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Review of Lady Surrender’s “Surrender : Mindless” mp3

Mindless” begins with the psycho-philosophical assertion that mind and thoughts are distinct from Self, with the implication that it is possible for my Self to be rendered mindless and without thought. And this is exactly what this intense session brings to pass: midway through and continuing, my frontal lobes feeling turned to cotton, I am experiencing myself minus mind and without thought, simply being amidst a rushing flow of trigger phrases and suggestions being eagerly welcomed into my wide-open unconscious.

I am hearing several voices at a time, coming from different directions, both whispered and full-voiced, a confusing and disorienting mix. When I try to focus on one, the others flow in unattended, subliminally. But there is no trying here, really, no doing – only absorbing or, perhaps, being absorbed into my being, my unguarded self.

Although there are no direct suggestions for physical arousal here or pleasure (none that I can recall, that is), as I slowly return to consciousness afterward I become aware of unmistakable signs that my body has indeed been experiencing arousal.

I am finding it hard to write this review, because just thinking about this session I start to feel woozy and not quite all here.

“Mindless” is a masterpiece! – the most profound hypnotic experience I have ever had (and I do not say that lightly – I am very experienced, both as a hypnotist and a subject).



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