Erotic hypnosis: hypnotoy Panty Slave jnl 16.

The following emails were from an exchange with My toy…. hypnotoy/gs after I posted journal 15 of his journey last night. In journal 15 I recalled one of My favourite memories …. when he became so entrapped in one of My seductive trances- that ….. well…. you can read the link. Suffice to say- “panties”.

Over these last few years, hypnotoy has had periods of time away from hypnosis due to medical treatment. The last time W/we had a conversation via email, he was listening to one of My orgasm control files.

Today, I reminded him of the “panties” experience ( see link below)….

Notice- how toy then went & put panties on…. purple panties….

Well- of course- that wasn’t hypnosis -right?

Because I didn’t use an induction…. and there was no suggestion…. right?

Or was there??

The delights of toying with My toy…..

My pleasure. Inscribing My fetishes on your mind and body…. as I did in the Surrender: Feminisation file. Taking My fetishes…. what turns Me on…. and inscribing those erotic fetishes on your oh so compliant and complicit mind.

mmm…. that’s what I love doing.

Go- buy the Surrender: feminisation file….. listen…. knowing that recording is based on R/L training of a slave.

Darkly Addictive Hypnosis….

Become Addicted to My exquisite control…. as My whispers slip…slide… their way into your eager mind.

Lady S:

I am not sure how much hypnosis you are listening to  ….
so I thought it safe to say “who I continue to love hypnotising…” as I know you were listening to an orgasm control file a few months back.
Not sure if you are still listening…
yes- I do continue to love hypnotising you.
Whenever…. whatever that means….. whether you are having a break from hypnosis…. or whether you are reading My web site and observing the new boys & girls become enticed….
My pleasure.
Inscribing My fetishes, My pleasure on your mind, toy.
Lady S.

Mmmm thank You,

i think it is safe to think of me as always watching…. and sometimes in panties
Lady S:
Now – who is teasing who?!
I’m going to post that…either twitter or web site later.
Just back from rehab/massage appts.
I still laugh when I think of the amazon panties….
And what colour panties today?
Have stockings remained on your fetish list?
Lady S.

Purple and yes….

Very much so…
Keep well. G’night
 Lady S:
night night.
sleep well.
Lady S
Also… Feel free to tease if it pleases you… I enjoyed it. (and wasn’t wearing panties before)

Surrender : Cock Slave Entrapment

Entrapped in delicious hypnotic chastity!

Entrapped in delicious hypnotic chastity!

you are here today, to be interviewed for the position of My cock slave.

It appears you have a troublesome cock that gets hard without My permission. you are an undisciplined boy who longs to have his orgasms & cock controlled by a powerful Goddess. you crave My entrapment – locked into hypnotic chastity.


Surrender: Feminization

I will program your mind to crave being feminized.

You in sexy Baby Doll Lingerie! 

I will program your mind to crave being feminized. You will love it when I finally dress you in my baby doll nightie, my slave.

You will be so aroused by my cool seductive hands as I dress you. Craving my exquisite control as I whisper to you – silken whispers to seduce your cock.


Erotic Hypnosis : Your Goddess & Her fetishes

Inscribing My fetishes on your mind.

Always… as a Lifestyle Domme, I have loved… introducing a subject to My fetish attachments… manipulating a subject’s mind to desire what I want… twisting and turning a subject’s existing fantasies and fetishes … into what I want.


After all – it is about My pleasure.

My pleasure has always been focused on the mental aspect of D/s interactions. Forget about controlling a subject’s sex…. more important- is the mind. Once I have access to a subject’s mind…. I control their sex anyway.

The mind is the most important sex organ in the body.

Figuring out what a subject’s craves – and “forgets” to tell Me-…. mmm…. that’s what turns your Goddess on. The whole process…discovery…. interrogating the subconscious mind…. using the subconscious mind’s secrets to…. Entice… Entrap…Enslave….


