Delete Hetero/Install Gay Sex – subdavid

Dear Lady Surrender,

i am writing to let You know just how mind changing Your files are, i have been listening to Your files as often as i can and have found my life changing, i find i am no longer persuading my wife for sex (something She does not seem interested in these days anyway) and am being drawn more and more towards certainly being bi and heading towards i think gay. i find i crave the idea of sucking cock now, i have purchased a life like dildo and find myself sucking on it so often, i must admit to feeling proud that i have become capable of deepthroating the 8in dildo, i just love the thought that it is a real cock and that i am worshiping a real man in the best way possible.

i have found myself dressing up in silky female nightwear and panties that no longer fit my wife but feel amazing on me, she even had a old bra from her younger days that fit me as if it was meant to be.

i have to say that i feel the happiest i have felt for years, i feel i was probably at the very least bi-curious and now with the help of Your files i am freeing myself, to be the sissy/gay man i am meant to be.

i love your gay 4 file deleting hetro installing gay, it rocks my world and i love to cum at the end thinking/wishing for a real cock to be taking my pussy or forcing themselves down my throat (of course i always clean up as a true sissy should ensuring every drop is swallowed)

i do have a question, can Your hypnosis files be used in casual listening while i am doing other things around the house or at work? besides getting me extremely aroused will the files continue to work on my subconscious?

i am planing my first encounter with a real cock with a local Mistress who has a stable of men She uses for Her sissys to learn on, i am so excited for this to be happening, i imagine being on my knees wearing the nightee, bra and panties, deep dark red lipstick on my face as i beg to be allowed to suck their cocks and feel their cum shoot into my mouth while being encouraged by my Mistress beside me before She takes me with Her strap on or has one of Her boys take me.

god so much is going round my head ever since i started to listen to Your files, You are amazing and i thank You for opening up my mind and self to who i truely are.



My Reply:


you need to be in theta brain wave state for maximum uptake of hypnosis….( theta brain wave state is associated with day dreaming & sleep, meditative state), delta brain wave state is experienced during deep sleep).
When you are doing dishes/walking around your brain wave state will be in beta brain wave state……. not the ideal state for relaxation/hypnosis/meditation.
So- best to use the most effective method of reprogramming your mind & take time to lie down…listen to the induction…. and become Mine.
Because Resistance is futile….
Surrender is inevitable….
Lady S.

Gay Hypnosis 4 – Delete Hetero / Install Gay Sex 

Your Mind – Completely Rewired!

Extended mindfuck that ends with you being unable to get hard without thinking about gay fucking…

Replacing your sexual attraction & response to women with sexual attraction & response to gay men… Arousal rewiring… Programming you to love & crave mens bodies…


Gay Hypnosis 1-5 Bundle:

Erotic Hypnosis : binge/purge cycles journal 7

The following email was received from a subject, describing her cycles of fetish binge/purging and the failure to accept her sissy self.

Whoever you are – friend, sister, artist, submissive, sissy, hypnodomme, tall, skinny, overweight…. etc those parts of you “just is”. Those parts of you are not good, bad, negative, positive…. no pejorative connotations should be thought or felt for any part of you.

I am re-posting a post I wrote back in February 2014, in which I talk about the cycles of fetish purging and binging.

you will see from what I write, that I am very clearly responding from a therapist’s perspective…. that is My training and background.

My response to joanne and all those subjects who struggle with binge/purge cycles, is to say what I say in this article…. self-acceptance is the only response which will permanently stop the destructive nature of binging and purging.

Key points:

We either live with fear ruling us … or love ruling us.

Unexpressed needs & repressed tensions will always surface in some form.

The way through lies in accepting yourself for who you are… all parts of you. No exception.


Lady Surrender,

It has been much too long. Please allow me to apologize first. Please accept my apology for not writing for all this time. You did nothing wrong, but I have been struggling with my desires. Your live skype session was and still is the most significant moment in my life. During that hour, I did completely surrender to you and was held totally in your spell. I had never experienced anything like it before or since. I can still recall many, many moments. That complete loss of self control scared me too. With each day and week that passed, I struggled with my feelings about it all. I was also very sick for awhile, battling a series of colds and sinus infections that were hard to overcome. Most of all, I battled with my feelings. It has taken me all this time to come to terms with it.

