Erotic Hypnosis : chastity device versus virtual Chastity

The following article was written by a subject who has experienced both the physical restraint of chastity devices, and chastity via hypnosis – in this subject’s case, through having chastity imposed by listening to My “Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3.


Many submissives would say that the most powerful way to control a submissive is through orgasm control. I disagree – the most powerful way for this hypnomme to control  a subject is through : mind control.

And erotic hypnosis using the power of words to impose “virtual chastity” is such a turn-on….

Think about it : no matter where you live in the world, I can control your cock, your orgasm, your pleasure… simply by using words. Words that steal through your subconscious mind and embed to create a new barrier to your pleasure….

How could that not be an arousing way to control a subject?

Yes- I have always enjoyed physically locking a subject into a chastity device… or instructing one of My distant subjects, to wear their chastity device.

But words…. erotic hypnosis… THAT’S this hypnodomme’s fetish.  Inscribing My fetishes on a subject’s mind…. exquisite!

Enjoy reading this subject’s discussion of physical chastity devices versus virtual chastity.

Want to experience what mike has ? Buy My “orgasm Control : Ruined orgasm” mp3 …mmm…. listen to My seductive whispers…. stealing your orgasm and your pleasure.


Dear Lady S,

Since i have been locked in physical chastity devices and virtual chastity (through Your Ruined Orgasm Programming), You asked if i would compare the two.

This isn’t the easiest thing to actually do and i will do the very best i can!

The physical nature of a chastity cage (whatever brand or model) makes it different from the virtual ‘device’. me the slave is constantly aware of the device and who has the key! This can create continuous reinforcement that i am owned and a slave. (has nothing to do with chastity but it does exist) Also because of its physical nature i do have to clean it and myself differently while worn. This is not always easy to do. And the physical device can unintentionally pinch my scrotum (OUCH) and usually i want to sit down on a toilet to pee. Again some of these things can be seen as good and perhaps not good. They are all part of the physical chastity device. As far as keeping me in chastity they do a decent job. Obviously i can’t touch my cock which drives me crazy and being in the cage gets really uncomfortable when i am hard and swollen. And that is exactly how i should feel! Uncomfortable with growing arousal. In order to actually orgasm i have to do different things to create a certain friction or sensation that can lead to an orgasm It is never easy and it takes days if not weeks to get to that point. Should i be trying to do such a thing…HELL NO. (with this admission i worry that i will burn in hell…)

The virtual chastity…chastity brought about by hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion misses out on all the physical aspects of the chastity cage. As for effective chastity…the virtual can be just as effective if not more so. Of course the how it works is completely different. Virtual uses the mind of the slave…kind of tying the slave to chastity emotionally and mentally. Its more than just mind over matter. For me it includes my desire to please and obey my Owner (strengthens the bond between us in some way). Failure is mine…and i don’t like to fail! i recently listened to a personalized Edging recording from Lady Surrender who also put me in virtual chastity. Lady Surrender has used edging to tease me in the past and i have always failed. i believe only because of the Chastity Programming i did not fail this time. And believe me i wanted nothing more than to explode as the recording was incredibly HOT! When it was over i was a twitching, squirming, throbbing, dripping mess. i was shaking so hard i could not send an e-mail for a while. And i did not orgasm. So virtual has worked for me. With the physical device…i could always blame the device and not me.

if i was allowed a vote…i go for virtual. But yes i like a little of both! lol

Physical or virtual i think really depends on what the Owner wants and desires out of the experience. after all i am only around to serve and please my Owner.

– mike (member of

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