Erotic Hypnosis : Live Hypnosis Session amnesia jnl 1.

The subject is an experienced hypnotherapist, who came across My Surrender Loop mp3 on youtube…. and became Enticed by My seductive whispers.
Surrender: Mindless mp3 …followed by Surrender: Amnesia mp3 …and…. I have a new found toy to drop in and out of trance.
Followed by delicious amnesia suggestions that made him…forget….. remember when I instructed his subconscious mind…. then forget….
I think you get the picture…. such an obedient and submissive toy…who aches for more of My exquisite control.
Longing to feel lady Surrender seduce your mind and body?
you know what to do…..
Email Lady Surrender and begin your Entrapment…
My Phone Session with Lady Surrender
Lady Surrender and I had chatted previously, so she knew quite a bit about me, my peculiarities,my fetishes, and what I was seeking.
I was excited before we started – not apprehensive exactly, but keyed up, not knowing what to expect. I was feeling floaty, not-quite-all-there, ungrounded, which I recognized as the
beginnings of an altered state (I am an experienced hypnotist myself), even though the call had not began.
To tell the truth, I remember almost nothing about the session itself. There is a vague memory of words, a torrent of words, confusing words, from Lady Surrender, which I finally gave up paying attention to. And then almost nothing, for an indeterminate amount of time. There was a mossy staircase leading down to a beautiful garden, and somewhere an elevator taking me down, down, and down. And my “hypnosis room,” deep inside of me, but I was also within it, kneeling beside Lady Surrender, a collar blissfully around my neck. All floaty and vague, like remnants of a dream that you can’t recall. Oh, and a black curtain of forgetfulness, at the very end, as she was bringing me back up, into a blissfully aroused, but “awake” state.
Except – I wasn’t really ”awake.” It seemed that way to me, but we would talk a bit and then
suddenly I would be deep in trance, without knowing how that happened. And back up and back down – I don’t know how many times.
(I didn’t remember any of this, until Lady Surrender told me to recall it! And how did I know that was real? It made me doubt my own memory. But one thing was certain: Lady Surrender had absolute control over it – and over me.)
We talked for what seemed a long time, about books and authors we like, and other things. I felt lucid, but from time to time felt myself deep in hypnotic trance, feeling the collar around my neck, and then back up, collar still there and feeling very good about that.
Before we left, Lady Surrender typed a phrase in the chat box, about amnesia and not wanting to remember, enhancing the effects of the session. Reading it, I was immediately back in trance though there was no suggestion to that effect.
Sooo delicious! Thank you, Lady Surrender – I want to do it again.

Erotic Hypnosis : turning straight sub gay jnl 4.

The following series of messages describes a subject’s response to My powerful hypnosis. The subject first began listening to My recordings such as “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3…. and listened to My hetero recordings. Then he began to listen to My sissy hypnosis…. Now- he has become so Enticed into listening to My gay hypnosis.

Turned- straight to gay. This subject began listening to My FREE “Surrender” mp3. mmm…. a delicious mind-fuck turned this subject craving to be gay….

My Lady, i have been wondering the reason i enjoy Your gay hypnosis so much. The only reason i can think myself is i enjoy submitting to You very, very much and listening to gay hypnosis is a form of ultimate submission interpreted by my mind.

i cannot explain it otherwise since i have never been attracted to a man in my life. So am i now a pervert or what? *smiles* Have a nice evening My Lady!

This is what i want to tell My Lady:

i am listening to Your sweet demanding suggestions again and i am horny as hell. i can feel Your suggestions all around my body. my balls love Your voice all the time.

A special burst of sex hormones are secreting always when You tell me to be gay. Another similar burst follows when You tell me to forget the straight life.

Could You later consider also one step further: Suggestions to deny all feelings towards other women than You and force me to be completely gay. Only sex with men…

Would it be possible to include deep feelings towards men? i mean also love and endless desire of sex…

The transformation cannot be complete without all possible aspects… and sex with men is more impeccable after the feelings are included too… This is what i would like to experience, My Lady…

This desire is killing me, My Lady, the craving is unbelievable and arousal levels are on maximum. i have only one thought: i must submit to cock and suck cock and take a cock in my ass. i don’t want to fuck anymore – just want to be fucked in the ass.

