Erotic Hypnosis: Edging Marathon

Edging…. teasing your cock…. teasing and teasing….

The following email is from a sweet slave of Mine who loves My Edging Loop mp3….

What could be more delicious… than edging… stroking while listening to My seductive voice…. edging while My whispers take you to the edge. Mindless stroking…. mindless trance… as I take control of your cock and deny your orgasm.

Are you up for the challenge, My sweet boy?

slave g says that My Edging Loop mp3 followed by one of My HFO files …  equals intense HFO orgasm…. because no slave can resist Edging followed by My HFO hypnosis.


OMG! The Edging file is so very hot! Your whispers and voice are so erotic that listening to that recording it is extremely hard to stop on edge. When I feel like I am about to cum and let go, the pulsing and throbbing is way too intense! It requires a lot of concentration to hold off orgasm. It takes every ounce of my being to keep from releasing in climax. The arousal is just so overwhelming…

It is the same with the Cock Tease files. I love your words. The timing and delivery is simply perfect. So sexy! For a real edging marathon, I like playing these files back to back.: Cock Tease 1, Cock Tease 2, and Edging. For real torture, I put them on loop. I really can’t go much past 2 plays though. Even so that is about an hour and a half of edging! That is more than enough sweet torture for me or anyone I would think.

I hope that you had a nice weekend and that the weather was nice where you are. It is starting to turn cold here. Winter is right around the corner…

– slave g.

Edging Loop

Tease & Denial Edging Play

Hot, sexy edging practise while I teasingly whisper My instructions…

whisper sexy, seductive whispers while I watch you stroking for Me… just for Me.
I know you will fail… deliciously fail…
I expect to receive your Edging Failure Tax!


Erotic hypnosis: hypnotoy Panty Slave jnl 16.

The following emails were from an exchange with My toy…. hypnotoy/gs after I posted journal 15 of his journey last night. In journal 15 I recalled one of My favourite memories …. when he became so entrapped in one of My seductive trances- that ….. well…. you can read the link. Suffice to say- “panties”.

Over these last few years, hypnotoy has had periods of time away from hypnosis due to medical treatment. The last time W/we had a conversation via email, he was listening to one of My orgasm control files.

Today, I reminded him of the “panties” experience ( see link below)….

Notice- how toy then went & put panties on…. purple panties….

Well- of course- that wasn’t hypnosis -right?

Because I didn’t use an induction…. and there was no suggestion…. right?

Or was there??

The delights of toying with My toy…..

My pleasure. Inscribing My fetishes on your mind and body…. as I did in the Surrender: Feminisation file. Taking My fetishes…. what turns Me on…. and inscribing those erotic fetishes on your oh so compliant and complicit mind.

mmm…. that’s what I love doing.

Go- buy the Surrender: feminisation file….. listen…. knowing that recording is based on R/L training of a slave.

Darkly Addictive Hypnosis….

Become Addicted to My exquisite control…. as My whispers slip…slide… their way into your eager mind.

Lady S:

I am not sure how much hypnosis you are listening to  ….
so I thought it safe to say “who I continue to love hypnotising…” as I know you were listening to an orgasm control file a few months back.
Not sure if you are still listening…
yes- I do continue to love hypnotising you.
Whenever…. whatever that means….. whether you are having a break from hypnosis…. or whether you are reading My web site and observing the new boys & girls become enticed….
My pleasure.
Inscribing My fetishes, My pleasure on your mind, toy.
Lady S.

Mmmm thank You,

i think it is safe to think of me as always watching…. and sometimes in panties
Lady S:
Now – who is teasing who?!
I’m going to post that…either twitter or web site later.
Just back from rehab/massage appts.
I still laugh when I think of the amazon panties….
And what colour panties today?
Have stockings remained on your fetish list?
Lady S.

Purple and yes….

Very much so…
Keep well. G’night
 Lady S:
night night.
sleep well.
Lady S
Also… Feel free to tease if it pleases you… I enjoyed it. (and wasn’t wearing panties before)

Surrender : Cock Slave Entrapment

Entrapped in delicious hypnotic chastity!

Entrapped in delicious hypnotic chastity!

you are here today, to be interviewed for the position of My cock slave.

