Review: ABDL wet diaper mp3.

Mistress Surrender….

i got Your Wet Diaper Training file a few months ago and i managed to listen to it on a fairly regular basis before getting a bit spooked at how i was losing bladder control when i would wear diapers. i stopped for a bit, but couldn’t help starting to listen again and reveling in the relaxation and how my bladder weakened so easily as soon as i felt the wonderful comfort of my diaper. i feel so little, safe, and happy…. and those feelings kinda intensify as i find myself peeing helplessly and feeling the warm, wet sensations spread.

i had to get Your new Wet Diaper Training 2…. but i have to admit that i’m rather scared about this one. i listened to it and felt even better than i did listening to the first one…. feeling even more safe and little as i enjoy Your voice and Your programming. The more You softly tell me that i will now be permanently incontinent…. i have this strange mix of happiness and a bit of fear…. but i want to listen to this more.

-diaper lover

My reply:
How delightful!
I love knowing that you feel little… safe and happy….
and because you feel so safe- your subconscious mind accepts all My programming suggestions.
Take your time…. allow your little self to feel safe and allow your trust in Me to build.
There’s no rush…. I’m staying here. Keep telling Me how you feel, My sweet one.

Lady Surrender.


Erotic Hypnosis: AB My new Mommy jnl 1.

The following email was received from a AB subject who first listened to My “ABDL Addicted to diapers” mp3. Baby michael then emailed and asked for a Live Hypnosis session.

I’m looking forward to My baby’s next session….

Age regression- whether for a subject with a AB fetish, or for a subject who just loves being regressed and hypnotised to be a baby- is so hot! I love hearing a subject talk “baby talk” when I regress their mind.

Dropping a subject back into regression with just a few words… hearing them talk baby talk… mmm…. I love taking control of the subconscious mind.


Dear Mistress mommy,

I can’t believe how good I feel after our session. I was feeling a bit uncertain as to what i would feel, but your patience and kindness, together with your explanation of how hypnosis works, made me feel confident.

I first listened to your “Addicted to Diapers” mp3 and not only did I become addicted to wearing diapers, I also became more confident about being a baby. The more I listened to your voice, the more I wanted to hear you.


It felt so good to talk with you before the session, and have time to ask you questions. I loved hearing you tell me to wear diapers and to have my pacifier and bottle ready when the session started. I have been replaying the recording you made of me talking baby talk. It makes me feel so good so much your baby when I hear my baby talk.

I can’t wait till our next session. I know you are really busy but I want to be one of your elite slaves who has regular Live sessions. And I really want to be your obedient good baby.

your baby Michael

Erotic Hypnosis: ABDL hypnosis

Lady Surrender,
I was looking at your new tape for ABDL the wet diaper training 2 And wanted to ask before I buy. it says it’s “permanent incontinence training” does that mean really permanent or permanent for as long as I expose myself to the trigger(s)?
– subject xxxx


from your question- it would seem that you are not all that familiar with hypnosis. Nor are you familiar with listening to hypnosis and understanding the process of hypnosis.
The file is for permanent incontinence.
I suggest you look at the ABDL wet diaper file no. 1 and read the reviews there. These reviews are written either by subjects who have been involved in the AB fetish scene for some years and/or are subjects of Mine and familiar with My hypnosis. These factors do positively influence the subject being able to successfully enter trance and attain the hypnotic outcome of the recording.
I can’t control your suggestibility to hypnosis…. there are factors beyond My control e.g. your understanding of how hypnosis works and your willingness to follow strategies to ensure a suitable trance state….. your environment (privacy, degree of stress), your ability to enter trance, your degree of desire and / or conflict with the stated outcome of the hypnosis….
I suggest you begin by listening to the ABDL wet diaper no. 1 file. Remember there is no induction for these files and you will need to also buy the “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3.
Lady Surrender.

ABDL – Wet Diaper Training


What is the “ultimate” form of control?

hands free orgasm….?