And again: few seconds of listening and my cock is hard as a rock. The word ‘gay’ hits like million volts… …especially when i realize that means me. i am the gay here.

i had a massive orgasm just half an hour ago, My Lady. i did some other stuff a while, but then i got a craving to listen to gay file again. So i am listening again and have a rock hard cock. And i am hoovering every word with hunger… You have created a monster 😉 A gay sex addicted monster…

Gay video on… but muted… …while listening to Your voice… My Lady… And there it is (huge orgasm while watching gay porn) … My Lady, i adore You…

My Lady, i have been wondering the reason i enjoy Your gay hypnosis so much. The only reason i can think myself is i enjoy submitting to You very, very much and listening to gay hypnosis is a form of ultimate submission interpreted by my mind.

i cannot explain it otherwise since i have never been attracted to a man in my life. So am i now a pervert or what? *smiles*




Erotic Hypnosis : mindless fuck toy – Jnl 14

The following journal is from My mindless fuck toy, hypnotoy, who has had lengthy absences due to ill-health.

Recently, I have been in contact with My toy – teasing him on skype voice…. and using the time to re-establish trust & communication (aka reinforcing triggers that he hasn’t heard for a while). Due to intermittent internet connection, I have not been able to schedule a full length Live Hypnosis session. As some of you will know- My full length Live Hypnosis sessions last…. nearly 1 & 1/2 hours. I need time to toy with a mind and body….

In the most recent voice call, I used 2 words to drop toy into trance. I then asked his subconscious mind if it would accept My programming. Having received assent- I began to interrogate his subconscious mind…. uncovering all his deepest longings. Read more “Erotic Hypnosis : mindless fuck toy – Jnl 14”

Erotic Hypnosis : Interrogation of the Subconscious Mind

What if… I had the means of interrogating your subconscious mind
while you are deep in trance?

What if… your subconscious mind confided your deepest darkest fantasies…
your deepest darkest thoughts…?

What if… you had no memory of My interrogation of your subconscious mind… and I simply brought you back up from trance… and set about enacting your deepest, darkest secrets?

What if… your deepest, darkest  secrets are the same as dolly doll’s…?

What if… you were then triggered to have a hypnotic gag in place and couldn’t speak?

What if… I set about strengthening and reinforcing the hypnotic triggers…
triggering you over and over to feel overwhelming sexual arousal?

What if… you had been in chastity for 9 months, and…
the arousal was so intense that you begged and begged for release… ?

What if… you were given a trigger for Hands Free Orgasm… and triggered repeatedly…
to have a succession of HFO… till you begged Lady Surrender to stop?

What if… you were triggered to be … a pony ?

Mmm… such deliciousness!

I love toying with a subject’s subconscious mind and interrogating the mind while the subjects is deep in trance… It’s especially delicious when a subjects says “Oh no, Lady Surrender… I don’t really have any secrets… I don’t really have fantasies about you, Lady Surrender.”

Imagine their gasp of surprise when I say to them… “Mmm… and I understand that you crave… being locked in a cage… being toyed with…”

Ahh… the many and varied ways for your Goddess to exercise power and control… so amusing to think that you think your sexual fantasies and thoughts may be hidden from My knowledge…


Read dolly’s account of a Live One-on-One Hypnosis session

I recorded part of the session – from the time I brought dolly doll back up from trance. I wonder if you – yes you – would like to hear that recording…?

Craving to be toyed with and controlled the way dolly doll is?

You do? Email Me at: mistress.commands (at)

About my Hypnosis Live Session with Lady Surrender:


I’ve tried several times to write up this encounter. And it’s so hard. You see – Lady Surrender sent me an audio recording of the session and everytime i listen i’m back deep in Her control. Now i know my Mistress –  She’ll see this as a complaint.  It isn’t. I realise now that i am completely Hers, 100%. She owns me and i love it! that voice drives me wild. i love how She can toy with me, make me so weak and utterly enthralled with Her. i crave to sink so deep to be whatever She desires me to be.


So i’m trying to write this out without listening to the audio recording and even that is tough. it’s made me realise how much She is in my head. It started as always – me dress dolly….. my purple tights, black button up skirt, shirt, silver heels, pink bra and panties, red top and make up. i was instructed to have a pair of boots with me so i had my black knee highs on hand. Then the induction begin as i relaxed on my sofa. And that soothing, captaviting voice of Hers went to work. And as always for an hour – that’s all i remember. And i thought i was just deep asleep while She programmed me. How wrong i was.