I have recorded a number of erotic hypnosis files in which I begin the deliciously erotic process of inscribing My fetishes on your mind and body. Some of these recordings are based on My own personal experience with My personal slaves. For instance, in the “Surrender : feminisation” mp3, I dress you, My sweet subject, in feminine clothes. And deliciously- I dress you in My baby doll nightie.


New Nightie cropped

So there you are-  wearing My baby doll nightie that is silky, soft and smells of My favourite perfume.

Is that all I do in this file?
No… there’s more…. taking My stockings off…and wrapping My stocking round your cock….

mmm… My fetish for stockings…..

mmm… My fetish for hypnosis

mmm… My fetish for interrogating the subconscious mind

mmm… My fetish for dressing My sweet subject in My baby doll nightie….

mmm…. My fetishes… My pleasure.

What a co0incidence that My fetishes and My pleasure…. are now your fetishes and your pleasure.


Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment + Orgasm Control Jnl 8

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject – gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalization.

He is a member of My “Ruined Orgasm Club” thanks to My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” MP3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

Subject recently told a female friend of his about his submission to My control and My hypnosis.  he spent a weekend with the female friend of his, who then proceeded to toy with him, to test whether the ruined orgasm hypnosis would hold. Of course- the ruined orgasm hypnosis remained in place and the subject was unable to orgasm. So delicious to have a willing party (friend, partner etc) to reinforce My control over a subject.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”. I have taken control of his helpless response and strengthened it through listening to My “Helpless Prey – Succubus: First Night” recording.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 file and My “Craving Control” MP3… and begin your fall… into

Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – – –



Lady Surrender,

I can’t sleep, so here’s the weekend story – I kind of lost track earlier. The set up is weird, so need to explain it. Brother and sister are emigrating to be with their family. My brother was best friend with the brother for a long time, I wasn’t dating, but was really close to the sister. They live a couple of hundred miles away, so week before they left my brother drove down so we could see them one last time. They’ve both got small flats so I stayed with her and he with her brother.
When alone with her on the first night we got talking about things. She got talking about how living above and working in an adult shop had led her to being much more adventurous. Conversation got around to You and she got visibly excited at how awkward and nervous I was explaining. I mentioned that one of your files led to me wearing panties, but only around the house. I told her how I liked how they felt and that being opened up to something felt good. We ended up in her shop and she picked out a pair of purple silky panties after catching me looking at them. We went back upstairs and she made me try them on. I returned to the room modelling them, but straining to contain my erection. She giggled and pulled out some baby blue stocking (horrible clash) and told me to put them on. Privacy, consenting adults, so I did. I loved the way they felt as I pulled then slowly up and my election strained harder against the panties. We joked around for a while and then she disappeared into her room and locked the door, my clothes inside. With no choice but to sleep in the panties on the couch, I did. I did remove the stocking though.
Next day she burst into the room laughing. She said she’d sneakily taken photos of me last night in the stockings and after reading through your website knew more about me than I’d told her. She said that she respected that you’d caught me, but that today I was hers and I would obey her or she’d contact you and send the photos.
We had a few hours before meeting the brothers so to get me ready she insisted on shaving my legs. Then she handed me a new pair of black stockings and some very sexy black silky panties. Same tale of arousal and she kept telling me that women only wear stockings and nylons to entrap men. I was to be allowed to wear my normal clothes as well but would have to walk round feeling silk and nylon against my skin.
We went out for the day and whenever she saw someone in nylons, if she got the chance she’d whisper in my ear about it, about how sexy they were and how they were wearing them to play with weak male minds.
At one point a tour guide was wearing nylons and she kept whispering in my ear that the guide is looking to trap someone and that I should just kneel before her and beg to be taken.
In a restaurant she thankfully didn’t tease me about the waitress, but did have a very private chat with her whilst looking at me.
After ditching the others and back in her flat she praised how good I’d been. She said as a reward I could have some ruined orgasms. After watching/encouraging me through a couple she stated she knew my limit now and was going to take over. She said she was going to make me so aroused I would let anything happen. She used her hands a couple of times. Then pulled me stockings off and used them on me. The feeling was amazing. She could only touch me for seconds before it became too much. She used the panties in the same way. She wasn’t quite taking me as far as ruined orgasms normally do, but the cumulative affect on me was amazing.
I eventually had to beg her to stop. She agreed, on one condition, I’d let her try her fantasy. She tied me up and put my headphones in. As soon as I heard addicted to strap on I tried to struggle free. No chance and soon I was under. After two listens she asked me to go clean myself, then return, trigger myself and to assume the position. By now I’d have agreed to anything and did so. I caught glimpse of her walking across the room, stockings, heels and harness, but didn’t see a strap on. I felt her climb on the bed behind me and whisper in my ear about how this would help enslave me to You.
Then coldness as the lubed strap on touched me and found it’s way to my arse hole. Slowly, and quite painfully it entered me. I realised the file was playing on the stereo and decided there was no way out. I tried to relax and accept my fate and she slowly inched in deeper. Eventually she started fucking me, telling me I had to tell her if I was going to cum. That sounded ridiculous at first, but after a few minutes I started to enjoy the feeling of this smooth strap on inside of me, pressing against my prostate, fucking me, penetrating me and dominating me.
We had to stop a few times, but went about 30 minutes in total and although I couldn’t turn around to see, heard her cum twice.
Afterwards she teased my cock a bit more whilst we talked about it, although my part of the conversation was mainly mumbling thanks.
She deleted the pictures next morning and although I begged to keep the stockings and panties she wouldn’t let me, telling me memories would be better than physical reminders.