The subject who wrote this email, finds Regression hypnosis to be the ultimate demonstration of a hypnodomme’s control.


Lady Surrender,
i saw this file last night in an email… and i had to try it.

i’ve tried other ‘wetting’ files. When they work, which is rare, it gives me a stronger sense of being controlled as i am literally losing control and peeing on command…so to speak.

Of course YOUR recording is incredible as all YOUR files are. i was deep deep in trance and wetting my diapers 1/2 way through the recording. i was even more amazed that i actually wet in diaper multiple times. in the end my body was still trying to wet even though there wasn’t any more urine to expel.
i will listen to this recording again and again. the freedom, the real physical loss of control, obeying Mistress…nothing could be better.
Thank YOU Mistress Surrender!
– wm.

Wanting to experience delicious control that has you wanting more?
You know what to do….

Email your Goddess and prepare to be… Enslaved.


Absolutely Fantastic

This is the best incontinence programming or training hypnosis file I’ve ever used. I’ve been a diaper lover since my teens and big baby for over 20 years. I’ve tried files from just about every one and every place I could find, with some results but not the truly baby like wetting with no resistance or trying.

Lady Surrenders soft programming takes you down deep and then implants her triggers and programming deep in your subconscious seriously affecting your perceptions and response to needing to pee. It becomes automatic and effortless to pee in diapers.

The first night after using the file just 3 times I remained soundly asleep all night and woke up with a wonderfully soaked diaper in the morning. Refreshed from a good night sleep and warm, wet and happy. I hadn’t slept through the night for years.

After two weeks or daily use of the file, I am wetting like a happy little baby with my incontinence switch permanently in the Pee in Diaper position. I’ve worn diapers 24×7 for over 30 years so I’m always in a diaper.

I highly recommend this file, and getting the Deepening Hypnosis induction, initial programming file. The second file deeply enhances the effectiveness of Wet in Diapers programming.

– Premie Peter


A Deceptively Effective File

This file does not start in the way you expect, but by the end it will have you helpless to Mistress Surrender’s control. It creeps up on you quickly – if you’re even aware of it creeping up on you at all – and it definitely works! I was soaked after only one listen, and multiple sessions with this file have proven only stronger results.

I highly recommend this file to anybody who is looking to Surrender total control and wet helplessly on command. Worth every penny.



Feeling Naughty in a wonderful way!

This file is extremely easy and relaxing to listen to. Lady Surrender has the most pleasant voice I have ever heard. But don’t let this soft voice fool you into thinking that listening won’t have an effect on you. Please be sure to put on a Diaper when she instructs you to. Thanks for a wonderful and most full filling evening Miss Surrender.


– – – – – – – – –

ABDL: Wet Diaper Training

Your Incontinence Trigger!

Now, My sweet one, it’s time to put your diaper on and listen to all My hypnotic suggestions.

From now on, every time you wear your diaper and listen to this recording, My voice will trigger your subconscious mind to instantly wet your diaper.


Erotic Hypnosis: multiple orgasms, amnesia, regression, sexual arousal level.

The following journal was written by submissive m ( a member of community) and records his response to his 2nd Live One-on-One session. submissive m has had extensive experience in EH, but had never experienced amnesia, being hypnotised to experience multiple orgasm, orgasm on demand, regression…and being dropped in and out of hypnotic trance. I took control of his sexual arousal level when the induction and programming were finished…and toyed with his sexual arousal level. I also toyed with submissive m’s memory…wiping his memory clean of what he experienced when the induction and hypnotic programming had finished…and then re-implanting his memories.


I have often written about My favourite hypnotic script…. sometimes, My favourite hypnotic script is amnesia…sometimes repression….sometimes  orgasm on command….. and then there is always…toying with the sexual arousal level. IN this extended Live Session with submissive m, I didn’t have to choose which hypnotic script to use…. such delicious toying resulted!