It appears you have a troublesome cock that gets hard without My permission. you are an undisciplined boy who longs to have his orgasms & cock controlled by a powerful Goddess. you crave My entrapment – locked into hypnotic chastity.


Surrender: Feminization

I will program your mind to crave being feminized.

You in sexy Baby Doll Lingerie! 

I will program your mind to crave being feminized. You will love it when I finally dress you in my baby doll nightie, my slave.

You will be so aroused by my cool seductive hands as I dress you. Craving my exquisite control as I whisper to you – silken whispers to seduce your cock.


Erotic Hypnosis: beginning of hypnotoy/gs journey to Surrender jnl 15

Kneel… Surrender to your Goddess….
There are subjects who remain part of My life for some years…. and subjects who hold a special place in My mind and heart…. I remember them for their unique responses to My recordings and for the interactions over a period of time. “hypnotoy/gs” is one such submissive who is still in contact …. and who I continue to love hypnotising.
Some of you who followed Me on twitter over the years & also followed Me on the old IR will remember “hypnotoy/gs”…. W/we had many conversations on twitter and there are a number of Reviews & journals he wrote as a result of serving Me….
Some of My favourite hypnotoy responses to My hypnosis …  one memorable weekend when hypnotoy’s girlfriend…..  hypnotoy’s journal about that weekend brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “the girlfriend experience”.
And…. why did Amazon order a pair of panties to be delivered to his house?……. mmm…. blank toy….
Of course- the times when W/we have “chatted” on skype …smiles…. when I triggered him…. I do loving toying with My hypnotoy. There’s nothing quite like the Live Hypnosis experience …when I am able to judge the strength of a hypnotic trigger… drop a toy into trance…. strengthen the trigger….. add a few suggestions….. bring toy back up to conscious awareness…..
hypnotoy’s first email is one that I never published on My web site. his discovery of My hypnosis recordings changed his world and changed his beliefs about erotic hypnosis.
Up until he heard My voice…. he thought erotic hypnosis didn’t really work… didn’t last….just as  you may have thought,  My sweet reader…  until you hear My voice.
From such an email, a journey begins…
Wanting to experience what hypnotoy experiences?
Listen to My free Surrender foundation file….. and begin your own journey… deep into My exquisite control.
Personal slave training
Personal sissy training
Live Hypnosis sessions
Erotic Hypnosis recordings…..
so many ways in which to Surrender to your Goddess.
more than just a great marketing strategy.
Dearest Lady Surrender.
I had to write to you after listening to the morning mantra series (**Note- the Morning Mantra series has been withdrawn & is to be re-recorded) for a few weeks now and finally purchasing the 4th session last night.
Until last night the effect of hypnosis sessions on me was minimal. A nice buzz when waking at the end, but it soon faded. Occasionally, as in your case, I’d listen to the files a few more times, but generally would move away from them over time.
Last night though I was blown away. Before I realised it I’d been listening for 6 hours and only came around in the end because I desperately needed water. I couldn’t clear my head but couldn’t place way and soon drifted off for the rest of the night.
I’ve woken this morning after a series of amazing dreams. Dreams where I was trying to juggle my normal, everyday existence with the need to submit. I could sense that people were starting to notice that I wasn’t the same and with every command you sent and with every thought of you I became weaker and weaker. I felt a growing need to serve you without resistance, but also felt weak around any woman wearing stocking or heels and needing to please her in tribute to you, which in turn left me weaker and weaker still.
I’ve woken this morning and had to listen to the files again, this time without them being accidentally left on loop.
I’ve always tended towards a submissiveness, but beyond purchasing recorded files from various hypnotists have never felt the need to explore further.
I now feel the confidence to be able to do that and also to seek out ways of serving and furthering my submissiveness and you can’t believe how much I thank you for that. My need to remain some semblance of control had always been too great that even if I constructed clear, defined fantasies I could not look to live them out but now I now that I am on the road to giving up that control, passing away the keys to my mind and hope to enjoy whatever road you are taking us all on.
If it pleased you to develop further plans for me that would be amazing, but it is not something I dare ask you myself. I am enjoying reading the words others have tributed to you and to know the control you have other them is thrilling. I am most enjoying seeing how they lose control and how you are becoming a driving force in their lives, taking them further than they ever hoped.
One final thing, I am starting a new job in a few weeks, moving from a male dominated environment back into an office where I have worked before. While I wasn’t too enthralled with this before, as of this morning I am so eager to get there. I know some of the women who work there, who will be in charge of me, how they look and how they dress. I just know that every time I speak with them, stand near them or receive their emails that the thoughts of submitting to women but most importantly you and will continue my path to submission to you at times when I cannot listen to your words directly.
I’m looking forward to this evening, so that I can trance for you again.
See hypnotoy’s previous journal..
This link will take you through to journal 13…. the girlfriend experience…

Erotic Hypnosis : mindless fuck toy – Jnl 14

The following journal is from My mindless fuck toy, hypnotoy, who has had lengthy absences due to ill-health.