We met the others for breakfast, had a day out again (no teasing) and left for home later that day. Don’t know if I’ll get to speak to her again, but it was the best goodbye I’m ever likely to have.



Find more of gs/hypnotoy’s journals >>>

See also: “Brainwashing Entrapment – Orgasm Control” – A Journal from gs/hypnotoy

– – – – – – – – –

Helpless Prey – Succubus First Night

Become her helpless Succubus Prey

She comes at night… steals your breath… straddles your chest… enchants your mind… leaves you helpless… completely helpless…

You are enchanted. Unable to move. Her kisses leave you unable to see, but you can feel the weight of Her straddling your chest, as She sighs with Her desire to have you… helpless… to have more of you!


Helpless Prey – Succubus Second Night

Controlling your helpless cock!

She places Her spell on your mind & body… awakens you with Her hands guiding, controlling Her helpless prey’s cock… as She controls your growing arousal & decides when you orgasm – under Her hands.

She will have your cock twitching & dancing to Her tune… doing what She wants! Her pleasure is what is important – Not your pleasure.


Helpless Prey – Succubus Third Night

Breathe deep, my helpless prey…

Breathe in My brainwashing fragrance that will knock you out!

She returns to claim what She wants. She is ruthless in Her pursuit as She places Her spell on your mind & body… awakens you with Her hand over your mouth… You come to in Her dungeon and watch her, as She picks up Her riding crop…


Erotic hypnosis : sissy, hypno & latex fetish. journal-4

The following email has been written by a sissy subject who asked for hypnosis that would enable her to focus more on being a good husband and father … as well as being able to explore her sissy self.

I personalised a sissy recording ” sissy training 26 : cock2clitty” using an Erotic Whisper ASMR personalised Whisper track to enable sissy monique to experience her sissy fetish and to also function very well in her vanilla life. By setting a clear hypnotic boundary between the vanilla world and her sissy world, monique has the best of both worlds…. and experiences her fetish !

I love using ASMR Erotic Whisper tracks to programme a mind…it’s such a …subversive tool to rewire a mind. My Erotic Whisper ASMR personalised Whisper track accesses the subconscious mind so easily…slips in… while the conscious mind “tries” to listen to the Voice track & the ASMR Erotic Whisper track at the same time.


