The unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis


Your files are magical and I love abandoning myself to your trances more and more. I wish to be a s blank as you would want me to be in order to fulfil your desires for me if I should be so lucky.
Life is surprising and we end up doing many things we weren’t intending to do and are very happy about it.
I’m not quite sure how I ended up purchasing Mistress’s files but I’m pretty sure it was the latex covered beauty both black and red that sparked me to listen to an extract and by then it was already too late to go back.
Perhaps also because I am about to embark on a trip to New Zealand that Mistress’s accent grabbed me oh so softly but surely around my increasingly blank and receptive mind. Her soft, warm and dare I say extremely erotic voice pulls me in, lays me down, straps me into consensual submission and, if it wasn’t for her instructions to breath would surely leave me breathless.
At first I was enticed by the overtly exciting nature of being attracted to cocks and addicted to anal but having listened more than a few times I suddenly realised that the focus of my obsession was the trance itself so I was, I’m extremely happy to say, led to purchase Morning Blankness and Addicted to Trance which is where I should have started initially but I’ve loved the detour and find these files even more exciting having had a base from which to explore.
Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.
My journey has just started but there is no turning back and no wish to leave the path I have chosen.
– monique

Age Play, Regression and Diaper Fetish

I received the following very satisfying email from baby j, whose journal is on the web site. baby j was hypnotised  with trigger phrases designed for his Mistress Mommy to use during play. The triggers prompt regression and result in baby j being unable speak or feed himself…. how delightfully satisfying!

14 Sept. 2013

Mistress Surrender,
The hypnotic triggers You installed have completely revolutionized O/our relationship dynamic. The amount of control my Mistress Mommy is able to exert over me – now that She can turn me into Her baby boy with just a few words – is intoxicating. i should begin to post on inraptured.net whenever i have an experience with these triggers. W/we are so intensely grateful to Mistress Surrender.

– baby j

Feminization & Brainwashing

Your style is singularly unique, and others certainly use repetition: ALL of them, if they are smart, but NOT the way You do: incessantly and mercilessly – until it amounts to brainwashing. Repetition is the simplest form of mind control, and You have demonstrated that multiple tracks and theta waves and subliminals, and NLP, and all the other effective and WONDERFUL accutriments of this art are… unneccesary when this power is wielded by the right hands… the right *lips* – and You have those beautiful, seductive, irresistible *lips*. You are… a very effective – and naughty – Hypno-Domme.

– subject cm

Continuing Surrender


It’s been around 6 weeks since my last blog entry and recently had an experience that i felt i needed to share.

For those that don’t know I’ve been in and out of hospital since March this year, at times very ill and others absolutely fine but in for checks and things. One constant has been Lady Surrender and the way She has cared for me and steered me right when i was panicing in hospital.

A few weeks back it looked as if all these troubles were coming to an end, i’d had a lovely (naughty) weekend away, was off the medication and looking forward to thinking about returning to a normal life. Then things got really bad, really quick. Serious chest pains, partial paralysis, emergency admittance to hospital again. Long story short my body reacted badly to having come off medication after such a long time. No record of it happening in medical books anywhere else, everyone mystified. There was a simple solution, doctors enacted it and after a few days i was home. i’m having to do rehab to build strength back up again and my speech isn’t great as my tongue is semi-paralysed occasionally, but i’ve come back from worse before.

The problem was after this last break i just couldn’t trance. i couldn’t relax, i couldn’t calm myself, i couldn’t meditate to calm down and things just seemed to be getting worse. i’m used to losing the ability to trance for a short period after operations. When your body changes after a cure everything can seem different and you have to get used to it, but this was different and stronger.

i still had intense cravings to submit and be tranced by Lady Surrender. i still could be sort of triggered by installed triggers, just couldn’t trance. i didn’t want to force it and potentially end up walking away from hypnosis but being torn between craving and inability was horrible.

Lady Surrender made time for me. She messaged me, She tested the triggers, She talked to me calmly to try and make me see how things could work, i believe she even offered to help me remove the cravings and submissiveness if it would help me. you know you’ve found the right hypnodomme when they care enough for you that they’ll help set you free if it benefits you.