Recently, I have been in contact with My toy – teasing him on skype voice…. and using the time to re-establish trust & communication (aka reinforcing triggers that he hasn’t heard for a while). Due to intermittent internet connection, I have not been able to schedule a full length Live Hypnosis session. As some of you will know- My full length Live Hypnosis sessions last…. nearly 1 & 1/2 hours. I need time to toy with a mind and body….

In the most recent voice call, I used 2 words to drop toy into trance. I then asked his subconscious mind if it would accept My programming. Having received assent- I began to interrogate his subconscious mind…. uncovering all his deepest longings. Read more “Erotic Hypnosis : mindless fuck toy – Jnl 14”

Erotic Hypnosis : Your Goddess & Her fetishes

Inscribing My fetishes on your mind.

Always… as a Lifestyle Domme, I have loved… introducing a subject to My fetish attachments… manipulating a subject’s mind to desire what I want… twisting and turning a subject’s existing fantasies and fetishes … into what I want.


After all – it is about My pleasure.

My pleasure has always been focused on the mental aspect of D/s interactions. Forget about controlling a subject’s sex…. more important- is the mind. Once I have access to a subject’s mind…. I control their sex anyway.

The mind is the most important sex organ in the body.

Figuring out what a subject’s craves – and “forgets” to tell Me-…. mmm…. that’s what turns your Goddess on. The whole process…discovery…. interrogating the subconscious mind…. using the subconscious mind’s secrets to…. Entice… Entrap…Enslave….


I have recorded a number of erotic hypnosis files in which I begin the deliciously erotic process of inscribing My fetishes on your mind and body. Some of these recordings are based on My own personal experience with My personal slaves. For instance, in the “Surrender : feminisation” mp3, I dress you, My sweet subject, in feminine clothes. And deliciously- I dress you in My baby doll nightie.


New Nightie cropped

So there you are-  wearing My baby doll nightie that is silky, soft and smells of My favourite perfume.

Is that all I do in this file?
No… there’s more…. taking My stockings off…and wrapping My stocking round your cock….

mmm… My fetish for stockings…..

mmm… My fetish for hypnosis

mmm… My fetish for interrogating the subconscious mind

mmm… My fetish for dressing My sweet subject in My baby doll nightie….

mmm…. My fetishes… My pleasure.

What a co0incidence that My fetishes and My pleasure…. are now your fetishes and your pleasure.


Erotic Hypnosis : succubus prey

My Helpless Prey….
She returns…. to claim what She wants. She is ruthless in Her pursuit as She….. places Her spell on your mind & body…..awakens you with Her hands guiding, controlling Her helpless prey’s cock…..

She will have your cock …..  twitching…dancing….. to Her tune…. doing what She wants. Her pleasure is what is important. Not your pleasure.

Then She continues inscribing Her fetishes on your mind…so that you can only cum to the sound of Her voice…. so that you crave being Helpless before Her. Her stocking fetish…. mmm… how She uses Her stocking fetish….

Did I mention Her other..fetishes…..  mmm….. more fetishes being inscribed on your mind as you listen to Her seductive Voice, as you fall deeper into Her silken whispers that echo in the playground of Her/your mind.

The following email from a subject records his response to the highly eroticised “Craving : Helpless Prey Second Night”. I love inscribing My fetishes on a subject’s mind…. love having a subject helpless before Me… helpless and craving more.


Read submissive m’s response to this file ( & to My Live Hypnosis sessions – link at the bottom of the page.)

Eroticism at its finest….  designed to Entice….


Lady Surrender,

thank You so much for allowing me to listen to “Helpless prey 2”.

