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Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.
– monique

Your style is singularly unique, and others certainly use repetition: ALL of them, if they are smart, but NOT the way You do: incessantly and mercilessly – until it amounts to brainwashing. Repetition is the simplest form of mind control, and You have demonstrated that multiple tracks and theta waves and subliminals, and NLP, and all the other effective and WONDERFUL accutriments of this art are… unneccesary when this power is wielded by the right hands… the right *lips* – and You have those beautiful, seductive, irresistible *lips*. You are… a very effective – and naughty – Hypno-Domme.

– subject cm

I recently came across this wonderful Kiwi. First I bought one, then two, then my third, fourth and fifth mp3. Her soft, silky and exotic voice had me instantly captivated. She was able to trance me into the deepest levels I have ever experienced.

– wheeler

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