Entranced…pleasure filled hypnosis that fulfills your deepest darkest desires. Enjoy reading his journal… imagine it is you…who I am toying with…dropping in and out of trance…. being My puppet. Surrender to My pleasure filled hypnosis.


Enticement….Entrancement…Entrapment ….Enslavement….. more than a great sounding marketing strategy.



Review from submissive m of his 2nd Live One-on-One Session:

Phone call with Lady Surrender Report!

This is an account of my 2nd phone call with Lady Surrender. Before I begin I would like to just give a bit of background about myself. i am submisisve m and i have been involved with hypnosis for a number of years. More than a decade now. I have listened to a numerous amount of files and have enjoyed them all to varying degrees. I use hypnosis as a way to find out something about myself. How deep can i truly go? I don’t know, and I want to. Every file I listen to, every session I trance to… I try to find an answer to that question.

I started speaking to Lady Surrender a little more than a month ago. It’s been a short span of time but I have greatly enjoyed her work and our conversations. Her mantra files have become sessions I listen to often just because they are so enjoyable. When I was able to I did a phone session with Lady Surrender as soon as I could. mp3 files are very enjoyable… but live calls are really much more intimate and intense. Here is what I remember from my call. Maybe this will interest some of you into trying a call soon as well.

My Skype call started out horribly. Couldn’t get Skype to work. If a Dominant tells you to call her and you are late fumbling with a phone… that could be a bad start. Not for Lady Surrender. We ended up making a small joke about it and she kept going like nothing happened. I was so happy about that. She is so easy to talk to.

After a bit of conversation, we got ready for the hypnosis session. I closed my eyes and laid in bed. Now I am going to say something that may get you thinking “this guy is pretending” … “he’s playing around..” when in fact i am not. At least 35 minutes of this induction I have no memory of it happening. I may be fuzzy on the time. I know I heard Lady Surrender ask me to close my eyes. I’m thinking back to the beginning of the call. I remember coming out of trance. That’s it. No memory. This amazes me. I have listened to hypnosis with amnesia triggers quite often. Inevitably even when told to not remember…. i still remember parts of the trances. With Lady Surrender… I truly do not. It thrilled me that i was speaking with someone who could exhibit this type of control. In recordings it feels sometimes like I am pretending to make the amnesia work. With Lady Surrender … no it isn’t pretending… i love the fact she can to with my mind so easily.

After the induction we talked for a bit more. Then with just a word she drops me right back into trance. Then brings me back up. We talk a bit more. She drops me again, then brings me back up. I have to say every time I get brought back up… i feel… literally feel like i am a toy. I felt powerless. Then aroused. REALLY AROUSED. I was given triggers. I am not sure when they were given. I didn’t need to think about that. My brain heard the words and my body just reacted. No thinking on my part at all. I was too wrapped up in Her words to apply logic to this. One set of triggers aroused me and made me dizzy with desire for my Lady. Another set of triggers has me orgasming while calling out her name. I am not even going to type the triggers out because Lady surrender has already proven her triggers work on me even in text… oh my word i love Her control.

Except… sometimes i need to beg Her for mercy.

Imagine orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until you feel drained… and then pushed past… She teased me. Over. And Over. And Over Again. Multiple orgasms. Enough that i felt drained in the process. I sincerely begged her to stop and she did… bringing me under and then back up. I cannot think of a recording that i was able to feel this type of interactivity. Something this intense… i believe it can really only happen on a live call. The arousal I had came from the fact that my mind was so thoroughly controlled… so erotically controlled… it left me a puddle afterwards. Nothing left.

I remember we talked a bit more after she calmed me down. Somewhere in the conversation she teased that she was going to use a trigger. She didn’t say one… she just teased it was coming… and then there was this pause. This long pause that lasted for eons. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out what she was going to say. My body was starting to react like she had already said a trigger because I was triggering myself in my mind going through all the triggers i know could come. Lady surrender actually had to bring me out of trance again. Either because i triggered myself, or she triggered me and had me forget…

She can control me by just teasing a trigger word. Wow… i may be in trouble, lol.

