Surrender: Inevitable, sweet Surrender.

Dear Lady/Mistress Surrender,
I’m a married submissive man that for many years has fantasized about meeting and submitting to a dominant woman.  Because of my love and respect my wife I choose not to act on these feelings.  But I still enjoy fantasy and hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my thoughts, and written verse from time to time.
I’ve enjoyed listening to your surrender foundation file many times.  So very well done. Your voice is soft, seductive and alluring.  Your whispers penetrate and pulsate through the mind, causing relaxing bliss.
It is good to hear you say that your slave’s surrender is a welcome and positive expression of oneself.  I think that so often, submissive males are somewhat fearful of expressing their desire to submit and be controlled. They fear being called weak, pathetic or humiliated. It goes against societal norms.
I confess I don’t understand why humiliation is used in D/s interactions.  I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to be engaged on a relationship where they are looked down upon or treated poorly.  I guess maybe some men do enjoy this because, I see it enough on the web.
I would like to think submissive men could feel good about themselves and the desire to serve a dominant woman. I don’t believe we are hapless fools, that deserved to be mocked and ridiculed.
Written below is my response to your Surrender file.  I’m not actually looking to pursue this, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings.
Dear Mistress Surrender,
You have captured my mind, conquered my heart and control my body.  In every way possible I have fallen under Your spell. I cannot escape Your powerful hold on me, nor do I want to.  Hearing Your voice resonate inside my mind fills me with peace and tranquility.  You have enticed me, entranced me, entrapped me and enslaved me.  I lay helpless before You waiting to hear Your soft silky voice, Your whispers, dominating and controlling me.  Waiting my opportunity to worship and adore, and pour out my devotion to my Goddess. I lay all of my being at your Open Door. I submit to Your power, I surrender to Your will. I wait humbly and submissively, longing to hear Your voice take charge of my body, of my mind and of my very soul. Forever Your willing and thankful Love slave.
P.s.  Desperately, longing and pleading.  Waiting for Your enthralling and liberating commands.
P.s.s.  I start and every day, naked and on my knees thanking and worshipping my Goddess for Her dominant control over me.
Thank you for your time and understanding.  Wishing you all the very best.
Surrender – The Foundation file mp3.