At minute 14:00 of the recording,  … the sounds… it’s so good it scares me… I don’t know how else I describe it … headphones feel fused to my ears…

I felt so helpless and the cravings to feel even more helpless… is overwhelming …

I felt like I did not exist anymore… as if Your whispers has possessed me completely. I was unable to move.

I actually became so frightened I wanted to remove the headphones… I somehow felt so out of control of my body I was losing myself …

I’ve been listening to this file every other day… but interruptions keep preventing me from hearing fully. However I kept trying…. and I love how this feels..

I love how helpless I feel so much I am afraid …. Your whispers there is something different… there is a hunger that is insatiable … something under the surface …

I finally just finished the session fully and my hands are shaking…. I didn’t want it to stop and I did and now I am longing to feel that again.

You were so gracious to allow me to listen and this file it… there is something I cannot really describe fully.

When I was stroking… I did not feel like I was stroking. yes I listened to files that have perhaps said something along the lines of “your hands are mine, stroke”. but here.. I don’t know how or why or can even make sense I felt possessed … out of body, no control, as if You had truly taken over… Goodnight, thank You so much for allowing me to listen.

.. it scares me how badly i’d rather listen to this again than go to bed.

– submissive m.


See also submissive m’s report on a Live Hypnosis session where I … toyed with him, used hypnosis triggers for multiple orgasms, orgasm on command, amnesia, restoring memory, regression :

Erotic Hypnosis : sissy cock slut. Journal 11.

Training a sissy through mp3s, Live sessions, Custom recordings.

The following email is from a sissy subject of Mine who recently requested a Custom File – Implanted Memories. sissy ashley has been a subject of Mine for some time now, and the Custom Recording – Implanted Memories uses hypnosis to weave her “real” memories of childhood, with implanted memories which will rewire her subconscious mind to believe she is a girl… was born a girl… will always be a girl.

Long term conditioning of a sissy’s mind is so delicious….

I am continuing the moulding of ashley’s mind & body… controlling ashley’s orgasms.
I wonder what stage sissy ashley is at:


I love rewiring My subjects in this way…. manipulating oh so pliable memory…. toying with minds.
Devious addictive hypnosis…that satisfies that ache…deep inside you…to be controlled. Expect a heightening of your desires…..

Wanting to experience what ashley feels?
Message Lady Surrender :

December 2015.

Lady Surrender,

As you request… a journal.

I laid in bed for nearly fifty minutes with a rubber gag the shape of a cock in my mouth, listening to Your “Addicted to Cock” file.

Perhaps i should step back and describe the desire for such a thing, a thing i discovered to be delicously wonderful. i’ve sucked on life like dildos and cocks of shapes and sizes, swallowing and licking and sucking and worshipping them in the past. (I still have not experienced the real thing. In time, i suppose.) But i was curious about the feeling of a cock filling my mouth for an extended period of time.

I finally purchased a gag shaped like the head of a cock. I unwrapped the package and my eyes widened and my sissy clitty throbbed. I traced the head with my fingers, it was smooth and bulbous, much larger than my sissy clitty would ever hope to get. i began to wonder if i’d be able to get it in my mouth, and keep it there for any length of time. I did a quick test, raising it to my lips, i was in a sort of sissy fugue, totally focused, wanting it, craving it in my mouth, and i slipped it in between my lips. My tongue accepted it as it filled my mouth and my lips sealed against the base of the gag. It fit. i popped it out, and in those few seconds, my mouth watered and i wanted to place it back in. My heart beat fast, my face flush, and my sissy clitty no doubt leaking.

Later that evening, i asked for your permission to cum, which You so generously granted. I wanted to cum with the gag in my mouth.

I laid down, secured the gag in my mouth, the same feelings arising as before, but now a little fear. A whole hour would pass with it in my mouth. i’ve never been gagged longer than a few minutes. i started the Addicted to Cock file and felt calmed by your voice, but still very aware that i had the head of a cock in my mouth. I’m not sure how deep into trance i went to to the sensations of it–my tongue seeking space, constantly looping around the bottom part of the head, while the top of it rubbed along the roof of my mouth and edged up against the back of my throat. As time progressed, i tried not so much to be aware of it but as to accept it in my mouth. And then Your voice to enhance my craving for cock and i’d remember what was in my mouth.