During this time, I again purged my meager wardrobe and set your recordings aside on a thumb drive, locked away. I spent most of this time denying my feelings and using meditation to calm and mostly distract my mind. Through all of this, your voice was always in the back of my mind. My cross gender feelings have always been swirling in the center of my struggle. Watching the Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner remarkable transformation kept these feelings front and center.

Three weeks ago, I took that thumb drive and copied your files back onto my mp3 player. I started with Mantra of Submission and continued on to Deepening Hypnosis. A few days ago, I revisited your website and read many of the testimonials, greatly inspired. I saw that you have been very busy helping others and creating many new sessions. I want to begin again, but I don’t want to retreat again. I hope you can find it in your heart to help me.

Was Joanne

My reply:


I have no expectation of who I want to see you become… apart from wanting you to be your authentic self. Set those limits that feel right… don’t listen to anal play or other sissy mp3s that don’t feel right.

Set boundaries that allow that feminine part of you to have some outlet…. there’s no need to dismantle your vanilla world to do so.

Step by step…. always checking as to what feels right for you.

Lady Surrender.

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– – – – – – – – – –

Lady Surrender’s original post on binging, purging & the need for self-acceptance:

Accepting your submissive self… part of your authentic self.

So many submissives struggle with accepting their submissive self and go through cycles of “binge/purge”. I have seen submissives spend a lot of time and money in the “binge” part of the cycle – for example, spending money buying feminine clothes to express their feminisation fetish-…..only to “purge” by throwing out their feminine clothes and vowing never to do that again.

Society makes judgements on many who dare to live differently- be it in the bdsm lifestyle, or in other “fringe” ways of expressing individuality. Before W/we can expect society to accept O/ourselves, W/we need to self -accept. That means that W/we place no judgement or label on being submissive. Instead of viewing “submissive” as “bad” or “weak”…W/we need to view being “submissive” as “just is”. Being submissive is simply as valid as being a brother, a friend, a musician, a writer, a mechanic…etc. It carries no pejorative sense or value.

Accepting your submissive self breaks the binge/purge cycle, and ends the cycle of self-criticism and negative self-talk. It also ends the internal mental and emotional conflict that I often see and hear reflected in interactions I have with submissives. This internal conflict is often characterised by “flip/flopping” between wanting to live a completely vanilla life and deny their submissive self…and the wanting to live out and explore their submissive self.

Sometimes, I have had a submissive describe how it feels as though something “clicks” inside or that they feel as if there are two separate people living inside them. The “click” or the “flip/flopping” sees the submissive swing between what feels like two conflicting worlds. However, there is no need to see this “flip/flopping” as conflicting. All those who share an interest in bdsm live in a vanilla world. It is possible- and certainly much more authentic- to express your submissive self, while acknowledging and living in a vanilla world.
There is a cost to denying your submissive self. This is true no matter what part of your authentic self you deny. With denial- comes a deadening… a loss of aliveness…a loss of passion…. a loss of vibrancy…. a loss of creativity…a loss of soulfulness. The cost is a constant drain on energy and mental tension required to suppress the submissive self. Over time, the repressed submissive self will often subvert and act out…. it’s a simple matter of unexpressed needs and tension finding an outlet.
I have seen how hypnosis works to break that “binge/purge” cycle that many submissives find themselves acting out. My slut wendy (her diary is included in some of the blog posts here) is one submissive who has experienced a “binge/ purge”‘ cycle in regard to her feminisation fetish. wendy has described the “binge/purge” cycle of her past as feeling as though something would “click” in her head…leading to another round of that non-acceptance “binge/purge” cycle. Over a period of several months, wendy had hypnosis with Myself. she now has reached a place in her life where she is free of “binge/purge” cycles and accepts her feminine self.

Hypnosis works by changing behaviour, beliefs, thoughts and feelings on the level of the subconscious mind…. and thus, hypnosis works to alter beliefs about O/ourselves and O/our world. Accepting and simply being who W/we are…the authentic self…. deep at the very centre of O/our being…. enables us to be free.


SURRENDER – Loop recording – FREE file

Surrender is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

Erotic Hypnosis : greedy sissy slut – Jnl 10

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject – gs/hypnotoy.  The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation.