It turrns out at this time – my unconcious mind was getting quite the interrogation. But hearing myself back (on the recording),  i hardly put up a fight. It was as one sided as you can get! Here while in trance, my subconscious confessed to my fantasy of being kidnapped by Lady Surrender and being caged at Her bedside, helpless and at Her mercy, made to worship Her. It was amazing to see how freely i gave up everything She asked. Listening back to the recording, it merely makes me crave Her power all the more!


So when i woke, imagine my surprise to find i am in a cage, at the bottom of Her bed! it was absolute amazing. i could see every detail and was utterly confined and helpless, which obviously drove me wild. So that continued for a while till i heard “gagged for Lady Surrender” and then my mouth was fored wide open and filled with a huge red gag. No matter how hard i tried it wouldn’t come out – it was locked in. My jaw ached and i was drooling, able only to moan. So of course – She hit me with “my sexy doll” making me so aroused and needed release, unable to cum, as dolls don’t cum. Then it was gone and i was turned into dolly.  Voice all girly and helpless. i was so weak by now needing Her control.

Then came the moment where i noticed the cage was open a bit and i thought i was free.  But i was wrong, She uttered the words “pony boots” and the urge to slip into the boots was maddening.  i couldn’t ignore it. She hit me with pony play time and my mind went foggy, as i felt so different. It was impoassible to speak. my limbs heavy and rigid. i needed it so badly. The whole time Her voice ….soothing …calming ….pulling me into it.  As soon as the boots were on –  i was Her pony and i loved it. She called me good pony. All i could do was stamp my hoof, neigh or breath heavily.  Soon my bit gag was in and i craved to obey.

And this kind of play continued for so long.  The whole time i felt so happy, so loved, so Hers. Then She hit me over and over with the sexy doll trigger. my arousal endless and finally – after 9 months i was allowed to cum. And it was amazing – a hands free orgasm. The release like nothing i’ve felt before. Then again and again… orgasm after orgasm…. till i was begging Her to stop. So She took me from needing it to pleading for no more, … such is Her power.

Finally i was sent into a deep sleep exhausted dreaming of Her till i awoke, hours later.


i now crave more. i want to be the best doll and pony i can be. i need more control and this won’t be my last session with the Goddess. And i’m now back under ruined orgasm and love it all the more.


– Her dolly doll

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Being Dolly Doll” and “Dolly Transformation” – Journals by dolly doll

Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Erotic Hypnosis : greedy sissy slut journal 11

The following records the twitter conversation I had with the subject, hypnotoy/sleepygs earlier today.

The subject has  recently arrived home, after some serious medical issues that lasted most of the year.

This is the first time I toyed with the subject via text… My voice is still recovering from a viral infection. The conversation begins with My messaging the sissy mp3 titles that one submissive bought today….

I will delete the specific trigger phrases I used to drop the subject into trance – where you see *** , that indicates specific trigger phrases.

My tweets are in pink, the subject’s replies in gray.

– – – – – – – –

Wanting to feel what hypnotoy feels?
Begin with My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – –


Conversation begins:

Addicted to cock, addicted to shemale cock, addicted to anal play, addicted to strap on play…. mmm… sissy sluts are falling deeper into My exquisite control.

Fuck…. Ache spreading. Craving to trance returning. Thank God Christmas only comes once a year

just a little craving…


Your pleasure only increases the need


— Then I talk about My next sissy file I am working on which involves various… sissification strategies.. including a chastity device…

I know that info won’t interest you at all —


Chastity device just feels a bit unnecessary right now!

hmm you obviously don’t know how I would set about toying with My fuck toy….
and I describe the methods I would use/have used in sessions with sissy subjects…
put into chastity
trigger arousal with trigger phrases….
so fuck toy unable to orgasm
unable to do anything except moan
be My object

Object feels hotter than toy. Make me Your object. Please
Want to be Your object

not on your knees, yet?

