Instinctively she pressed her cheek against the latex, then kissed and licked that gorgeous manhood through the black shininess. She could feel her sissy clitty straining against her pretty pink lacy panties and she knew without the slightest doubt that her sissy juices had started to flow. She took his cock out of his pants and gasped at its fullness.

In her mind, she feverishly caressed and rubbed that cock like an eager sissy fluffer. Willing it to become rock hard and agitated, searching to excite and make her Cock Master desire her perfumed and slutty body. She needed him to fuck her face until his hot creamy juices exploded in her throat and spilled from her mouth.

When he was satisfied she would caress his manhood some more until he was erect again and then she would lead him to her bed where she would lie on her back and spread her legs, inviting him with her pleading eyes to thrust his magnificent manhood deep into her sissy pussy.

Sissy juices would flow from her sissy clitty as she felt him stretch and fill her hungry aching pussy.

Their eyes would lock as he fucked her ferociously, and she imagined his balls slapping between her legs.

He would grunt with each thrust and his words would be harsh and humiliating as he called her a sissy faggot, a cock worshipper, and a cum slut.

The telephone rang through her phantasm and opening her eyes she saw she was rubbing her sissy clitty, it’s juices seeping through her pretty panties.

She took the handset in her other hand and listened.

“My sissy monique, my slutty sissy monique, listen to Me!”

It was Lady Surrender!

She could feel her face flushed with embarrassment at her temporary loss of control.

“Mmy Lllady,” she stammered.

“Have you been a naughty slutty sissy, My monique?”

“Yes My Lady.”

“Then listen very attentively to me : Deepening Hypnosis : Surrender

Sissy monique’s eyes closed and all her muscles relaxed as she fell into yet another deep and delicious trance.

“You are going to tell me all about these phantasms and desires and I’m going to use them to further deepen my control over you.”

All sissy monique could say was, “Yes My Lady.”

– – – – – – – – –

Surrender – The Foundation File

Deepening Hypnosis

This file conditions your subconscious mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files, or in Live One-on-One Hypnosis sessions.

Once you have purchased & listened to these 2 foundation files, your next programming will depend on the desired outcome.

Check the Category Listings here on this site for specific hypnosis kinks.


– – – – – – – – –

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Erotic Hypnosis : sissy slut Jnl 9

The following journal written by a sissy subject, records a Live Hypnosis session I had with My sissy slut monique.

I placed a hypno chastity device on her sissy clitty, a hypno gag in her mouth… and just to underline My level of control : – a hypno butt plug in her slutty sissy pussy. I took control of the slutty sissy’s libido & triggered her to feel overwhelming arousal…..

Delicious ! Especially as she couldn’t cum because of the hypno chastity device.

I then had to raise My voice… to strengthen the trigger phrases…. talk louder because of this sissy slot’s moaning and muffled noises… as  she desperately tried to cum.

Such a slut !

Of course – sissy slut did not get to cum.

The next Live Hypnosis session I have with monique…. will see her being fucked by (hypno) hard man cock… in place of that hypno butt plug.

Lady Surrender,

I admit to being a hypno fetishist. I’ve been listening to mp3s for many years, always searching, as we fetishists do, for THE Dominant. Flitting from file to file, from HypnoDomme to HypnoDomme, seeking the perfect voice, seeking THE ‘perfect’ connexion.

Imagine my surprise therefore because I’ve been following Lady Surrender for over a year and she has been my only focus and become the object of my devotion.

My playlists are simple and my progression is remarkable. Her voice is my voice, her words are my words, her thoughts are my thoughts and my confidence is total.

She guides me responsably, deftly and sustainably where she would like me to go and this provides a perfect balance between my day to day life and my fantasy life.  Each aspect compliments the other perfectly.

Her files are crafted to my needs as a sissy slut and each one builds on the precedent. Her inductions are blissful and i bathe in the splendour of each and every word that enable me to drift down deliciously into trance so that I can dance eagerly with her triggers.

When I am in trance with My Lady I become very different to the person that is writing this blog, which is fascinating and liberating. She brings out the lust, horniness and the inner slutiness that I crave so much and which does me so much good.

She enables me to growl and moan, to pant and drool with pleasure. She introduces me to the cold steel of her chastity device and to hear the click as she closes the lock. She places the ball gag inhibiting all speech and introduces, so erotically, the butt plug where it needs to go.

I am such a lucky sissy slut and it would be very rude of me not to say thank You.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a few private sessions and these have been my hypnotic highlights. Files are great, and hers are the best for me. A private session however is the pinnacle of excellence and only second surely to a r/l session but living thousands of miles away it’s as good as it can get!