These messages were sent on twitter today…. it seems My hypnotoy is craving….

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

I look forward… (smiling as I write this)… to hypnotoy/sleepygees going home from hospital…. because then… I will have more access…. much more.
Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.

Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 file and My “Craving Control” MP3… and begin your fall… into

Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – – –


Lady Surrender,

I was planning in telling you how my day went, but as soon as I started thinking about that i started losing focus and can now only think about being Your secret sissyslut. Almost watching from a distance as You switch my mind off, reprogram me and play with me as You desire. That started around 20 minutes ago and the feelingkeeps getting stronger.

i think it may have been a stray thought about sexy stockings one of the visitors to the ward was wearing earlier. kept wondering what they would feel like.

Thinking of the effect they had last time i wore some and how much deeper that fetish is now, and how it’s linked to sissy. could my mind resist the feeling. would You be able to get me to wear some. Not would You. Could You Please

Sorry, such a greedy sissyslut, unable to think of anything else. Everytime I try to think of something to please You, i realise that that would please You as it would complete the 4 Es, and i only crave it more.

i’m also trying to control my orgasms as i know with-holding them enhances my submission as it distracts me and increases my cravings. hoping to be able to hand control over them back to You soon – not being as frustrated with a lack of forward momentum in here is helping.

Thank You for taking the time to read – I hope You’re feeling better and You’re having a great day.

Craving control might not have been the best thing to listen to there. I’m going to have to start to listen to other files again soon. Need more of Your voice in my world.

– sleepy gs/hypnotoy

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 craving control

Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment + Orgasm Control Jnl 8

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject – gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalization.

He is a member of My “Ruined Orgasm Club” thanks to My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” MP3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

Subject recently told a female friend of his about his submission to My control and My hypnosis.  he spent a weekend with the female friend of his, who then proceeded to toy with him, to test whether the ruined orgasm hypnosis would hold. Of course- the ruined orgasm hypnosis remained in place and the subject was unable to orgasm. So delicious to have a willing party (friend, partner etc) to reinforce My control over a subject.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”. I have taken control of his helpless response and strengthened it through listening to My “Helpless Prey – Succubus: First Night” recording.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 file and My “Craving Control” MP3… and begin your fall… into

Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – – –



Lady Surrender,

I can’t sleep, so here’s the weekend story – I kind of lost track earlier. The set up is weird, so need to explain it. Brother and sister are emigrating to be with their family. My brother was best friend with the brother for a long time, I wasn’t dating, but was really close to the sister. They live a couple of hundred miles away, so week before they left my brother drove down so we could see them one last time. They’ve both got small flats so I stayed with her and he with her brother.
When alone with her on the first night we got talking about things. She got talking about how living above and working in an adult shop had led her to being much more adventurous. Conversation got around to You and she got visibly excited at how awkward and nervous I was explaining. I mentioned that one of your files led to me wearing panties, but only around the house. I told her how I liked how they felt and that being opened up to something felt good. We ended up in her shop and she picked out a pair of purple silky panties after catching me looking at them. We went back upstairs and she made me try them on. I returned to the room modelling them, but straining to contain my erection. She giggled and pulled out some baby blue stocking (horrible clash) and told me to put them on. Privacy, consenting adults, so I did. I loved the way they felt as I pulled then slowly up and my election strained harder against the panties. We joked around for a while and then she disappeared into her room and locked the door, my clothes inside. With no choice but to sleep in the panties on the couch, I did. I did remove the stocking though.
Next day she burst into the room laughing. She said she’d sneakily taken photos of me last night in the stockings and after reading through your website knew more about me than I’d told her. She said that she respected that you’d caught me, but that today I was hers and I would obey her or she’d contact you and send the photos.
We had a few hours before meeting the brothers so to get me ready she insisted on shaving my legs. Then she handed me a new pair of black stockings and some very sexy black silky panties. Same tale of arousal and she kept telling me that women only wear stockings and nylons to entrap men. I was to be allowed to wear my normal clothes as well but would have to walk round feeling silk and nylon against my skin.
We went out for the day and whenever she saw someone in nylons, if she got the chance she’d whisper in my ear about it, about how sexy they were and how they were wearing them to play with weak male minds.
At one point a tour guide was wearing nylons and she kept whispering in my ear that the guide is looking to trap someone and that I should just kneel before her and beg to be taken.
In a restaurant she thankfully didn’t tease me about the waitress, but did have a very private chat with her whilst looking at me.
After ditching the others and back in her flat she praised how good I’d been. She said as a reward I could have some ruined orgasms. After watching/encouraging me through a couple she stated she knew my limit now and was going to take over. She said she was going to make me so aroused I would let anything happen. She used her hands a couple of times. Then pulled me stockings off and used them on me. The feeling was amazing. She could only touch me for seconds before it became too much. She used the panties in the same way. She wasn’t quite taking me as far as ruined orgasms normally do, but the cumulative affect on me was amazing.
I eventually had to beg her to stop. She agreed, on one condition, I’d let her try her fantasy. She tied me up and put my headphones in. As soon as I heard addicted to strap on I tried to struggle free. No chance and soon I was under. After two listens she asked me to go clean myself, then return, trigger myself and to assume the position. By now I’d have agreed to anything and did so. I caught glimpse of her walking across the room, stockings, heels and harness, but didn’t see a strap on. I felt her climb on the bed behind me and whisper in my ear about how this would help enslave me to You.
Then coldness as the lubed strap on touched me and found it’s way to my arse hole. Slowly, and quite painfully it entered me. I realised the file was playing on the stereo and decided there was no way out. I tried to relax and accept my fate and she slowly inched in deeper. Eventually she started fucking me, telling me I had to tell her if I was going to cum. That sounded ridiculous at first, but after a few minutes I started to enjoy the feeling of this smooth strap on inside of me, pressing against my prostate, fucking me, penetrating me and dominating me.
We had to stop a few times, but went about 30 minutes in total and although I couldn’t turn around to see, heard her cum twice.
Afterwards she teased my cock a bit more whilst we talked about it, although my part of the conversation was mainly mumbling thanks.
She deleted the pictures next morning and although I begged to keep the stockings and panties she wouldn’t let me, telling me memories would be better than physical reminders.