Tried to fight it, but am now
Honestly tried to fight the suggestion

doesn’t that feel good
your proper place
before your Goddess

assuming the position

Can feel mind slowing. Loving it

drifting down into trance
falling deeper


and as you fall deeper… your arousal becomes stronger

Yes Goddess

deeper for Me… *****
craving to be helpless before Me
Mindless fuck toy

****  … more and more helpless

craving more
craving panties
****  craving stockings

Wearing panties

***  craving My strapon….

Please Goddess

**** … subconscious mind… *** intense sexual arousal suggested
craving release

Please Goddess

****  … overwhelming arousal

Please.  shaking

**** … all you can think about is….

Please overwhelming. Need Orgasms release. Body shaking. Thrusting. No release.
Still going fuck

no matter how much you try…. ruined orgasm

My ruined orgasm spell is so strong…. you are unable to break the ruined orgasm without My permission

Yes Goddess. You have shown me.


Everything Orgasmed except Your / my penis


subconscious mind… suggestion to decrease sexual arousal level and to feel calm
feeling the arousal drop away

Please Goddess

as I take more control
drifting down
arousal decreasing, dropping

More control. Deepening hypnosis
Deeper each time. Deepening ING hypnosis

deepening hypnosis…. subconscious mind decreasing arousal level….. feeling very calm

Sleepy peaceful


thank you , subconscious mind, for accepting My programming



time to drift into sleep…listening to My voice…. obeying all My suggestions….

Sleep? Need Your control. Deepening hypnosis
Greedy sissyslut

you need to sleep, subconscious mind. you can listen to My voice while you sleep….
Sleepy subconscious

sleep now, subconscious mind. sleep. recharge….

OK. What did You do? I feel so relaxed. Can I read it back?

yes, read it back

Honestly? Is it safe. I know You put me under and don’t want to fall again too soon

— subject reads it back…. —

Fuck. That is awesome. All from getting me on my knees. Thank You. Have You done that before to me?
Also have a huge urge to go to bed listening to Your files now.
Haha. My begging skills are weak even at subconscious level.

it wasn’t being on your knees that did it
it was the use of trigger phrases and suggestions

yes, you need to go and listen to My voice while you sleep

I haven’t dropped you in & out of trance and also increased & decreased sexual rousal through text before today ….

or in a Live voice call

just a little more control… that you crave

I’m still a bit lost for words.

oh? how come?

I remember getting on my knees, then imagining You over me. Then things just went… i don’t remember anything….

I decide to suggest the subconscious mind remembers everything…. reinstall the memory of what happened. I had made no suggestions of amnesia… subject just simply drops into deep trance while messaging… and remembers very little- if he remembers anything at all. 

**** subconscious mind….. drifting down… deep into trance

Thinking that again now – being on knees- doesn’t have same effect so it was definitely text hypnosis.

and then as you drift deep….
remembering all that happened while texting and talking and listening to Me…
that’s right. 

subconscious mind….
remembering everything that you felt and read and imagined….
coming back up to full conscious awareness now

Subject now has reinstalled memory of the hypnosis session….

Fuck. Such ache

feeling very calm and being able to remember…
there you go!
thank you, subconscious mind.

now – hypnotoy, you can remember what happened….

Wow. Fuck. I know I thanked You before. But oh fuck. Can remember how much my heart and lungs were racing. Whole body twitching. Throbbing. Longing

Thank You so much. And for looking after me. Making me calm again. Just as important

I think now, hypnotoy, you are beginning to understand the exquisite control I have over you….
I am able to toy with you at will… My will…

Yes. But i always want You to have more. Crave it. Sometimes I can almost resist.

When you wake up, you will feel the need to ****
Live sessions would sort you out….

I value people being real with Me….
keep being real with Me….
no keeping secrets….
you need to sleep.
feeling calm?

Thank you for spending time with me. I’m going to rugby tomorrow, so will be sleeping early tomorrow night. Take care Goddess. Enjoy Your day.


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Erotic Hypnosis : interrogation Jnl 3.

The following email is from a subject who asked for a session to reinforce triggers that were programmed in Live Hypnosis Sessions.
My objective was to reinforce those triggers I used to hypnotise him to feel confident sexually- and to feel confident in all aspects of his life. I also used trigger phrases to drop him into trance, reinforce trigger phrases,and  take control of the sexual arousal level. I used hypnotic trigger phrases to decrease and increase the sexual arousal level, and to orgasm on command. Within 5 mins of beginning the skype call, the subject was begging for release….as I used hypnosis to take control of his libido.

