Helpless Prey – Succubus First Night


Lady Surrender,

Your eyes are closed already then you hear footsteps then a shhh, and it begins. What begins is an extraordinary journey of the mind with a beautiful voice and a wonderful enchantress. Lady Surrender begins this slowly and effectively as she begins to treat you as the helpless prey you are. She’s not there to devour you only to make you hers. It’s a physical journey as the Lady names every kiss of hers, while confusing you with layered track that only takes you deeper and deeper. Even if you try to resist it is no use as the Lady’s method is too powerful working your conscious and unconscious mind at the same time. There’s no reason to resist though as the longer and more listen to her the more pleasure you feel, and the more vivid the experience becomes.

Your mind goes deep, but your body also becomes manipulated as the Lady works her words into you so eloquently that you find yourself react to her presence. She breaks down your mind in every layer, and goes from each piece of your body stimulating you through her touch, and through her own self which becomes easier to see the longer you listen. Although surely you’ve only heard her voice, it does not feel that way. Even when you think you’ve gone so deep, the session only continues, and its power only begins to grow. You’ve been visited by her in the night. A visit that leaves you broken down, though in the best possible way.

You become unquestionably in her control, helpless indeed, and you wholly surrender to her powers of persuasion. You are hypnotized, seduced, bound, seduced, and turned into her captive. Her willing captive, how could you not be when surrendering is such incredible bliss. This session is one the best I’ve ever listened to, and its strength only grows as you listen again and again, since you fall only all the more, which I found impossible after the first time, though I was proven quite wrong. Of course I’m sure there’s even more in there than I even have said, since the Lady has that remarkable ability to make you so lost in her trance that you’ve forgotten space and time. This is a tremendous hypnotic experience that I recommend to anyone who has the desire to fall into another’s will.

– masscamber (

Your recordings get better and better!

i listened to the base program “Deepening Hypnosis” and then had “Helpless Prey” automatically begin thereafter.

i was in such a state of hypnosis and my mind was so sensitive that i really felt like someone had walked into my room in stiletto heals. it was all so very real. from then on i was hooked for the duration…which continues as i write this. i am writing this close to 24 hours after listening to the recording. my mind continues to replay short scenes, raising my arousal further, increasing my feelings of helplessness as i can do nothing to change my feelings. i just feel the desperate helplessness and need for ‘Her’ control. Many times my arousal level is off the charts for me. And there is nothing i can do about it but get ready to listen again and pray with all my might that Lady S records night #2 very very soon!!!

Yes i do recommend listening to “Deepening Hypnosis” first as you want to be in a hypnotized state to begin. It made a huge difference for me. The combo is worth the time! you won’t regret it!

enjoy the journey, the loss of control and desire for more…and more….

– mike (

Firstly, a notice about this review – I may not be the best placed to objectively review this file. Mistress spotted a helplessness fetish in me and has nurtured it very well, as she will if she’s sees it in you.

You need an induction to go with this file (deepening hypnosis) , unless you’re addicted to her voice, in which case you’ll drop easily. I don’t want to give away the contents too much, but you will feel her presence, you will find yourself trapped and bound where you are and you will delight in it and crave Her visiting again.

It’s the first file where Lady Surrender’s turned the dial up on strictness and owning you. She openly admits that she will be ruthless in pursuit of your body and mind and continues to reprogram you as you lay helpless before her, whilst teasing what will happen next.

I listened without induction first time, became so affected by Her words that I snapped out of trance twice, but on each occasion fell back quickly as the trap of being unable to move made me realise Her control.

I’ve now listened multiple times, with inductions and the submissive feeling increases each time. With Lady Surrender already teasing what happens on the second night, now is a great time to submit on the first.

– hypnotoy/sleepgees  (

– – – – – – – –

Helpless Prey – Succubus First Night

Become her helpless Succubus Prey

She comes at night… steals your breath… straddles your chest… enchants your mind… leaves you helpless… completely helpless…

You are enchanted. Unable to move. Her kisses leave you unable to see, but you can feel the weight of Her straddling your chest, as She sighs with Her desire to have you… helpless… to have more of you!


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