Erotic Hypnosis : toy’s Jnl 13

Erotic Hypnosis - Sissy Journal

The subject hypnotoy/gs has been away from erotic hypnosis while recovering from serious illness. In the previous journal, the subject wrote about craving to be:

“To be on my knees. Pretty. Slutty. Sexy. Serving hard man cock. Then I thought about how You had made me think that. And I felt the all over body ache and crave.”

The exquisiteness of being My mindless sissy fuck toy…

Taking you deeper into sissy training with Craving – Mindless Sissy Fuck Toy 2 where I toy with you – while you are in chastity and gaged …and with a butt plug in place.

The futile attempts to control the descent into My Enticing world where I program… rewire…. toy with you.


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…and begin your fall… into
Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement…. 



Apologies for my absence my Lady.

I wanted to fully heal, get back to work and recover and then somehow never managed to find time to write.

However, over the weekend I drifted off listening to some old sound files on my laptop.

I woke after some amazing dreams of submission and looking down the list noticed one file was much larger than the others. I pretty much knew what it was, but couldn’t resist pressing play anyway. From the first few words I could feel the fog of trance taking me over and making me your Mindless Sissy Fuck Toy.

Over the weekend the craving increased. I found where the rest of the files were and one by one gave my mind over to You.

By Sunday night, the cravings were so intense that I went to bed wearing perfume to remind me of Your control.

Last night I woke in the night and sought out Your twitter, Your news and saw the files You were promoting.

It feels like fate and I know I have a lot to do to be Yours again. I hope I am able to be of use so that may happen.


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