We met the others for breakfast, had a day out again (no teasing) and left for home later that day. Don’t know if I’ll get to speak to her again, but it was the best goodbye I’m ever likely to have.



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– – – – – – – – –

Helpless Prey – Succubus First Night

Become her helpless Succubus Prey

She comes at night… steals your breath… straddles your chest… enchants your mind… leaves you helpless… completely helpless…

You are enchanted. Unable to move. Her kisses leave you unable to see, but you can feel the weight of Her straddling your chest, as She sighs with Her desire to have you… helpless… to have more of you!


Helpless Prey – Succubus Second Night

Controlling your helpless cock!

She places Her spell on your mind & body… awakens you with Her hands guiding, controlling Her helpless prey’s cock… as She controls your growing arousal & decides when you orgasm – under Her hands.

She will have your cock twitching & dancing to Her tune… doing what She wants! Her pleasure is what is important – Not your pleasure.


Helpless Prey – Succubus Third Night

Breathe deep, my helpless prey…

Breathe in My brainwashing fragrance that will knock you out!

She returns to claim what She wants. She is ruthless in Her pursuit as She places Her spell on your mind & body… awakens you with Her hand over your mouth… You come to in Her dungeon and watch her, as She picks up Her riding crop…


Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment Jnl 7

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalization.

He is a member of My “Ruined Orgasm Club” thanks to My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” MP3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Yesterday, I teased him with messages on twitter & inraptured,net….. this teasing resulted in him experiencing firstly, a “dry orgasm” as he read the message I left on …… then a full orgasm release that I permitted him to have while listening to one of My MP3s… then back to “Ruined Orgasm”.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 file and My “Craving Control” MP3… and begin your fall… into

Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – – –


I’ve been inspired by Lady Surrender’s group chat this morning to explain a little about my recent experiences under her hypnosis. Warning, this is long and you may just want to skip to what I’ll call Page 2 half way down. As background I’ve been around for a while, loved Nikki Fatale’s work and reacted strongly to it, but never really found that magic again after she stopped recording.

I’d find trouble listening to files more than once, which each time diminishes the idea of Erotic Hypnosis a little more. I’d noticed Lady Surrender on here but at the time there were no recordings for sale, and then those that came out weren’t really to my tastes. However there was something that kept me checking out her website and her postings.