I think it was around here where I was given a trigger to begin speaking like a baby. An actual baby, yes. Have to admit, I found it so freeing. Strange thing was I could still think as myself, but every word came out as gibberish gaga bobo ojhowjo2uey and other non words. No matter what I thought, it came out as baby speak until she triggered me out of it. Then she slipped the trigger right into a conversation and immediately i begin speaking baby even as my mind was trying to finish our conversation. haha. After a bit i admit i felt rather babyish inside and out… and it felt wonderful. When you are able to be this free with someone you trust… so many doors are opened. It felt that way to me.

Here is where things get a bit tricky for me, please bear with me.
After a bit more conversation, I was brought under again, and then told to forget the entire conversation. I remember at the time I was brought back up and Lady Surrender was still speaking to me. She was addressing me and asking if I remember anything about the last hour? I told her I remember when I called her on Skype. Here is where it gets fuzzy. In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could I be missing an hour of our talk. I know i had been forgetful of late, but it couldn’t have been that bad. Then I remember how tired I was and thought perhaps I slept the entire trance and just work up. Any thoughts I had about the conversation… felt like trying to hold on to water. The thoughts were too slippery. I didn’t even remember I was talking like a baby just moments ago. Another way to describe this is like someone putting on the wrong prescription glasses. With the right prescription glasses, everything in front of you is vivid and clear. With the wrong prescription everything is fuzzy, you can just make out shapes of things. That’s how it felt. When I thought about the conversation it was just nothing but shapes.. haziness… I wasn’t sure what happened during our conversation at all.

I was again brought back into trance and then told that I would now remember our conversation and even recall forgetting things at her whim. Although… i still cannot remember the first part of the call. I remember most things after. Including arousal triggers still working very very well. lol. I know there are others things I have forgotten, but I love the fact that Lady Surrender is able to play with my mind to this degree.

I accuse myself a lot for having high expectations as to what erotic hypnosis can do. Time and again my expectations were never truly met. They were kind of.. if I pretended until it felt real. Maybe that’s how everyone starts learning how to trance. Pretending it works until it does. with Lady Surrender, there is no pretending… her control just works. She somehow in just a few conversations found out what really excited me about erotic hypnosis… what made me tick as a submisisve… and then blew all of my expectations away. Completely. I feel like I have been in training trancing these past 10+ years just so I can truly enjoy how special an experience with Lady Surrender is.

I urge anyone who is interested in erotic hypnosis in it’s purest form, to try a mp3 or a live call with Lady Surrender. She will take the time to understand who you are… then use all of that info to leave you a quivering mess at her feet. Just as it should be.

your submissive m


Erotic Hypnosis: sissy training, cum eating.

sissy ashley has been listening to a custom recording since 27 April. This sissy has become so conditioned to My voice and My hypnosis that an IM from Myself, produces the programmed responses I recorded in the custom recording- as well as ashley becoming aroused when reading the IMs. I anticipate- delicious responses as I continue to brainwash and install sissy responses in sissy ashley’s mind and body.

The following IMs record sissy ashley’s responses to listening to My new mp3 file- cum eating fetish level 1. together with My replies.



Sissy 9 Level 1_1



I enjoyed the new file and listened to it once today. I’ll listen to it everyday. Becoming your cum eating sissy is inevitable.


My reply:


smiles…. how did you feel while listening??

 sissy ashley:


Like a sissy.


My reply:

sissy ashley,

and did you obey My command not to orgasm?

sissy ashley:


Yes I obeyed you mistress. I did not cum.


My reply:

sissy ashley,

did you want to?


sissy ashley:


No because you, Mistress would not let me.

My sissy clitty is tingling now.


My reply:

sissy ashley,

laughing…. such an obedient sissy

you will be getting a reputation… as an obedient sissy!!


sissy ashley:


Yes Mistress, I am your obedient sissy.