The file reinforced a lot that You’ve already instilled in me since i first listened to the file. i have a natural craving for cock and cum. i follow a few Tumblrs devoted to just that–so delicious! I check out men’s trousers as second nature now. i have to be careful at work or around friends though.

Towards the end of the file, Your voice drops to a whisper, and that’s when i use Your permission and cum, and i rub my sissy clitty in a circular motion with two fingers like when a woman does it. Since my revelation that i am Your sissy slut, i have not cum, so… my body..i’m not sure since i had to rub my sissy clitty a long, long time, an electric tingling swelled all through out my limbs and burst through my sissy clitty and reverberated back through my entire body. All while sucking on the cock gag in my mouth.

That was roughly a week and a half ago, and i have not cum since. It’s still weird getting used to not owning my sissy clitty, but i’m happy about life this way.

Your sissy slut,

See also :

Erotic Hypnosis : greedy sissy slut journal 11

The following records the twitter conversation I had with the subject, hypnotoy/sleepygs earlier today.

The subject has  recently arrived home, after some serious medical issues that lasted most of the year.

This is the first time I toyed with the subject via text… My voice is still recovering from a viral infection. The conversation begins with My messaging the sissy mp3 titles that one submissive bought today….

I will delete the specific trigger phrases I used to drop the subject into trance – where you see *** , that indicates specific trigger phrases.

My tweets are in pink, the subject’s replies in gray.

– – – – – – – –

Wanting to feel what hypnotoy feels?
Begin with My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – –

Conversation begins:

Addicted to cock, addicted to shemale cock, addicted to anal play, addicted to strap on play…. mmm… sissy sluts are falling deeper into My exquisite control.

Fuck…. Ache spreading. Craving to trance returning. Thank God Christmas only comes once a year

just a little craving…


Your pleasure only increases the need

— Then I talk about My next sissy file I am working on which involves various… sissification strategies.. including a chastity device…

I know that info won’t interest you at all —

Chastity device just feels a bit unnecessary right now!

hmm you obviously don’t know how I would set about toying with My fuck toy….
and I describe the methods I would use/have used in sessions with sissy subjects…
put into chastity
trigger arousal with trigger phrases….
so fuck toy unable to orgasm
unable to do anything except moan
be My object

Object feels hotter than toy. Make me Your object. Please
Want to be Your object

not on your knees, yet?

Tried to fight it, but am now
Honestly tried to fight the suggestion

doesn’t that feel good
your proper place
before your Goddess

assuming the position

Can feel mind slowing. Loving it

drifting down into trance
falling deeper


and as you fall deeper… your arousal becomes stronger

Yes Goddess

deeper for Me… *****
craving to be helpless before Me
Mindless fuck toy

****  … more and more helpless

craving more
craving panties
****  craving stockings

Wearing panties

***  craving My strapon….

Please Goddess

**** … subconscious mind… *** intense sexual arousal suggested
craving release

Please Goddess

****  … overwhelming arousal

Please.  shaking

**** … all you can think about is….

Please overwhelming. Need Orgasms release. Body shaking. Thrusting. No release.
Still going fuck

no matter how much you try…. ruined orgasm

My ruined orgasm spell is so strong…. you are unable to break the ruined orgasm without My permission

Yes Goddess. You have shown me.


Everything Orgasmed except Your / my penis


subconscious mind… suggestion to decrease sexual arousal level and to feel calm
feeling the arousal drop away

Please Goddess

as I take more control
drifting down
arousal decreasing, dropping

More control. Deepening hypnosis
Deeper each time. Deepening ING hypnosis

deepening hypnosis…. subconscious mind decreasing arousal level….. feeling very calm

Sleepy peaceful


thank you , subconscious mind, for accepting My programming



time to drift into sleep…listening to My voice…. obeying all My suggestions….

Sleep? Need Your control. Deepening hypnosis
Greedy sissyslut

you need to sleep, subconscious mind. you can listen to My voice while you sleep….
Sleepy subconscious

sleep now, subconscious mind. sleep. recharge….