So thank You Lady Surrender. I’m so fortunate and lucky to be in Your servitude.

I am Yours.


 – – – – – – – – –

Sissy Training 26 – Cock to Clitty  – (Reviews)

Clitty Indoctrination!

Only a real man can satisfy a woman with his hard man cock. Your sissy clitty is more comfortable tucked away in pink panties.

Your sissy training continues:
In this session, I will hypnotize your useless man cock to be a limp sissy clitty.


 – – – – – – – – –

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Erotic Hypnosis : My monique journal 8

The following email was written by My monique, to accompany her slave registration:

I treasure monique’s devotion and service. This past year has been a very difficult year, and I value  monique’s  care for her Lady. The Slave registration Certificate formalises the D/s relationship between U/us.  I love the many facets of monique’s devotion & loyalty…

Things I would change?…. having monique live here…. in the Land of Tomorrow…..

I also love her response to My hypnosis… mmm…


9 January 2016

Lady Surrender,

i’ve known that i am submissive as long as I can remember. It manifests itself constantly either subtly or overtly. The trouble with being a submissive is that to be truly content, a submissive needs a dominant for the magic to work.
In the absence of a dominant it’s mostly playacting or enacting frustrating phantasms or at most getting a partner to play the role of a dominant.

The reality is that there are submissive and dominants and you either are or you aren’t, because if one or the other is just playing the role both are unhappy and frustrated.

Unfortunately it is rare that true submissives and true dominants have the chance to meet, either in real life or online.

There is abundant literature that talks of submissives desperately searching for a dominant and also a lot has been written about role playing submissives looking for an ‘experience’ of domination without really understanding what submission really is.

Imagine then, My Lady, my joy in finding You, and taking my long journey of submission through studying your commands and directions and letting my mind open completely to Your service.

The conversations we have had have all served to pull me closer and closer into Your service with my thirsty and aching submissive heart.

Your voice and your words bind me closer and closer into Your service. It’s clear that the process is far from complete but i’m ready and oh so willing to devote myself to Your service and my role is to listen attentively to Your requests and anticipate Your needs while adjusting to being Your sissy property.

i’m so proud that You have accepted me as Your sissy slut in training and i hope the road will be long and satisfying to You because, as You know, this process is all about You.

I promise not be be needy or troublesome and my happiness will come from making You as happy and content as i can.

The fact i am on the other side of the world will not be a handicap and i’m sure that we can both imagine me, Your sissy slut, kneeling or prostrate at Your feet awaiting Your commands.

You will do with me as You wish and i will always say:

“Yes, My Lady”

– your monique

Slave Registration


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Erotic Hypnosis: fetish for cock/anal play, latex, hypno: jnl 2

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a hypno fetish…

I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….

Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….
Enticement….. Entrancement….. How delicious…that a subject wants to abandon themselves to My trances….




Your files are magical and I love abandoning myself to your trances more and more. I wish to be as blank as you would want me to be in order to fulfil your desires for me if I should be so lucky.

Here is a journal entry that you can edit as you see fit.

I hope we will be able to discuss further when we are both ‘back’. I will be very excited to be circumnavigating New Zealand in 6 weeks or so and your files will accompany me.

Respectful thanks,


Life is surprising and we end up doing many things we weren’t intending to do and are very happy about it.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up purchasing Mistress’s files but I’m pretty sure it was the latex covered beauty both black and red that sparked me to listen to an extract and by then it was already too late to go back.

Perhaps also because I am about to embark on a trip to New Zealand that Mistress’s accent grabbed me oh so softly but surely around my increasingly blank and receptive mind. Her soft, warm and dare I say extremely erotic voice pulls me in, lays me down, straps me into consensual submission and, if it wasn’t for her instructions to breath would surely leave me breathless.


At first I was enticed by the overtly exciting nature of being attracted to cocks and addicted to anal but having listened more than a few times I suddenly realised that the focus of my obsession was the trance itself so I was, I’m extremely happy to say, led to purchase Morning Blankness and Addicted to Trance which is where I should have started initially but I’ve loved the detour and find these files even more exciting having had a base from which to explore.


Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.

My journey has just started but there is no turning back and no wish to leave the path I have chosen.

I will continue with my regular studies and report my progress and am sure that I will be guided into progressing and deepening my trances. I hope to be of use and a worthwhile distraction to Mistress and aim to find as many creative ways of serving her as possible.


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