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The courage to be you.
The following email is from a sissy subject who has recently taken the step to talk to a close friend about their sissy self and their desire to be feminine. sissy ashley has had Live Hypnosis One-On-One sessions as well as Custom recordings.
It’s time to experience your feminine self… in a similar way to ashley’s journey.
So many delicious hypnosis recordings to choose from….
One of My favourite files is the double file set of Feminine Orgasm :
I have also loved the delicious sounds of pleasure that subjects make in Live Hyposis Sessions when I hypnotise them to experience a feminine orgasm.
Lady Surrender,
Recently, I’ve experienced two breakthroughs: one surprising to myself, and the other a conscious choice. Did years of sissy hypnosis alone carry me here? No, but it may have been the voice to lead me where I am now, especially after I found Your files and underwent a few live sessions. Time is a major factor as well. A constant that pulls us forward, and if we allow it, closer to being our true selves, unconcerned with how the world perceives us.
I’ve always had a feminine side, but never really understood it. Do little boys or even teenage boys, who feel an acute awareness to femininity–softness, beauty, sophistication, and naturalness–know what those desires are? If they’re like me, probably not, and like hearing a language you don’t understand, hearing the feminine self as a socially conditioned male creates swings of confusion, bliss, guilt, and joy.
Dear goodness, I remember the sheer elation I felt the first time I put on a bra at the age of 12, but swung so severely to shame about what I had done that I repressed my feminine self until I was in my mid 20s. Then I explored through cycles of binge and purge all forms of pretty lingerie and cute outfits. Those cycles were expensive in the form of money and also mental and emotional energy.
I discovered sissy hypno in my early 30s and began to read about crossdressers, transvesites, and transgender individuals. Slowly, my feminine psyche formed, identifying and empathizing with those who expressed their feminine selves. With Your files, Ashley took shape in my mind, and any feminine desires I had were channeled to her. She was free to appreciate those cute peep toe heels and flirty a line dresses. She could enjoy the comfort of a freshly opened tube of lip gloss. Breasts could bud, and a feminine orgasm could electrify. But she had to stay hidden.
Until a few weeks ago.
It’s not like I woke up that day deciding I was going to tell a very close friend that I have these feminine desires. But I did.
A young woman in a super fun and spring-like a line dress walked into the bar, where I was enjoying a spontaneous happy hour with a friend. I commented how much I liked the dress, and my friend enthusiastically agreed. Using “growing older” as a topic and referencing how we gain confidence as we grow older, I haltingly told my friend how I like to wear feminine clothes and have an affinity for feminine things.
And she accepted me.
And we proceeded to have a super fun conversation about outfits, dresses, styles, makeup, how I could dress up, my history of dressing and how I compensate to feel fulfilled. It was joyous! Freeing! Future shopping trips are in the works!
I’ve since told a second friend, and I made an appointment to visit a therapist who specializes in gender identity. I’ve already had one appointment, where we discussed my situation and set some goals for future sessions.
So that’s where I’m at. I still aim to tell my friends and therapist about Ashley. It’ll be part of the process to which I’m excited to see what comes.
About damn time.
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