Turned on by reading this? mmm… I wonder if you also want to experience your fetish… while maintaining your vanilla life? Hypnosis is such a powerful tool that enables you… yes, you…. to live your secret life while being present and successful in your vanilla life.

Take the first step to ….


Lady Surrender,

My journey into complete surrender continues. After having listened to Deepening Hypnosis on an almost daily basis i find myself dropping into light trance even writing the words Deepening Hypnosis. It’s such a deep and profound trance that i’m continually drawn down, entranced and inevitably enslaved into Surrender, open completely to Your rewiring and reprogramming.

It’s not surprising therefore that my live session was so life changing and that it continues to have it’s effects a few weeks on although I don’t have many memories of it. This was the first time that i have forgotten rather than just have an absence or sleepy induced absence. It’s so exciting to realise that i’ve surrendered sufficiently to forget. i’m proud of my achievement.

Since obtaining Sissy Training 26 : cock 2 clitty i have experienced many erotic mind fantasies and heightened levels of horniness. Your silky voice speaking those words that vibrate in my consciousness take me to places i have never been. Each word is exactly what i need to hear almost as if the file was written with me in mind. i proudly admit that i am so excited by having a soft and limp sissy clitty that i remain soft and limp but so excited i ache with pleasure. i’m not a real man but i am Your silky pink pantie wearing sissy slut that checks out men’s bulges and dreams of serving cock in any way possible. So it’s deliciously excting to hear you reinforce and rewire me relentlessly. As soon as the file has ended i’m eager and ready to listen again. It’s a willing obsession to obtain a permanent limp girly sissy clitty and a strong desire to be taken to anal orgasm, again and again and again.

i also want to thank You for placing boundaries that allow me to sink even deeper into Surrender whilst cleansing my life of extraneous obsessions and allowing me to function in my day to day life as a husband and father.

The result is increased trust and devotion and a strong focus on the important aspects of my day to day life. When i think back to the beginning of this year i was only curious about becoming a sissy and through You i am now embracing my sissyness eagerly and with excitement. It’s wonderful. Thank You again.
With devotion,

Your sissy monique.


See also:

Erotic Hypnosis- the slippery slope of sissification.

Sissification…such a delicious word to describe the training of a sissy. The process ….  the slippery slope of becoming a sissy…taking one step…then being encouraged to take another step…and just another little step…deeper into My control…..  one step at a time.




Dear Mistress Surrender,

i hope it is ok for me to contact You using this email address. i am not requesting a live session just yet.

i am very interested in Your mp3s and think i could learn a lot from listening to them and paying attention to Your requirements from a sissy.

i have gone through many purges of my sissy clothes and feelings over a 20 year period. i need a Mistress to smooth out my feelings and get me on track to being my true sissy self. i know once i have worn panties and a bra i cannot ever call myself a man again.

i have only listened to Your sample files so far and know i love Your voice. i deeply love panties and bras. In the times i think i am a man they scare and humiliate me. my other obsession which i am embarrassed to tell You about is that i constantly play with my nipples and get very turned on through this.

i am not sure which file to start with to begin with. i think the thing that i find so very very feminine is a bra. The thought of wearing one makes my squirm with embarrassment and excitement at the same time. i think i might start with the Bra mp3 and then the Panties one.

i do want to be Your sissy (if You want me to be) so i will follow the path You would like me to take. i very much hope You are interested in making me Your sissy. The thought of it makes me scared but very excited.
i know there is much more to being a sissy than wearing bras and panties and i am willing to learn.

i am going to create a twitter account to make my sissy life more public. i will use a new sissy name but it will still be embarrassing but i don’t any hiding places. Who knows i may start a blog if i am daring.

i would very much love to hear from You.

Best Wishes,


My reply:

My would-be sissy,
Where to begin training you….leading you down that slippery slope into My delicious control….
I suggest you read the article I wrote on Self- Acceptance:

you need to see your sissy self as simply another part of you- making no judgment about who you are….
I recommend the Morning Mantra of Blankness first, as preparation to remove all socialisation and old beliefs and to leave your mind blank.
Once your mind is blank- I can then inscribe new hypnosis suggestions and trigger phrases to Enslave you.