OK. What did You do? I feel so relaxed. Can I read it back?

yes, read it back

Honestly? Is it safe. I know You put me under and don’t want to fall again too soon

— subject reads it back…. —

Fuck. That is awesome. All from getting me on my knees. Thank You. Have You done that before to me?
Also have a huge urge to go to bed listening to Your files now.
Haha. My begging skills are weak even at subconscious level.

it wasn’t being on your knees that did it
it was the use of trigger phrases and suggestions

yes, you need to go and listen to My voice while you sleep

I haven’t dropped you in & out of trance and also increased & decreased sexual rousal through text before today ….

or in a Live voice call

just a little more control… that you crave

I’m still a bit lost for words.

oh? how come?

I remember getting on my knees, then imagining You over me. Then things just went… i don’t remember anything….

I decide to suggest the subconscious mind remembers everything…. reinstall the memory of what happened. I had made no suggestions of amnesia… subject just simply drops into deep trance while messaging… and remembers very little- if he remembers anything at all. 

**** subconscious mind….. drifting down… deep into trance

Thinking that again now – being on knees- doesn’t have same effect so it was definitely text hypnosis.

and then as you drift deep….
remembering all that happened while texting and talking and listening to Me…
that’s right. 

subconscious mind….
remembering everything that you felt and read and imagined….
coming back up to full conscious awareness now

Subject now has reinstalled memory of the hypnosis session….

Fuck. Such ache

feeling very calm and being able to remember…
there you go!
thank you, subconscious mind.

now – hypnotoy, you can remember what happened….

Wow. Fuck. I know I thanked You before. But oh fuck. Can remember how much my heart and lungs were racing. Whole body twitching. Throbbing. Longing

Thank You so much. And for looking after me. Making me calm again. Just as important

I think now, hypnotoy, you are beginning to understand the exquisite control I have over you….
I am able to toy with you at will… My will…

Yes. But i always want You to have more. Crave it. Sometimes I can almost resist.

When you wake up, you will feel the need to ****
Live sessions would sort you out….

I value people being real with Me….
keep being real with Me….
no keeping secrets….
you need to sleep.
feeling calm?

Thank you for spending time with me. I’m going to rugby tomorrow, so will be sleeping early tomorrow night. Take care Goddess. Enjoy Your day.

Find more of gs/hypnotoy’s journals >>>

See also: “Greedy Sissy Slut” – A Journal from gs/hypnotoy

Erotic Hypnosis : key-holder, orgasm control, virtual chastity journal 20.

Craving more…. more of My control over My (your) cock….
The following emails were received from a slave who has been longing for orgasm control.
Over 9 months controlled by My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3…
These emails between Myself and slave fritz show the gradual increase in slave’s craving for control … as I Entice slave further into My delicious control…. as he discovers the addictive craving for My new recording “craving : control” mp3.
Now his girlfriend is under My orgasm control….mmm….

how did that happen  ?!

No matter how much slave fritz tries to orgasm… no matter what his girlfriend does to him to tease and arouse his cock… he still cannot cum.

No matter what slave fritz does to his girlfriend…. no matter how overwhelming there pleasure she feels when he goes down on her and licks her pussy… she cannot cum…

I do love the thought of My voice, My words… controlling cocks, and pussy orgasms ….. and minds halfway round the world. My recently released mp3 “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” is a virtual chastity file- giving Me control as the key holder, over your cock…. installing My silken, seductive Voice as the Owner of your cock . slave fritz is now under My control. I am now the key-holder of his cock and his orgasms.
I know you long to feel the control of a powerful, dominant woman….. Listen to My “Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm” mp3….. and I will take control of your cock and your orgasms.
I might live 1/2 way round the world from you….. but there is no escape from My voice, My hypnosis….
Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Binding you Closer to Me.