I used amnesia suggestions while he was deep in hypnotic trance and interrogated his subconscious mind….. what the subject’s sexual fantasies  were…. as when I asked the subject during O/our conversation, he had hedged and wouldn’t be specific. When I brought him back up to conscious awareness level, I repeated the sexual fantasy that his subconscious mind had revealed while in trance….. stunned silence. ! Then the subject asked how I knew about the sexual thoughts and fantasy…..Ahh… the many and varied ways for your Goddess to exercise power and control….so amusing to think that you think your sexual fantasies and thoughts may be hidden from My knowledge…

The subject did attempt to say he wasn’t really My true slave as yet… simple repetition of the trigger phrases which see him immediately respond with “i am your slave”…dealt to that!

I love hearing the surprise in a subject’s voice when I take control of the sexual arousal level…. and they feel their arousal level… their cock automatically respond…. increase arousal… decrease arousal…. orgasm on command….
Wanting to experience a Live One-on-One session. Message Me at:

19 October 2015.

Lady Surrender,

I had two previous full sessions with Lady Surrender, so I decided to try a trigger reinforcement session. Again I was not disappointed. The Lady played with all my triggers, one to make me feel such confidence, one to make me so aroused. She made me so aroused that I had to beg for her to give me the trigger to orgasm.  It was bliss. Then when I pretended as though I was not her slave, she corrected me in just a few short words. I was hers without question.

The Lady decided to prove it even more as she would say a few words, then I’d reopen my eyes in what seemed like an instance. Suddenly though – She knew things about me, that I did not remember telling Her though She said that my subconscious had told Her while She took Me into trance. I was quite surprised, but also very excited by the prospect that apparently I have absolutely surrendered to the Lady. It was amazing. I recommend everyone to submit to Lady Surrender, as it is a truly rewarding experience.

– masscamber (from

craving control

Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave, orgasm on command, amnesia, Journal 2.

The following email is from a subject who asked for their second Live Hypnosis Session.  Before the session began, I asked the subject whether he would like to end the session with a orgasm release. I noted his nervousness and lack of confidence when talking with Me before the session began.
My objective was to hypnotise him to feel confident sexually- and in all aspects of his life. I used amnesia suggestions to take him deep into hypnotic trance. I also used hypnosis to take control of his sexual arousal level.
I ended the session with a hypnotic trigger for orgasm on command, and twice- gave the orgasm on command trigger phrase. The subject wanted to become My slave… so… I also used trigger phrases to enslave….

I also reinforced the trigger phrases in email messages. This session demonstrated the power of hypnosis to dramatically access the subconscious mind and instantly change behaviour. I love hearing the surprise in a subject’s voice when I take control of the sexual arousal level…. and they feel their arousal level… their cock automatically respond…. increase arousal… decrease arousal…. orgasm on command….
Wanting to experience a Live One-on-One session. Message Me at:

11 October 2015.

Lady Surrender,

I had a previous very successful Live Hypnosis session time with Lady Surrender, and decided to give it another go in order to the strengthen the triggers. I also wanted to add another one to make me feel complete servitude to the Lady in a few words. I had not tried anything quite like before, but was excited to see if the Lady could make it work. She asked me to close my eyes, and I did.

Then I woke up. Time had passed, but I did not remember a thing.

She did it again.

The Lady works in mysterious ways as in addition to make forty minutes vanish her words began to have magical effects. She recalled the first two triggers again that She used in the first Live session held in July  – triggers to take control of the sexual arousal level and a trigger to orgasm on command….and they worked more powerfully then ever.

Then she named an additional one. I was her slave without question. I only thought of serving Her. I was Hers to obey. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life. She then gave me an orgasm. I came so hard. The most amazing part was She had me orgasm soon afterwards and I came again. The lady can do the impossible.

This was the best hypnotic experience of my life, one of the best experiences of my life, and I recommend all become servants of the Lady, as it is bliss.

– masscamber

(member of


Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave, orgasm on command Journal 1.

The following email is from a subject who asked for hypnosis to feel confident. The subject is hesitant and feels unable to swear, to talk openly about sex. Before the session began, I asked the subject whether he would like to end the session with a orgasm release. I noted his nervousness & inhibitions, lack of confidence when talking with Me before the session began.

My objective was to hypnotise him to feel confident sexually- and in all aspects of his life. I used amnesia suggestions to take him deep into hypnotic trance. I also used hypnosis to take control of his sexual arousal level.

