Erotic Hypnosis : Craving Control mp3.

you long for My exquisite control…. of course you do.
Long… need….. ache…. crave…. just the way an obedient subject should.
Craving more…. every day.
I cannot imagine anyone who has trained with Lady Surrender’s inductions being able to listen to this powerful, and erotic programming, and not feeling the persistent hunger for Her influence that I do.
Craving Control will leave you with the realization that craving Mistress Surrender is a physical ache, and a psychological thirst, and that having Her teach you what to desire, what to truly crave, is a powerful and erotic gift.
As She brainwashes you, and manipulates you with overwhelming arousal and pleasure, you will find every whisper promising you more than you can imagine, all while Her voice demands one simple truth, that you crave Her control.
Craving Control does exactly what the name promises, and will leave you compulsively wanting more of and fantasizing about Her influence all the time.
Once you develop a taste for her brainwashing whispers you will crave more.
– entranced

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