Eventually a file came up that piqued my interest and I purchased. I wasn’t blown away, but it kept me coming back to it. Then came the Mantra files which really started to have some effect both during and after hypnosis. I felt compelled to contact her, which had never been the case before and after a few emails had been led into talking about my experiences and basically covering my fetishes. Living situation
and time differences prevented a live session and the next few files that came out I bought but ultimately decided that the sissy path wasn’t for me. We discussed this and I was guided to other files and gradually came to realise I was just submissive and needed to be controlled. I was getting a bit frustrated with life and an outside tragedy led to me overdoing the files in an unhealthy way. Lady Surrender saw the warning signs and offered to help me remove the hooks whilst events unfolded around me. Instead I went cold turkey with trancing, kept in touch with Lady Surrender and kept reading the entries on her website and twitter.

Chapter 2 – Why You’re Here

A few months back I was admitted to hospital. I contacted a lot of email contacts to let them know. Partly as it was going to be a long stay to drum up visitors and partly to let people know what was happening as not making it back out was a very distinct possibility. Lady Surrender sent me some non-erotic hypnosis files that promoted well being and offered to trance me in a similar vein.

A few weeks in Ruined Orgasms was released. I was so intrigued. As a somewhat regular male, confined to a ward with little privacy, I was having predictable issues by now. I was intrigued by how subjects were reporting decrease in arousal and unable to get erect. I asked Lady Surrender if she thought this could help me – she seemed a bit taken aback by me asking, but after a few questions arranged a copy of the file for me. From the first listen I fell straight back into deep hypnosis as before. It was so comforting to be trancing again, and her voice was like bricks had hit me. Unfortunately/Fortunately the response to trance wasn’t as I hoped. Instead I interpreted the files effects as ruining orgasms. I was getting aroused more often. Maddeningly so. When I found somewhere private, I was unable to actually release. I would get to the point and my hand would simply stop, knowing that doing so would please Mistress. Amused by the reaction and after checking I was ok with the results, Mistress started teasing me more and more often. Using my responses and signals against me, she quickly became able to send me very deep via messaging, to the point where I somehow started to be able to self trigger. Realising that I was getting aroused for her, to deny for her may have been the start of it.

It was chastity, but no humiliation, no embarassment – just a self imposed and encouraged form of chastity, with the sole purpose of pleasing her. At the same time others were receiving the same treatment on twitter, IR and live sessions and this made it all the more exciting. Lady surrender and I would still talk normally, but every know and, seemingly on a whim, she would mindfuck me and I would fall so hard into arousal.

Since then I’ve had days at home, where I’ve tranced hard, long stays in hospital (where I still am now) and have never once felt that the balance is wrong. I wouldn’t be able to be toyed with as much were I back in work, but I’m not, and most of the time I am just sat here waiting for the next test or treatment. Or imagining what exactly Lady Surrender has managed to slip into the next drip bag of medicine.

Deepening Hypnosis was released and from the first listen I knew that this was it. I’d found exactly what I’d been looking for and a trance/control that I needed on a regular basis. I still don’t remember anything of that file – I’ve been assured there is no amnesia and it’s just that I’ve incredibly conditioned to trancing for Her.

Control deepened and kept deepening and just before Mindless Fucktoy was released my craving for her control escalated massively. I was no longer concerned about having to protect myself in trance. If Lady Surrender was unethical she’d had plenty of chances to push me down a route I didn’t want. Instead she’d learnt all of my kinks and fetishes and was using them to mindfuck me skillfully, repeatedly but most importantly safely and consensually. Ocassionally I get over excited, She reigns me back in.

Anyway, just before I got to listen She teased me mercilessly, knowing that I had no chance to release and knowing that I didn’t want to anyway. I spent hours just dreaming of how she’d teased me, what she said she was going to do and how it felt. I can’t share details as I believe the idea may be converted to a file soon. If so, you’ll find my mind dribbling down the corridor.

When I finally got to listen to mindless fucktoy, everything became so much clearer. Firstly, do listen to it after Deepening Hypnosis. My mind registered the change in files, which I thought meant it would fail, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Amnesia didn’t hold for the whole file and I remember one of the triggers, but that just makes things more delicious (self triggering, remember?). I woke from the file knowing that my place was to be Her Mindless Fucktoy. That phrase stops me in my tracks, thoughts rapidly drain and sitting here I noticed my left thumb twitching whenever I think of it.