I have such delicious files to Entice you with…including “feminine breasts”…Given that you have such sensitive nipples, you will love the way I eroticise and sensitise breasts and nipples….

I continue to be on extended leave, and am often away from the computer and work. There may be delays in replying to your emails….keep listening to My voice…keep falling under the spell of My sexy silken whispers….

Thank you for the compliments about My kiwi accent. Of course- here in eN Zed…W/we think the rest of the world has an accent and here- W/we speak the proper English!

Writing a blog or email journals are great ways to keep track of your journey…and with your permission- I often post such journals to My web site….

I look forward…to conditioning your mind and body, annabelle.

Using your weakness to Bind you closer to Me.


Dear Mistress Surrender,

Thank You for Your reply to my email.

i look forward to being lead and controlled by You, slipping and sliding as i fall.

Yes i am very happy for You to remove socialisation and beliefs from me so that i become blank and ready to be Your slave for Your enjoyment and amusement.

It would be interesting if You further sensitized my nipples. i think it is a very sissy thing to enjoy sensitive nipples and to play with them endlessly as i do.

i am very happy for You post content from my emails, blogs or journals on Your website, Twitter or other social networks as long as only my sissy name is used. Yes i do give full permission even if the details may be embarrassing for me. i will only be embarrassed if i haven’t accepted my sissy self (which is part of me). So i want You enjoy bringing out my sissy side kicking and screaming into the open.

i may not start listening to Your mp3s until after Christmas as i am quite busy. i hope that is ok.

i look forward to You conditioning my mind and body to Your satisfaction.

Kind regards,




Erotic Hypnosis: training a sissy through mp3s Live sessions & custom recordings. Journal 6.

Long term conditioning of a sissy’s mind is so delicious….

I wonder what stage sissy ashley is at:






Lady Surrender–

I wanted to give you a quick update…

In November, I took a break from embracing my sissy self. I wouldn’t call it a purge; there were no feelings of shame or self loathing or guilt. It was more a curious wonder. I changed my Skype password to gibberish so I wouldn’t be tempted to message You. I didn’t delete any of Your files. Could I step away and resist panties, makeup, femininity or the desire to be a submissive sissy?

Obviously, You know the answer. Of course not! What made me come back? I was reading something and came across the word sissy, and it triggered Your voice in my head about being a good sissy. From there, I went and got the latest Cosmo and surfed for sissy porn. All week I’ve been looping Your panties file and it relaxed the sissy that i am. i’m not a real man, because why would a real man wear panties or make up? i am Your sissy slut and i surrender to you.


See also:


Sissy Training

Erotic Hypnosis: Submission & training a hypno slave.


As I have often posted here and on….these words are more than just a great marketing strategy.

The following email was sent by a would-be subject “mm” who has asked for My help. What kind of Hypno Domme would I be- if I didn’t lend a helping hand…be a beacon in the night to this confused and lost submissive….

I wonder if he will start the journey…. that leads to being My toy…My plaything….. seduced and enticed by My sexy silken Voice…. lost and entranced…..


Lady Surrender,

Please help. I have so many fantasies and things going on in my head. Diapers. Panties. Fem dom. Submission etc. I’m all over the place. Please help.




Reply from Lady Surrender:

submissive mm,

The Enticement phase:

Morning Mantra of Submission

Morning Mantra of Temptation

The Entrancement Phase:

Addicted to Trance

Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice


The Morning Mantra of Blankness…. where I take control of your mind..tabula rasa….Blank Slate….. and prepare your mind for My inscribing.

Then there are the feminisation files…. panties, delet hetero/install sissy sex…the addicted to cock files…. Oh My…..

I will- of course- always be a helpful Hypno Domme when a submissive is lost & confused….. take control….Entice you to begin the journey…into Inevitable Surrender.

Lady Surrender.