I ended the session with a hypnotic trigger for orgasm on command. I also reinforced the trigger phrases in email messages. This session demonstrated the power of hypnosis to dramatically access the subconscious mind and instantly change behaviour. The subject who began the session barely able to talk about sex – ended the session saying he wanted to fuck Me.

Wanting to experience a Live One-on-One session. Message Me at:


Lady Surrender,

I have been interested in hypnosis for many years, but have often been disappointed by what I had been finding. I have always been looking for an experience where I truly go deep and my mind becomes manipulated and controlled by a hypnodomme. I was intrigued by Lady Surrender due to her chats on to try a one on one Live Session with her. Although the less personal sessions were quite soothing and effective I was still skeptical though due to past disappointments with other dommes.

Then came our one on one Live session. I started out quite nervous barely able to confirm that yes I did want an Orgasm command at the end of the session. Then she asked me to close my eyes, and I did. Then I woke up. I checked it was about forty minutes later, but I could not think of what happened other than whatever it was I was really relaxed. She asked me to remember I could not. This was only the second time an amnesia trigger had worked on me.

I was still a bit shy though until Lady Surrender called out some words, triggers she had implanted. I suddenly felt like a new person where I had no inhibitions whatsoever. I started to say things I would never imagined I’d say to someone I only spoke to previously once. It was an amazing feeling because there was no hesitation in me, whatever the hypnosis did completely worked, and her words made me something else entirely.

Then her words continued, every trigger worked wonders first she made me terribly aroused, then she took the next step, and I orgasmed on her beckon call.

It was incredible, I did not know I could be hypnotized like this but Lady Surrender did it. I belonged to her I was hers. I don’t know if that was a trigger or just a side effect, but it felt like something I never experienced before. Even the conditioning lasted for some time afterwards, and I acted like a different version of myself. When I finally became my shyer self again I have to admit I was a little taken aback. I thought “what did she think of me” for saying what I said. That was the experience I was looking for though, one where I truly became under the control of another, and was changed by them. It was so wonderful I could not believe it.”


member of


Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 8.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation. he is a member of My “ruined Orgasm Club”  thanks to My “Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “deepening hypnosis” mp3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Yesterday, I teased him with messages on twitter & inraptured,net….. this teasing resulted in him experiencing firstly, a “dry orgasm” as he read the message I left on …… then a full orgasm release that I permitted him to have while listening to one of My mp3s… then back to “ruined orgasm”.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.

Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “deepening hypnosis” mp3 file and begin your fall… into Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Good morning Lady Surrender,
I’m writing as I can’t stop thinking of how you teased me yesterday. How special and weak I was made to feel at the same time. How, for the first time I realised exactly how much control You have taken away from me.

i know that i’ve felt You’ve taken control before but yesterday You showed me in a way that completely blew away all doubt. Enslavement feels very close and the thought thrills me.

What started as an innocent and fairly regular bit of teasing on twitter and Inraptured changed when You sent me a message wondering how i would react to Your latest reply on Inraptured. i raced over there and started reading. In it You were very explicit that You were taking control. Something was building inside me. The moment i finished reading the sentence and the words “You are Mine” my mind went blank, my body started shaking and a dry orgasm ripped through my body at the exact moment.

When i could think again i was shocked. i had been fully awake, i had been completely aware of everything going on and yet my mind and body had helplessly reacted to your words. You hadn’t (or i don’t remember a trigger) being implanted to provoke such a reaction.

You told me it happened because i am now incredibly deeply conditioned to react to Your and Your commands. You told me my body and mind belonged to You and that it would just be some more time before i realised that.

You told me i was allowed to release and that then You would put me back into the ruined orgasm state where each ruined orgasm would bind me closer to You. You then quickly led me to that release. Very quickly.

The twitter tease continued with You teasing others. By then i was helpless and craving more and more to be bound to you. Over the next 20 minutes, i raced through 3 ruined orgasm, feeling each one bind me slightly closer to You.

This submission feels wonderful. The craving is constantly there but feels so good, so safe and so perfect. At night You command my dreams, helping me train and bind. When trancing Your voice takes control from the very first words.