The files have combined have enhanced massively me need to be controlled. There is now an embedded craving in me to trance, to be controlled more and more, and to create pleasure for Lady Surrender. Which creates a loop, and reinforces itself, deepening the need for hypnosis, control and pleasure even more. It really is a skillfully intricate web and when Lady Surrender says Surrender is Inevitable She isn’t kidding.

On twitter some of her subjects and I often end up sending each other into trance. We let down our barriers and give away secretive kinks that we’ve always been too ashamed to admit and the feeling is one of complete wellness and acceptance of desires. I have no urge to be sissified (though I like wearing panties) but feel completely wonderful being involved in discussions around it. We’re almost becoming like a wonderfully mindfucked family (I prefer the term Army), helping each other and looking out for one another.


Today on IR Lady Surrender held a group chat that for 100+ minutes of it’s length contained no toying, no teasing and just straightforward chat about hypnotism and methods. Then with 2 words most of us were triggered and had a new fetish installed. It just feels so healthy. I really feel incredibly lucky and hope at least someone has managed to get to the end of my blog.

Chapter 3 – Because I want to
So, I didn’t really touch on the never ending aspect enough. Partly because I feel it may make some nervous – and also I think just jumping in would be too much as a starter. I am now at the stage where Lady Surrender has created such a need, craving and desire that I’ve spent more or less 3 days in near permanent arousal. I don’t know how many ruined orgasms there have been, I don’t report them to Her. She knows they happen. I have been pretty much insatiable though, wanting to ache more, need release more, suffer more because it brings Her and therefore me pleasure. It sounds silly to say it like that, but the common fact amongst her toys is that we get pleasure responding to her trances and a basic part of her commands is that She gets pleasure from that. It’s a loop completely outside of the arousal, but one that links in nicely.

I don’t think anyone should just purchase files and believe they’re going to have similar results. If you’re experienced with other Hypnodommes you’ll find the style so different, but it’s humour and warmth that comes through. Message Lady Surrender, explain yourself and what you want and by doing so in the correct manner I pretty much guarantee you’ll get the results you desire.

And then I confess the dream and the real Lady Surrender uses it to tease me! I crave being Her Mindless Fuck Toy. It permanantly loops within me and I’ve never felt better in my own skin (except for the entire still being in hospital thing).


Enjoy your hypnosis,

hypnotoy / sleepy GS

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and “Brainwashing Entrapment – Journal 8” – A Journal from gs/hypnotoy


Erotic Hypnosis : fetish for trance, control, surrender

The following email was written by a submissive who is looking for a hypno domme who enjoys taking control….including orgasm control and chastity.

It would seem this subject has come to the right place…. I wonder if clare has been reading the posts about Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm. So many delicious ways in which to control…. condition…manipulate…. a subject.

Longing to experience control? I wonder of your longing for control is as strong as… My longing to control….

Let’s find out… send an email and begin that delicious journey… that slippery slope into My darkly addictive control.


Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am not even quite certain to begin Mistress. I just finished listening to several of your sample files from your web page and just loved your voice…and your whispers. All so very yummy. So let’s see if I can compose some thoughts now..

I am a naturally submissive male. I have 10+ years on/off real time experience, as well as some hypnosis experience. What I enjoyed tremendously…and what I continue to that control aspect…and the surrendering that goes along with it. It’s a wonderful mental place to be. No thinking…just letting go and obeying. Yummmm. In my real time experience I have slipped into subspace numerous times..some involving pain..other times involving pleasure. The sensation is so difficult to explain others. Yet when I have been with the right Domme, one that enjoys the interaction and seems to push me just a bit, it just happens. Then there are absolutely no cares..just drifting there, totally oblivious. Finally when it’s over, that melty feeling can linger in my mind for days. No real cares…just feeling very, very yummy. When i discovered hypnosis, I realized that trance provides some of the very same feelings.