Eventually She offered to Skype with me. i hadn’t let on how bad i was physically to her, and instantly owned up to having trouble speaking. No problems, She would talk, i would listen. I still had nerves as a moan escaping my lips at that time had the potential to be a scream and wake the entire neighbourhood, let alone my housemates. This also wasn’t a problem for Her, all i had to do was find time when i had privacy and message Her and She would free up time for me.

However this worked i don’t know. But the message “I can… so easily… manipulate that mind of yours to do exactly what I want” sent to me very late at night stayed with me all night. I woke up feeling incredibly submissive and tried a file i hadn’t used in a long time. Success. That evening “Deepening hypnosis” worked as well. Was agreed i should take things slowly and work back to level i was at before and follow doctor’s orders.

Then one night I noticed my phone flashing, there was a gift in my dropbox. Mistress has sent me voice messages before, but this time it was a full file – “Helpless Prey”. i wanted to listen there and then, but also knew i needed the sleep. The rest of that night was filled with dreams of devotion.

Helpless Prey was always going to affect me. Mistress had been building and nurturing a helplessness fetish in me. Typing the word has me sweating. Not to spoil the file but She mentions her “ruthless pursuit of prey She desires” and all i could think of after was, yes, sending me that file was pretty ruthless. The file echoed around my head all day.

From that point on i’ve realised that this is the Enslavement phase. Since then i’ve been led down paths designed to make me fall further into Her wonderful control. i’ve been compliant in this of course, but have been tricked into a marathon hypno session that left me bound to my bed for hours, i’ve had a fetish for struggling in honey installed without hypnosis, just to show me how much She owns my mind, and i’m compelled to update Mistress on how each day goes, detailing instances where i’ve felt Her control.

With Helpless Prey 2 coming out soon, She’s been teasing Her toys about how She’s going to inscribe all of Her fetishes onto us. Given that i live to bring Her pleasure, i cannot wait for this. Everything feels really dangerous right now, but it’s danger within a feather pillow. Where She leads i will follow, because i trust that Mistress truly understands what i require to be healthy, successful and happy.

– sleepygees/hypnotoy (posted on inraptured.net)

Enchanting, intelligent, bewitching and alluring

When combining hypnosis that blows many others (from my experience) away and conversation and understanding that goes above and beyond what could be expected Mistress Surrender is an amazing person.

Mistress Surrender and I have exchanged messages for a while now and there have been some issues I’ve had with hypnosis, some issues I’ve had with my private life and some issues I’ve had where I’ve just withdrawn. None of this seems to be a problem for m’Lady.

Her kindness, combined with a wicked streak and a love for all things kink are the reason so many are hooked on Her every words. Long may she continue.

– dangerfied

Feminizing Hypnosis

I have to tell You something, Lady Surrender. When I first was writing to You I said something about not really believing that long term mind control and brain washing worked with hypnosis. That belief was based on what I’ve gone through in the past. I was wrong. I do believe in it, when it’s done by You. There is no other explanation with what’s going on with me. I’m basing that on many things. One of them being how things build up well after
listening to You, and it just getting stronger, then whatever feelings I’m having not going away. The main thing I’m basing this on is the feminization thing though. I know it was a fantasy of mine when I was younger, but nothing more. In the past I have listened to some feminization sessions, but they’re all the same. “You’re turning into a beautiful woman, or you want to wear makeup and panties”, oh really? Not a chance. They had no effect   whatsoever, and were usually pretty funny to me for some reason. Knowing that in the past feminization sessions had no effect on me was one of the reasons I listened to Yours. While
it is true You saying that forced feminization is a specialty of Your did make me think about it twice, I really didnt expect anything more than hearing more of Your beautiful voice, and maybe getting more sensitive nipples. (damn, writing that right now is making me crazy. What the heck was that? Ok, I’m calm, but shaking) (If I go back and read it the same thing happens. I’m not sure, but I think I hit a trigger.
Unbelievable. ) but that was about it. What has actually happened is shocking the crap out of me, and as I said, one of the reasons I now believe You can control my mind. I cant stop thinking about being feminized. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that’s changed in my thinking, but something I didnt want done just a few days ago is now something I’m craving. I can’t even imagine what being truly feminized would feel like. I can’t picture what could possibly happen in me to make me feel anything but a man, but I can’t stop thinking that it’s already started, and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t get it, but I can’t fight it either. Yes, this is the same guy who said he had no interest in feminization at all, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m even typing it out right now to send to You when I’m done, but I can’t stop myself.
I noticed today that when I’m listening to Your files, that what happens to me is not hypnosis
as I have known it. There are the normal times of going deeper, and coming out a bit, and my mind wanders thinking about other things, but the whole time it’s happening, there is much more than hypnosis going on in my mind. Everybody always says they’re talking directly to the subconcious mind, but for the fist time in my life I think I know what that means. It feels like You’re talking to a part of me that isnt me. It’s really a strange feeling, but it’s a wonderful feeling. One that I want to go back to over and over again. I can’t stop
thinking about how it feels to listen to You. Your voice has gone from a beautiful voice with a cute accent to one that gets in my head and stays right there. Your voice is so beautiful. As soon as I hear it I start to go under and let it do what it wants to me. Another sign that whatever You are doing to me I have no control over. It’s the craziest thing, but I just can’t get enough of You or Your voice.

