Erotic Hypnosis : sissy slave training journal 4.

Erotic Hypnosis - Sissy Journal

The following email was received from a new subject and describes her rewiring as she discovers My erotic hypnosis recordings.

The subject has been listening to My recordings during her work lunch-hour… as she discovers that she craves My voice each day…

The subject has been choosing “safe” recordings to listen to… during her working day… “safe”- in an effort to stay in control of the cravings that My voice and My hypnosis triggers…

The cravings that I know how to entice… and twist to My own desires.

mmm… hypnodomme arousal… There is nothing quite like toying with a new subject… slowly and methodically extending My silken, seductive control…

Unless… unless… it is to further Entrap and Enslave one of My long-term toys…

Good evening Mistress Surrender!


As You know, Your girl has been listening to “Addicted to Makeup” to feed her now undeniable addiction to Your voice. Yesterday, Your girl went into the pharmacy (apothecary?) to purchase some Christmas lights, but somehow, as soon as she walked into the store, she was drawn over to the makeup aisle, where she was suddenly possessed with the need to find a better eyeliner, as she has not been satisfied with the one she most recently used. Your girl walked around the makeup aisle for over half an hour, looking at the different liners and mascaras before she realized that she had come in for lights, and was now hopelessly late to get home. She made her purchases and left quickly, wondering how she could have been so distracted. Hmmmmmm?


You are so wonderful!





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