Being submissive, trance and surrendering control is that perfect combination. Wanting to please, to obey, to just let go. Yet when some Domme’s talk about control..that’s about it. Typing the word control and enjoying the control are two distinct things. Also if you don’t enjoy the connection it just doesn’t seem to work. When I was reading through your pages online, I quickly realized you seem to thoroughly enjoy the control aspect. It just sounded perfect. I read through your monthly postings, MP3 reviews, your thoughts and even your Amazon wish list. Loved the white boots you listed there, as well as numerous other gift suggestions..

I have experienced some hypnosis with online friends. They would enjoy the trance, but when it come to me, they couldn’t relate to my submissive thoughts or fetishes.It’s like, why would someone want to surrender control? How can that be a fetish? It was the same with orgasm control. What pleasure can there be in denying an orgasm? I can try to explain, but it just isn’t grasped. So the search goes on looking for that Domme that understands. I have had numerous excellent experiences, but most of the Domme’s involved are no longer active and it can be so frustrating trying to find someone who truly enjoys rather than just going through the motions.

So even though you are half a world away, as I am located in Chicago in the Sates…it seems like I may have found what I am seeking. Someone who enjoys the interaction, seeks ongoing relationships rather than just a once or twice scenario, and seems to enjoy both the control I mentioned above as well as numerous fetishes that I also have.Those fetishes include things like surrendering control, tease and denial, as well as orgasm control. I would love to explore chastity. I view that as an ultimate in both surrender and trust. I also have a very strong foot/boot/shoe fetish. From my real time play I loved nipple play, wax play and other sensation play.

There are numerous other interests, but I am not witting this as a wish list, but more as…would you consider possibly training me in an ongoing scenario Mistress, at least partly based on my thoughts above and our possible similar interests? Obviously I know both Domme and sub need to connect for that to happen..and that takes time. As I mentioned earlier though, if the interests aren’t similar, it really doesn’t work anyway and from what you have shared online, I feel there are definite possibilities to connect.

Lastly Mistress, do you suggest any of your MP3’s as a starting point ? I have noted the Addicted To Trace and the Surrender MP3’s, as well as the Mantra Series listings. Is there any specific order or your thoughts on those? Also, yes I definitely want to do live phone as well. Never quite knowing what may occur, which seems like a perfect scenario.. After reading your site though, I realize you only have limited available time, so I thought MP3 might be an excellent start point. I should also mention I have listened to some MP3’s in the past, but without that connection to the Domme, They just were not fulfilling and I abandoned those completely.

On that note, I should close this message. I am sorry for the length Mistress. I hope I portrayed myself adequately for you. Thank you very much for your time in reading these thoughts and suggestions. I am looking forward to surrendering into your control. Thank you again Mistress and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

blue eyes



Morning Mantra of Blankness

Brainwashing at its finest! 

This Morning Mantra is part of my Morning Mantra Series.

In this erotic brainwashing session, I will drop you into a deep hypnotic trance to then leave you completely fuzzy and mindless, waiting for me to take over. You will be tempted to fall ever so deep… into blankness.


Erotic Hypnosis: fetish for cock/anal play, latex, hypno: jnl 2

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a hypno fetish…

I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….

Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….
Enticement….. Entrancement….. How delicious…that a subject wants to abandon themselves to My trances….




Your files are magical and I love abandoning myself to your trances more and more. I wish to be as blank as you would want me to be in order to fulfil your desires for me if I should be so lucky.

Here is a journal entry that you can edit as you see fit.

I hope we will be able to discuss further when we are both ‘back’. I will be very excited to be circumnavigating New Zealand in 6 weeks or so and your files will accompany me.

Respectful thanks,


Life is surprising and we end up doing many things we weren’t intending to do and are very happy about it.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up purchasing Mistress’s files but I’m pretty sure it was the latex covered beauty both black and red that sparked me to listen to an extract and by then it was already too late to go back.

Perhaps also because I am about to embark on a trip to New Zealand that Mistress’s accent grabbed me oh so softly but surely around my increasingly blank and receptive mind. Her soft, warm and dare I say extremely erotic voice pulls me in, lays me down, straps me into consensual submission and, if it wasn’t for her instructions to breath would surely leave me breathless.


At first I was enticed by the overtly exciting nature of being attracted to cocks and addicted to anal but having listened more than a few times I suddenly realised that the focus of my obsession was the trance itself so I was, I’m extremely happy to say, led to purchase Morning Blankness and Addicted to Trance which is where I should have started initially but I’ve loved the detour and find these files even more exciting having had a base from which to explore.


Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.

My journey has just started but there is no turning back and no wish to leave the path I have chosen.

I will continue with my regular studies and report my progress and am sure that I will be guided into progressing and deepening my trances. I hope to be of use and a worthwhile distraction to Mistress and aim to find as many creative ways of serving her as possible.


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Erotic hypnosis: Hypno Slave listens to MP3 “Surrender 101”

The following correspondence was received from “r” a UK subject, who has begun his journey to submission… enslavement… by listening to My mp3 files.

he has been searching for a Hypno Domme since his previous Dominant, retired from being active in the bdsm community. “r” has a great desire to submit and to serve. “r” has now had a Live One-on-One session and begun to submit even deeper to My hypnosis. In the Live Session, I also take control of “r”‘s sexual arousal level, and use hypnosis to increase his sexual arousal…. and using hypnosis to orgasm on command

Issues of trust are also the subject of messages between Myself and “r”. Trust is such an important factor between Myself and a subject. The assessment interview which I hold before a Live One-on-One session, is an opportunity to establish trust and communication.


Dear Mistress

I didn’t think I could go any deeper but each time I listen to Surrender I get more and more lost in your voice. I just love the feeling of complete surrender I get. Just typing this gives me tingles to know you will read it.




I am listening every day and if I can more than once each day. I just feel I will surrender to your control. I loved out first session it was a shame about the skype link dropping but I think that was my end. I am not sure why but you were able to totally arouse me and then increase my arousal the way you did by saying the trigger phrases you used. Maybe it’s the way you say it Mistress.
I don’t remember most of the session but I know I felt so relaxed and submissive , it was lovely. I seem to have trouble remembering completely since I just get lost in your voice and the words don’t seem to fix themselves into my memory, but I know when you wake me up something has changed because I just want to surrender myself to you Mistress.
It feels so right why would I not want to surrender myself to you Mistress.


Dear Mistress

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I need to tell you something. Whilst submission and surrendering myself to a dominant woman is a fetish of mine, I have always had control over it. However I know I am losing that control to you and it scares me a little because I have never felt this before. I listen to Surrender and each time i feel my control getting weaker and weaker.


My reply to reassure r:

submissive r,

There’s no need to be scared.
your own inner wisdom…intuition… will tell you that I am trustworthy and your inner wisdom makes sure you only accept hypnosis to the level  that feels safe and right for you.
I would never do anything to cause you harm or pain.


Lady Surrender.



Thank you Mistress. I know you are totally trustworthy and I place a lot of trust in you. I don’t think the hypnosis would work as well as it does if I did not have total trust in you. I guess I have just never felt so deeply that I want to surrender control to anyone before.
Your hypnosis is proving to be very powerful and I guess I just accept all your suggestions. It just gets better and better each time I listen.




I have tried mp3’s before but I usually get bored with them but Surrender is different I find I want so much to listen to it again and again and I go deeper and fall much more quickly each time. The feeling it gives me is so wonderful and your voice is truly wonderful, I love it. Thank you Mistress for giving me such wonderfully submissive feelings. i know I am surrendering myself to your will.
It gives me such lovely tingles to think of surrendering myself to you. Thank you Mistress
I also find I get more and more aroused listening to Surrender and usually wake very aroused and that arousal just seem to be lasting longer and longer each time I listen. I get aroused now just thinking of it and you will guess that I am very aroused now having written all this to you, Mistress.


Sissy sluts, hypno slaves, submissives craving chastity, anal play sluts…

No matter what you long to experience…

Begin the conditioning of your mind & body now.


The essential First Steps:

Morning Mantra of Blankness

My brainwashing file, essential to all those wishing to train under Me.

This file is an essential step in clearing all socialization & conditioning processes which are at odds with the desired outcome – especially for those subjects who wish to transform to femme or sissy.

The Morning Mantra of Blankness prepares your mind to be a blank slate for My inscription…


Deepening Hypnosis

This file conditions your subconscious mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files, or in Live One-on-One Hypnosis sessions.

Once you have purchased & listened to these 2 foundation files, your next programming will depend on the desired outcome.

Check the Category Listings here on this site for specific hypnosis kinks.



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