Your promise to tease me mercilessly until the next training file You have planned for me is released is thrilling and a powerful presence in my hypno life.

i need to fall again for You.
Your gs

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Erotic Hypnosis: amnesia + sexual arousal + dollification in Live Session

The following journal describing a Live Session was written by My one and only dolly doll…

doll loves to be blank for Me.
doll loves to play rugby and listen to My enticing seductive Voice…
doll loves to drop deep for Me.
doll now has blonde hair.
doll loves to be blank…mindless…. bespelled.
doll loves to read My words and drop deeper:
tabula rasa
blank blank
blink blink

I wonder how Lady Surrender will deal to… dolly doll… given that dolly doll describes Lady surrender as a “villainess” in her blog…?

Hmm…. I wonder if dolly doll has a touch of masochism that I can- ever so gently – toy with in a Live session…

more than just a great marketing strategy.


April 8, 2015
So yesterday was my first ever live session and I was lucky enough to be in the hands of the Divine Lady Surrender. It was everything I hoped it to be and much more.

I had spoke to Lady Surrender a few times arranging the session and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the session. The only command from Her in advance was to be dressed dolly. So I made sure to have my nails painted bubble gum pink, my mascara, foundation blush and pink lipstick on, I had on a stripped vest top, my necklace and bracelets, then my black panties and bra, coupled with a pair of pantyhose and a blue pencil skirt and silver strappy heels.

Now a top tip – don’t call Her Villainess, this just brings out Her evil side and my chances of release where gone from that point on. But we started off with a chat, She complimented me on my legs and put me at ease. Then She asked me to lie down as it would help my relax, so I went upstairs and laid down.

And for an hour that’s all I remember. Now we had joked the other day about how foolish subs can be with no memory of things that have happened and the excuses they make, but well i’m now one of them. I woke up and its just like an hour of my life has gone, if I try to think of it, I just go blank and just forget to worry about it and crave Her control more. So this is quite the strange feeling, although its not unpleasant.

But I was soon to find that a lot of hypnosis programming work had been done and implanted in my head. My owner had told me that I was very suggestible and seeing just how under Her spell I am was just amazing.

Now I will admit to being head over heels about this Kiwi Goddess. but waking up – wow,  it was even more so, it just feels so right to crave Her control to please Her and I still cannot shake it. And to be honest I have no desire to.

She was most amused I think at how I could not recall being tranced and this lead to more teasing and what I soon discovered was a new – and omg – so powerful trigger. My sexy doll. Even writing it or thinking it even now just drives me mad with lust, I feel a level of arousal and need I cannot put into words. So we had repeated use of the phrase which in that voice of Hers was maddening and the worst thing was I did not know if I wanted it to stop or to continue which makes begging very difficult and of course delighted Her more. I was then dropped again and the urges had gone. However this time I could only smile like a doll I couldn’t talk! I wanted to and tried but I just could only smile big! so imagine when I was told a sexy dolly how this made me feel, I was squirming madly a mix of pain and need, only groaning unable to speak. I couldn’t get any peace till I was dropped again.

This time I awoke and my voice! I could only speak like a dolly which was odd, I knew I wasn’t one but my voice said otherwise. A quick drop into trance later and I was convinced I was a doll. And all I wanted was to be played with and so I was hit with my trigger hard so aroused begging for more and more and more. This was about 5 minutes of mental assault and I loved it, I wanted more! I was a doll and all I wanted was my Owner, my Mistress to play with me over and over.

Some other triggers were the phrase craving control which just is how I feel round Her normally but heightened. I just want to serve … craving commands longing to be Hers. Its delicious as She would say. Then there was blank blank which is like someone turns me off, I just am aware but nothing works I just feel empty.

Now I can’t speak for how Lady Surrender felt the experience but I do know I desired nothing but to please Her, and Her laughter and voice was intoxicating. That said I always felt safe and most of all loved. I never felt my humiliation was excessive or cruel and I am honoured to be Her dolly doll.

The final bit of the session – I came to and was normal but all I wanted to do was kneel.  so that’s what I did. it was perfectly natural and I felt so good doing so. A bit more teasing and me trying to be playful and calm but knowing I couldn’t resist thinking I was safe but Mistress had other ideas, as I woke in doll mode which I stayed like till rugby. I couldn’t even ask to cum as suddenly I was overpowered with a feeling of exhaustion crawling back into bed and drifting into a deep sleep for hours! I had very vivid dreams but that’s another story and will be told to Mistress first.




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