– submissive surrendered

Surrender is inevitable

i have listened to many erotic hypnosis files from many hypnodommes over the years and Mistress Surrender captured my mind like no other previously! i have only started listening to Her work with Surrender 101 less than 3 weeks ago and on my most recent listening i found myself going to my knees while in trance, saying out loud “i surrender my mind to Mistress Surrender, i surrender my body to Mistress Surrender, i surrender my heart to Mistress Surrender!” over and over again until the session ended…something i had never done before! Needless to say, i have surrendered!

– grimlock (posted on inraptured.net)

Amazingly Talented Hypnotist

I recently came across this wonderful Kiwi. First I bought one, then two, then my third , fourth and fifth mp3. Her soft, silky and exotic voice had me instantly captivated. She was able to trance me into the deepest levels I have ever experienced. Next step was to book a Skype session. Can’t wait for this afternoon!
Professional trained
Different modes of induction
Beautiful voice
Insanely talented

– wheeler (posted on inraptured.net)

Surrender was inevitable

I only discovered Lady Surrender a few months ago but she has already filled me with a lifetime of memories. Her voice is silken, beguiling and captivating and she has a unique approach to hypnosis which had me willingly hooked even before I was really aware of it, which I find truly delicious.

Every time I listen to one of her mp3s I go deeper and deeper with a rapidity that is almost disappointing as I drop deep into trance well before I innocently expected.

I had the privilege of having a live session recently which was absolutely fantastic although I only recall
a few precious moments, I had unexpected results as I feel much stronger and more confident both in my fetishes abut also in my day to day activities.

Every day I strengthen my submission while remaining focused on the essential aspects of life.

Thank You Lady Surrender!

– sissy monique (posted on inraptured.net)


Lady Surrender,
so far my journey has taken me to total addiction to listening to your voice, I just can’t seem to get enough, and have a constant craving for you to control me more and more.
I have always had a fetish for hypnosis, but in the past have not been easily able to achieve deep trance, mainly because I have a bit of an analytical mind.
but listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness and Addicted to Trance has changed that for me. I can now just drift away and let you take me wherever you want, such blissful feelings.
Bought Deepening Hypnosis mp3 the other day and after listening to it 4 times have not remembered any of it apart from the very start and the end of it, a first for me, and leaves me with such blissful feelings that I just need more of your control.
I wonder where my journey will take me as well, maybe you have a better idea than I do?