I wish other sissies could be accepting of themselves like you taught me Thank you

My reply:


acceptance is such a great gift to one’s self…. whether you are a sissy or not…acceptance is more healthy than repression I am so pleased you have reached that place of acceptance.


sissy ashley:


It is! I look forward to more sissy guidance with you 🙂 I hope you are well. I’m also looking forward to you helping me eat my cum. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while.

Rest well Mistress.

Again, I look forward to your sissy commands,



My reply:


I am planning more brainwashing sissy mp3s….

On the edge of pleasure…there is only Surrender.


Eotic Hypnosis: Age Play, Regression, Diaper Fetish with baby j – journal 2.

Erotic Hypnosis: Age Play, Regression, Diaper Fetish with baby j.

This journal records the correspondence with a submissive boy j to be programmed for Age play, Regression Hypnosis, and Diaper Fetish for his Mistress-Mommy.

 baby j has emailed with reports on the play time with his Mistress Mommy.

The hypnosis for incontinence has now been accepted by baby j’s subconscious mind.


I have worked extensively with ABDL…. wanting to experience what baby j felt?

As My payment processor doesn’t accept ABDL recordings, Custom recordings are the best way to proceed. 

Please Note: Custom recordings usually carry a proviso that – with specific info deleted such as name & identifying info- it may be released for general sale. As My payment provider does not allow the topic of ABDL, a Custom recording will cost the higher price of $500.00 subject to any additional recording techniques/time.

14 September 2013.

Correspondence from baby j:


They are working very well.
Mistress-Mommy has used them to control my behavior and have a lot of fun. She enjoys using the “helpless” trigger to control me and the full regression trigger to reward me for good behavior. Its an interesting psychological game especially when she utilizes the craving trigger to make me desire the regression trigger. That was sort of confusing to type out!

baby j.

16 September 2013.



I had an interesting experience with the regression trigger installed in me by Mistress Surrender for my Mistress-Mommy to use on me at Her whim. Last night I wasn’t feeling too hot, so Mommy used the trigger on me that essentially regressed my mindset and behavior to that of a two year old. It’s so interesting when I’m in its thrall, almost like an out of body experience. The forefront of my thoughts becomes regressed but there is still a conscious and “adult” portion of me at the back of mind able to do nothing but watch as I act and think like a toddler.

Anyway, She wrapped me in a diaper and I almost immediately fell asleep. I woke up wet, and I couldn’t remember wetting my diaper, and I woke up before Mommy. I was lying there in bed next to Her just cuddling my stuffed animal and sucking my thumb and waiting for Her to wake up for a while. I was perfectly content just waiting (usually I don’t like being inactive). When She did wake up she was happy to see I was feeling better, and that I was wet. …

baby j.


Erotic Hypnosis: Age Play, Regression, Diaper Fetish with baby j – journal 1.

This journal records the correspondence with a submissive boy j.  to be programmed for Age play, Regression  Hypnosis, and Diaper Fetish for his Mistress-Mommy. boy j. has listened to a significant number of mp3 recordings with mixed results. I will arrange to talk with his Mistress Mommy and deliciously, deviously plan his programming.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression  and diaper fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

10 August 2013

Mistress Surrender,

i am a young submissive blessed with a powerful and sexy Mistress similar to Yourself.

The primary kink of O/our relationship is age play and diapers. i am not sure if You are willing to work with a fetish such as that, but there are several things W/we long to have done to me and my mind in order to enhance O/our play. My Mistress-Mommy has been away all summer and i would love to be able to surprise Her by having some hypnotic triggers installed for Her to use.More specifically? She would love nothing more than if She had a trigger phrase She could use that would regress my mind and behavior to that of a baby or toddler. Nothing gives Her a more total feeling of control than when i am reduced to being a helpless baby. Many times my residual shame and my fierce independence keeps me from truly regressing. In the past W/we have used pre-recorded hypnosis files to some success, but they tend to wear off quickly and their quality varies widely.i truly hope you are interested and willing, but if not i completely understand. i can go into greater detail if You require. i hope to hear from You soon!


baby j

Correspondence regarding Age Play and Regression Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Surrender:

10 August 2013

baby j,

I am perfectly happy to hypnotise you for your Mistress…. I make no judgments about play/relationships between consenting adults.

