Custom recordings for your Entrancement

The time is right… to begin that special training journey, deep into My control.

I am that Hypno Domme you have been searching for… who understands you, and who will use hypnosis to change your world. It may be that you ache to be more obedient as a submissive… or to have Me strengthen and control your fetish attachment… or to take you into the world of your deepest darkest fantasy. Perhaps your ordinary vanilla life needs… more confidence… passion… goal setting.

Basic cost: $600.00 for 35 minutes
Typical Turn Around Time: 5-6 weeks


Currently not accepting Custom recording Requests. – Sept 2018.

Payments sent before I have agreed to create a custom session for you will be taken as tribute.

I will NOT accept certain topics for Custom recordings, e/g/ BBC, incest themes etc.

Do NOT send payment until I have held a skype voice session with you, and have accepted your request for a Custom recording.

My 35 minute length custom recordings are particularly well-suited to those submissives who have experienced hypnosis sessions/MP3s before, and who readily slide into trance. If you have no/little experience of hypnosis, or have difficulty entering a trance state, I recommend a longer custom recording (typically 45 minutes) which includes an induction that reflects and works with your hypnosis history. The cost will therefore be more for longer recordings. Cost will be finalized when I talk with you about the custom recording.

Subliminal tracks – these may be added to the  Custom recording, as an additional means of hypnotic embedding. Cost to be discussed at the time.

I include Theta Brain Wave attunement music at no extra cost.

Erotic Whisper ASMR tracks are recommended as an additional & highly effective means of embedding hypnosis. A part or full length Erotic Whisper ASMR track will cost extra.

CLICK HERE for a sample of the Erotic Whisper ASMR track from My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3.

Before arranging payment, send an email and include the following:

  • Induction you respond to
  • Focus and goal of hypnosis session
  • Your name, if you want it to be used in the recording 
  • Details that you want included in the recording

I will then arrange to contact you via Skype Voice to finalize the details. Please check the New Zealand day/times I am available under on my FAQ page. I am available outside those set days/times by arrangement.

Please Note: Custom recordings usually carry a proviso that – with specific info deleted such as name & identifying info – it may be released for general sale. I retain Copyright on all recordings.

Exclusive Custom Recordings:

From $1000 depending on content.

Exclusive sessions are for you only. Nobody else will ever hear it but you! Not all requests are suitable for non-exclusive pricing. If your request is extremely niche or specific to you, I will let you know before work begins.

As My payment provider does not allow certain topics, e.g. kidnapping, abduction, findom etc… Custom recordings for these topics will be regarded as “Exclusive Custom recordings” and will cost the higher price of $600.00 minimum- again, depending on content and length of the recording)… subject to any additional recording techniques/time.

Specifically for sissy subjects: $1000*

These Custom files can be individualized with your own specific details:

  • Custom recording – Feminine Memories:
    Installing & implanting feminine memories of growing up as a girl.
  • Custom recording – Secret Fetish Life:
    Hypnosis that creates a barrier between your fetish life and your vanilla life, ensuring you can safely be a sissy while also interacting in vanilla world.
    For example, subjects have used a Custom recording to ensure they sexually satisfy their partner while their clitty remains limp at all other times.

DO NOT send payment before I have accepted your  Custom recording request.

If payment is received BEFORE I have accepted your request, I will regard your payment as tribute.

Custom Erotic Whisper Track

Exclusive Customization

Add an exclusive erotic whisper ASMR track to one of my erotic hypnosis sessions you’ve purchased.

Feel how I take control of you, from the moment I whisper your name… capturing your mind and body… entrancing you with my darkly addictive erotic whispers!


Hypnosis for Life Goals

I also make custom MP3 recordings for subjects to achieve life goals.

So far, these have included hypnosis sessions for creative goals for writers, for self-acceptance, for employment and business goals as well as health and fitness goals.

Surrender to your fantasies and to My hypnosis.
Pleasure yourself… with your personalized 35 minute custom recording.

Open yourself up and Surrender…
Give up control… Submit…
to My brainwashing… My programming…
My delicious hypnosis…
My silky sexy Kiwi accented Voice…