– mike from NZ

How Lady Surrender restored my love for erotic hypnosis…

There have been many times in life where i have really begun questioning my love for trance. Many of us have different reasons we trance to hypnosis. Some of us for the eroticism of it. Some of us for the connection. Still others rely on hypnosis for meditation and a reset of the mind. My reasons for trancing have been many and varied throughout the years. I enjoy the loss of control. I love the feeling of helplessness. I want to keep going to that place in between sleep and awareness. My dream is to be conditioned by someone who really understands a submissives mindset. Someone who conditions so thoroughly I don’t even know what’s happening.
It’s just a dream however. This doesn’t happen in real life…. mcstories maybe, not in real life.
Then comes this file. Mantra of temptation. Suddenly everything I knew about erotic hypnosis has changed…
If you listen to the sample for the file you may draw the same conclusion I did. What is this?? The vocals have 2 tracks that switch irregularly. Words seem to be repeated at random times. Whispers come in and out with no discernible pattern. The file does not even seem to have a standard induction. Most files I have tranced to have a dependable format that my brain seems to have gotten comfortable with. We all know the usual style… 10 minutes of inductions, 10 minutes of deepeners 10 minutes of teasing/orgasm. This file… throws the entire template away.
My first listen, I wondered if I was even in trance. The structure of this file was so different I didn’t quite grasp how my mind was changing.
Something was happening within me. Changing. At the time, I was oblivious.
The second listen, i was very buzzed after. Deliciously buzzed. Lady Surrender has a style that sneaks on you. Her words wrap themselves around your subconscious with the skill of a master hypnotist. She is a painter utilizing her words to create the most beautiful pieces of art. Make no mistake, this is a work of art. She is so skilled, it took multiple listens before my brain could catch up to how thoroughly the conditioning was working.
And it worked.
Why? Because this isn’t a fantasy file. This is not a file one listens to just for a quick fix and you’re done. This file is clearly written for the trancer looking for something different. Something non standard. A file rooted in real world conditioning knowledge.
What did i get myself into?!? I thought they were just sexy whispers…
6 listens so far and this session gets more tempting with each listen. Lady Surrenders words felt ALIVE. A sea of whispers surrounding me… drowning me with the temptation of surrender. This file has many layers. Multiple layers of complexity…Everytime I feel like I can grasp what is happening all it takes is a trigger word from Lady Surrender to melt me right out of logical thought. Right back into the arms of surrender.
I long for even more of Her words. More of Her control. More of Her triggers. i crave to belong to Her even more deeply. To be a perfect subject for the Temptress.
Could this file be laced with real magic. The way Lady Surrender is able to seduce and tease with just a whisper… the utter helplessness i feel at the sound of Her voice… I would almost call it supernatural. Her lips have a power that feels like it was bestowed from divinity. As cliche as i know it sounds… i feel like true magic was embedded within in this session. The way She whispers ensorcelled made my mind numb and my body putty. Her words transcend normal language. They feel like magic …binding me to Her. She speaks and it comes to reality. The way my body desires … craves Her words… i am helpless to this craving. The longing i feel is real and very powerful. Here She is… at the edge of my understanding… tempting me again and again to fly into the sea of Her words.
It will only take a listen for You to become Hers too…
– Your submissive m

I have finally found Her…

I have spent hundreds of hours over 20 years listening to so many of the terrific Dominant hypnotists here on Inraptured, hoping to find the one special person who can combine pleasure and control of my mind. It has been so difficult to find someone I can trust completely enough to let them really and truly re-wire my brain. I have finally found that perfect person in Lady Surrender! And Her effects on me have been beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Lady Surrender has a variety of ways to insinuate Herself into my mind. Sometimes She uses a blissful, long induction, followed by instructions that I can’t remember, but I know I will follow. Other times, She uses an exquisite blend of seductive whispers, overlaid and intertwined, one moment soft and soothing, the next a solar plasma of super-heated pleasure, in such a way that I have no idea what is being said, band yet, I can feel the changes taking place, even as I listen. I need Her voice every day now, and I begin to feel agitated and anxious if I wait too long before listening to Her again.

As for Her effect on me, it has been nothing short of life-changing. The first part of my reprogramming came from her “Addicted to…” series of recordings. Within a single day, my longtime love of looking at pictures of beautiful women came to an abrupt end. Since then, the only pictures that I have found at all interesting have been pictures of submissive women like me pleasuring men. I am now obsessed with living out that role in every day of my life. But Mistress was not done. My programming was then altered again with Her “Craving Control” recording. Now, even though I find the idea of pleasuring men irresistible, I find that the desire to pleasure myself is now just totally gone. All I really care about is giving Her complete control – nothing else is important. Every day, I need to find ways of giving Her more and more control. And the pleasure I feel from accepting this reality is beyond anything I could have imagined, and beyond any physical pleasure I could try to create for myself.

I am so thankful for having found Lady Surrender, my perfect hypnotic owner, programmer, and Mistress.
– joanne

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