In fact- Age play has a special place in My own interests….


Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and diaper fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

10 August 2013


What an excitingly quick reply!

i really appreciate that, it shows real professionalism to me and already begins to really convince me that You’re the real deal.

Although it may be very sudden, do You think You might be available in about three hours? i realize that is midnight(?) Your time, but if not i will have to wait until next weekend. Of course i completely understand if You are not available at such a late hour at such short notice, but i hope You are! It’s my goal to get this (at least partially) done before my Lady comes home from Her trip at the end of the month.

baby j.


Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Surrender:

11 August 2013

baby j,

I am not always so quick with replies….smiles.

No, I don’t work that late at night. I often leave My profile signed in on CM or inraptured which leads people to think I am around and available for sessions. As I said in the previous email, I work from 1pm NZ time Fridays to Mondays. I am already fully booked for next Friday NZ time.

Quite apart from not working that late at night, I also always hold an assessment interview first. It enables Me to plan sessions, and then to…deliciously use that information about fetishes to gain control…strengthen the hypnosis and programme the subject’s mind. It also gives both the subject and Myself an opportunity to spend time learning about each other.

So- I suggest you arrange a time for next weekend for an assessment interview and hypnosis…. if you are not able to find time this weekend for an assessment interview.


Correspondence regarding Age Play and Regression Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Surrender:

13 August 2013

baby j,

If you have the opportunity before the assessment interview, it would be good to email an outline of your successes/failures with mp3 recordings. you said in an earlier email, that you had some success with some hypnosis mp3.Also- to include the specific goals you would like to achieve through hypnosis.

Having the information before I speak with you, will give Me time to assess how best to proceed with hypnosis.

Mistress Surrender.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

13 August 2013


2 PM Saturday NZ time works great!

To make sure it’s perfectly clear, You’re in the Auckland/Wellington time zone and not in barren southwestern New Zealand, right?

i don’t want to be late.

Installation of a trigger phrase which will regress my mind to that of a baby. This includes loss of bladder and bowel control (ideally this should also be mental, including a loss of knowledge of what the potty is even for), loss of physical coordination so that i cannot feed myself, drink from a glass, dress myself, remove my diaper, or walk easily and prefer crawling, intense addiction to sucking so that i will need my thumb or a pacifier and i will grow distressed with out it, inability to speak except in extremely simple and babyish phrases, absolute obedience to Mommy with a focus on the complete belief that She truly knows better than me in all things.

Is that clear enough? Is more detail on any part of it required? If this is successful W/we may wish to request Your services again in making some more constant behavior modifications, but for now W/we just want to install a good trigger.

i’ve had several successes with mp3 recordings, yes. When i first started i listened to a file called **********(name deleted) from Warp My Mind, which installed a trigger similar to this as well as encouraged some other regressive behaviors. The problem was that the regression reduced me all the way to infancy, and i was completely unable to stop myself from wailing like a baby. As W/we live in an apartment this really wasn’t ideal. After not listening to it for several months the trigger stopped working. i’ve never had any other trigger file work for me, unfortunately.

i have, however, had other successes. i was able to use the bed wetting file from ******* (file name deleted)  to great effect. i had to stop listening before the effects became permanent, due to some issues in life that made becoming a bed wetter right now non-feasible, but that file was very effective. i wet my diaper while sleeping after just five nights of listening to it, even though no file had ever been able to induce any kind of incontinence in me before. (Except one, which i’ll mention in a moment.) i have an extremely strong and shy bladder, so that may be difficult to overcome. As a child my parents were completely unable to potty train me. Desperate, when i was three years old they sent me to visit my grandmother for the weekend and when i came back i was potty trained. i suspect she used some very traumatic techniques to do this, and that they linger on strongly in my subconscious.

my Mistress-Mommy and i are just so excited to possibly be able to do this! i look forward to O/our interview. If You require anything else to help this process or to prepare please ask. i can go into detail on any aspect of this project.