My girlfriend and I loved to play naughty games behind closed locked doors she of course wanted to play the role of Mistress and I had no problems with that as she’s beautiful and the one in charge. I didn’t mine wearing the collar and the cock cage and my girlfriend loved to tease and deny me of any type of orgasm but she wanted me pleasure her needs have multiple orgasms and if I was a good slave I got a “treat” of getting to lick her pussy and asshole clean and dry. And that’s the way the Mistress-slave role went before things completely changed.
We both decided we wanted to spice things up a little. So my girlfriend and I began surfacing the net to see what we could both enjoy and try to play out together. We came across some hypnotic articles and we read further and both got turned onto the idea of her taking hypnotic control over me and loved the idea of hypnotizing her man and controlling him in a way never before. That was the plan, but, she didn’t know she would also fall into the trap of a more powerful Mistress than her.
The plan was for my girlfriend to be able to take total control of my cock twenty-four seven by the means of hypnosis but she was to soon to find out that her tight, sweet pussy was going to be under the control of a most powerful Mistress and both of us would have our orgasms controlled by this woman and there would no escaping it.
As my girlfriend and I surfed the net we came across a hypnotic webpage Lady Surrender and we clicked the headline and the page came up and it said welcome to my world and before had a chance to do or say anything a pink spiral popped up and a sexy, sweet, seductive voice told the both of us to look into the pink spiral deeply and not take our eyes of the spiral. We couldn’t take our eyes off the spiral even if we wanted to. The seductive voice said Obey, Submit, Surrender and as my girlfriend and I watched the spiraling spiral the words kept repeating 0bey, Submit, and Surrender and we both seen imagines starting to appear in the spiral as the words worked on our subconscious minds.
My girlfriend and I don’t know or remember how long we stared into the pink spiraling spiral and how long the words worked on our minds. Somehow my girlfriend and I gave the seductive voice our email addresses and we both received separate emails instructing us to listen to a MP3 File on “Orgasm Control : ruined orgasm” and we both obeyed the commands given to us without hesitation.
I connected my headphones to my laptop and my girlfriend did the same with her laptop and we slipped the headphones over our ears and we both laid back and listened to the sexy. Sweet, and seductive voice take over our minds and our bodies and we did it willingly and without any hesitation as the voice was so powerful and very controlling.
The sexy and seductive told me that she was placing a invisible cock cage spell around my cock and I would never be able to cum and I would never be allowed to orgasm without the permission of Lady Surrender and no matter what I did or my girlfriend did I couldn’t cheat or break the spell and only reinforce itself. My mind and my body and cock especially belong to this powerful woman. And all I could say was “Yes Mistress” to a voice in my subconscious mind.
I could hear my girlfriend moaning as she listened to the voice of Lady Surrender. Your mind, and body now belongs to me as I’m now placing a spell on your pussy and no matter how you or your boyfriend tries you will be unable to cum or orgasm again without my permission and I heard my girlfriend cry out “Yes Lady Surrender” and the voice said good girl.
The voice continued and told it was our only purpose to Obey, Submit and Surrender your minds and bodies to Lady Surrender and you will Obey My Every Command of Lady Surrender. Do you both understand? Without hesitation we both just said “Yes Mistress” we do! One final thing my sweet pets I want you both to try to pleasures yourselves and find out I control your orgasms and you both and you will Surrender yourselves at The feet of Lady surrender.
My girlfriend and I did our very best to cum after the spells were put on my cock and her pussy. I got hard as a rock and my balls full of cum and I stroked what felt forever, my girlfriend sucked and fucked my cock beyond a man’s dreams and couldn’t cum at all. As Mistress said I had a invisible cock cage wrapped and locked tight around my cock. I licked my girlfriends hot, sweet and tight pussy my favorite thing to do with her and I heard her moaning and turning her head from side to side and crying I need to cum but she couldn’t. We both fucked the life out of each other but no matter what we did or how long we tried neither one of us could cum.
Lady Surrender spells had her pussy and my cock well under control. We both realized we were now under Lady Surrender’s complete control and my girlfriend and I couldn’t get enough of the sexy, sweet, seductive voice in our minds and all we both wanted to do was Obey, Submit and Surrender to this voice and obey all commands given to us. And soon my girlfriend and I were on our hands and knees at the feet of a beautiful Mistress indeed.



Evening Lady Surrender!
A mysterious sexy and very seductive voice somewhere around the world is keeping a very obedient boyfriend and girlfriend at her feet and under her complete control. The couple try a lot of different love making technics and even oral technics to orgasm for each other but to “No” avail. The more they try to pleasure each other the harder it becomes and Lady Surrender knowing this pleases her even more. Mistress also knows the two are under her complete control and the two will crawl on there hands and feet to their Lady Surrender and beg and will plead to Lady Surrender please let us “cum” together Mistress. Lady Surrender looks at the couple deeply into their eyes and says yes you both need and want to cum for each other to show your love to each other but you both agreed to come to me freely and listen to my hypnotic files on chastity control to please your Mistress, didn’t you? The couple could only shake their heads yes to their Mistress. You both know your body’s and minds belong to your Mistress. And your only purpose is to serve and obey my every command isn’t that right my pets? Again the couple nodded yes to Lady Surrender’s sexy and seductive words. With that Lady Surrender placed unlock-able collars tightly around the couples necks and the two presented their naked bodies at the feet of their Mistress to show their love and devotion to her and realized that their minds, bodies and their orgasms belonged to Lady Surrender and only to Lady Surrender.

Slave xxxx


Hello Lady Surrender
Hope all is well with you and have all your equipment up and running. Another month of orgasm control.
I’m very naked and aroused. Been stroking the cock all evening and gets very aroused but no cumming at all. The invisible chastity device still preventing real orgasms.

Slave xxxxxxxx

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Erotic Hypnosis : chastity device versus virtual Chastity

The following article was written by a subject who has experienced both the physical restraint of chastity devices, and chastity via hypnosis – in this subject’s case, through having chastity imposed by listening to My “Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3.


Many submissives would say that the most powerful way to control a submissive is through orgasm control. I disagree – the most powerful way for this hypnomme to control  a subject is through : mind control.

And erotic hypnosis using the power of words to impose “virtual chastity” is such a turn-on….

Think about it : no matter where you live in the world, I can control your cock, your orgasm, your pleasure… simply by using words. Words that steal through your subconscious mind and embed to create a new barrier to your pleasure….

How could that not be an arousing way to control a subject?

Yes- I have always enjoyed physically locking a subject into a chastity device… or instructing one of My distant subjects, to wear their chastity device.

But words…. erotic hypnosis… THAT’S this hypnodomme’s fetish.  Inscribing My fetishes on a subject’s mind…. exquisite!

Enjoy reading this subject’s discussion of physical chastity devices versus virtual chastity.

Want to experience what mike has ? Buy My “orgasm Control : Ruined orgasm” mp3 …mmm…. listen to My seductive whispers…. stealing your orgasm and your pleasure.


Dear Lady S,

Since i have been locked in physical chastity devices and virtual chastity (through Your Ruined Orgasm Programming), You asked if i would compare the two.

This isn’t the easiest thing to actually do and i will do the very best i can!

The physical nature of a chastity cage (whatever brand or model) makes it different from the virtual ‘device’. me the slave is constantly aware of the device and who has the key! This can create continuous reinforcement that i am owned and a slave. (has nothing to do with chastity but it does exist) Also because of its physical nature i do have to clean it and myself differently while worn. This is not always easy to do. And the physical device can unintentionally pinch my scrotum (OUCH) and usually i want to sit down on a toilet to pee. Again some of these things can be seen as good and perhaps not good. They are all part of the physical chastity device. As far as keeping me in chastity they do a decent job. Obviously i can’t touch my cock which drives me crazy and being in the cage gets really uncomfortable when i am hard and swollen. And that is exactly how i should feel! Uncomfortable with growing arousal. In order to actually orgasm i have to do different things to create a certain friction or sensation that can lead to an orgasm It is never easy and it takes days if not weeks to get to that point. Should i be trying to do such a thing…HELL NO. (with this admission i worry that i will burn in hell…)

The virtual chastity…chastity brought about by hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion misses out on all the physical aspects of the chastity cage. As for effective chastity…the virtual can be just as effective if not more so. Of course the how it works is completely different. Virtual uses the mind of the slave…kind of tying the slave to chastity emotionally and mentally. Its more than just mind over matter. For me it includes my desire to please and obey my Owner (strengthens the bond between us in some way). Failure is mine…and i don’t like to fail! i recently listened to a personalized Edging recording from Lady Surrender who also put me in virtual chastity. Lady Surrender has used edging to tease me in the past and i have always failed. i believe only because of the Chastity Programming i did not fail this time. And believe me i wanted nothing more than to explode as the recording was incredibly HOT! When it was over i was a twitching, squirming, throbbing, dripping mess. i was shaking so hard i could not send an e-mail for a while. And i did not orgasm. So virtual has worked for me. With the physical device…i could always blame the device and not me.

if i was allowed a vote…i go for virtual. But yes i like a little of both! lol

Physical or virtual i think really depends on what the Owner wants and desires out of the experience. after all i am only around to serve and please my Owner.

– mike (member of

See also journals written by subjects who have experienced virtual chastity, e.g. :