Sincerely excited,
baby j.

13 August 2013

P. S.

i realize that may be a lot to try and work into one session. It seemed like You had done previous similar large works based on Your testimonials, though. If You think it needs to be focused down W/we can definitely do that.

Furthermore i forgot a detail. i would prefer not to know what the trigger is so i can be surprised by its use. When W/we have settled on a date and time for a session i will put You in contact with my Mistress-Mommy if that is okay.

baby j.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression  and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

19 August 2013.


My Mistress-Mommy would like me to schedule the actual session with You as soon as possible. I look forward to it!

baby j.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Surrender:

19 August 2013
baby j,

Until I begin hypnosis with you, I am unable to judge how quickly your subconscious will accept the programming. My hunch is that you are very sensitive to hypnosis – one session may be all that will be required.

Let’s see….


Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

19 August 2013


Oh my goodness- that is super exciting and sort of scary!

Mostly exciting though. i really can’t wait. i’m bouncing with excitement.

baby j.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j:

20 August 2013


If you would like to speak to my Mommy before, during, or after the session
She would love to… how did She put it? i think She said “conspire” with You. Yes, conspire.

baby j.

Correspondence regarding Age Play and Regression Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Surrender:

20 August 2013
baby j,

I am- of course- more than happy to speak with your Mistress-Mommy.
It’s not possible to speak to your Mistress-Mommy during the session, but I will make Myself available to speak to Her on Saturday, sometime between NZ 1pm to 1.30pm. I hope that will be suitable.

I do rather like the thought of “conspiring”….


24 August 2013

Mistress Surrender’s Session notes following hypnosis to programme baby j for Mistress Mommy.

I used trigger phrases to hypnotise baby j to:
– become a baby
– be a helpless baby unable to speak or eat by himself
– programmed for inescapable obedience
– begin play
– to end play
– to take baby into trance
– to crave being a baby
– incontinence

As is usual practise, when I brought baby out of trance, I  reinforced the trigger phrases and hypnotic suggestions. baby j respond immediately to the reinforcement. When I used the phrase to begin play, and then used the trigger phrase that programmes being a helpless baby, all I could hear on the headphones were sucking noises as baby j sucked his thumb. Delicious !
When I ended the reinforcement part of the session by using a trigger phrase to end play, baby j described how he had tried very hard to speak, but couldn’t get any words out.
It is likely that the incontinence suggestion will need more hypnosis to “bed in”. For example, I talked with baby j regarding a German subject who had asked for hypnosis to be night-time incontinent, and who accepted the incontinence suggestions after 4 hypnosis sessions. The German subject had been listening to mp3 recordings for 3 years, without achieving the incontinence outcome.
baby j has said he would like to have more hypnosis sessions for incontinence when he has the money for more sessions.

I have emailed Mistress Mommy with the trigger phrases I used during the session.

Correspondence regarding Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish Erotic Hypnosis from baby j’s Mistress Mommy:

29 August 2013.

Mistress Surrender,

Thank you, they have been working fabulously!

Mistress Mommy R.


I have worked extensively with ABDL…. wanting to experience what baby j felt?
As My payment processor doesn’t accept ABDL recordings, Custom recordings are the best way to proceed. 

Please Note: Custom recordings usually carry a proviso that – with specific info deleted such as name & identifying info- it may be released for general sale. As My payment provider does not allow the topic of ABDL, a Custom recording will cost the higher price of $500.00 subject to any additional recording techniques/time.