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The following emails record the first hesitant steps of a new subject that began messaging Me on The first file that submissive f listened to was My foundation file “deepening hypnosis” mp3. he then purchased My “craving control” mp3….. and was overwhelmed by his response to My hypnosis.

My hypnosis style is different from the usual formulaic erotic hypnosis mp3s. Does that mean that you- the subject- will respond differently?

Yes… undoubtedly so….

My hypnosis ( as with all erotic hypnosis), simply builds on the “building blocks” that are already there… in your subconscious mind….

your thoughts and feelings of submissiveness …. of wanting to be dominated… of wanting to be a sissy… wanting to be dollified …. all these thoughts and feelings are the “building blocks” that already exist in the subconscious mind.


Should you be scared of your response to My hypnosis?


Welcome your response… be open to exploring.

you will find I am trustworthy.

Learn to trust yourself and your own journey …..


In this case- I would suggest the submissive is afraid of their own desires…. rather than the fear being of My power and control over their mind and body.

Afraid of where their desires may lead them…


your intuition and your subconscious mind intuitively know when it is safe to trust someone….

your subconscious mind acts as a gatekeeper and keeps you safe. Honour and respect those feelings….

Remember- trust is a process. Step by step…. check and see that a person’s actions and words match….

Hypnosis is a process….. requiring trust and communication.

Take your time to check out My web site and to read what subjects have experienced in their interactions with Me….


Surrender is inevitable…


I see you viewed My profile here on inraptured….
perhaps in response to reading about multiple orgasms that My subjects experienced during Live Hypnosis Sessions?

What is your favourite erotic hypnosis topic?

Surrender is inevitable…..

Lady Surrender

Hi Mistress Surrender!

Yes the multiple orgasms did intrigue me 🙂

my favorite topics is  brainwashing and mind control, chastity and anal/sissy is also something that intrigues me but i have never experienced that yet….

would be subject


such delicious ways to experience hypnosis….
I would be hard pushed to choose My favourite….
I did love recording the strap-on file which is based on the training strap-on play my own slaves experience…
then again- I love using amnesia…. taking control of the sexual energy level…. orgasm on command…..

do you have a favourite, submissive?

Surrender is inevitable.


Lady Surrender,
I love the thought of surrendering my orgasms to a dominant women, to not be in control of my cock and my thoughts is very arousing and makes me feel very submissive.

ive never really felt it for real yet, been a fan of femdom hypnosis for a long time but haven’t established a real D/s relationship with a Mistress for some reason. Guess im a little scared to witch is strange, for giving up control is something i desperately crave…

Do You have slaves who initially were a little scared to really let go and submit to You? If so, how did You break that barrier?

– submissive f


Letting someone become close to you…whether it is to hypnoise you, or to know what you are really thinking or feeling is scary.
Remember that giving up control happens a little piece at a time… just as trusting someone is a process that happens a little at a time.
When someone feels scared about hypnosis, I take time to talk with them…
I listen to what they say… and I let them know I understand…

A relationship with a hypndomme needs to be based on trust and communication…. those 2 elements are essential…
So, I just wait… and talk…. and be there.
I encourage a slave to trust their feelings…. when they feel scared or hesitant… to stop and gather information about whatever they are feeling.
Feelings are there for a reason… it may be that people have let you down in the past… so letting someone get close, leaves you feeling vulnerable.

I look forward to talking more with you, submissive.


Lady Surrender,
Thank You! i`m really looking forward to it too!

It feels like You understand me and have a lot of experience whit submissives.
i read on Your website (been spending quite some time there recently) that you have a background in psychotherapy and it shows when You give such a beautiful and intelligent answer.

Do You think that i`m a submissive that You perhaps would like to train? i feel very exited about the thought of surrendering to You after reading all the journals on your site and because You seem to be a true Mistress for lack of a better word.
If so i´m going to get deepening hypnosis first unless You have another file You think i should start with.

Hope to hear from You soon

– submissive f


I am so pleased,  that you have been gathering information… reading what I say about Myself… and also reading the journals written by submissives.
you give such lovely compliments…
yes, I think that My background as a therapist means I bring understanding of the complexity of human behaviour and interactions….
put that with My life as a Lifestyle Domme….. and it is another way of working with hypnosis and interacting with submissives.

I’m looking forward to training you… and being a consistent and trustworthy presence in your life, as you explore hypnosis.

My deepening hypnosis file is a great way to become familiar with My work.

I do sometimes take ages to reply to messages as I have ongoing personal issues that mean I often take time away from messages.

Surrender is inevitable.


Lay Surrender,
That makes me very exited and happy to hear, thank You! Will buy the file as soon as i send this message! Can not wait to get started….

i`m sorry to hear about your issues and hope things will get better.

Will give you an update of my experience of the file….
Really exited now!

– submissive f


Looking forward to reading your next message….

Lady S.


Lady Surrender,
Wow! After just listening three times i can tell You really know what Your doing. Don`t really remember to much cause You take me down so deep, i just know i want to listen again as soon as possible. Your voice is truly lovely and i just lie in bed for quite some time after the clip is over just cause i feel so good.
Don`t know if hypnosis can work so quickly but i feel like i need more of Your voice to condition my mind already….It`s scary but in a good way.

What do You think i should continue with.

Btw, thank You so much for contacting me last week. If not i would have missed out on You and that is a terrible thought now.
Your newly captured submissive….


have you listened to many mp3s?
Tell Me a little more about your experience of trance and the mp3s you have listened to so far….

The next files I would recommend would be :
the “craving control” loop
Morning Mantra of Blankness

I agree… synchronicity seems to play a part in so much of our lives….

I sent a tweet out on twitter about you….
If you want to write about your experience & have it posted on My web site… feel free to do so.

Lady S.

Mistress Surrender,

i have listened to many different mp3s. Most of them are from youtube or free files here on niteflirt. A while back i listened to a few files from the same Hypnotist, mostly brainwashing and a chastity file, but it didn`t worked so well on me so it ended.
i have had problems going under before and i usually remember the whole file after i wake up and the suggestions made in the file dosen`t have a deep impact on me, which i always feel frustrated about cause i really want to feel owned and controlled.
That`s why i was surprised how well Your file worked on me. It feels different some how can not quite explain it. Your style of hypnosis is new to me and i love it.

i saw Your tweet. Made me feel exited and i cant wait to be helpless to You (might already be) i need to hear Your voice conditioning me every day!
Would love to write about my experience. How do You want me to do it? Like a journal or updates to your email….

Your newly captured submissive….


mmm… I do love toying with a new subject….
Remember that- hypnotic trance takes many forms…just because you have been able to remember words or even the whole file… doesn’t mean you haven’t been hypnotised.
Of course- not remembering much of the file – would indicate that the hypnosis trance is effective and deep.

If you would like to see your journey posted on My web site, email your journals to My yahoo email:

Also- think about whether you want your name on the journals….

Mmm… helpless and compliant…such a turn-on…

Lady Surrender.

Mistress Surrender,

i love it when You toy with me! Can`t wait till Friday when i plan to get “craving control” mp3 and fall deeper under Your spell.
i didn`t know that. Always thought that the more you remember the less powerful it was. Your trance is really deep and effective on me, gets better and deeper every time i listen.

Ok, will start on the journals this weekend…
About the name. If it`s alright with You i would like to change my name for a new slave name. New journey, new name if that makes sense? Would be honored if You would like to name me but if You don`t want to i can come up with a name my self, no problem. This isn`t to weird right?



Let’s see how you respond to certain recordings…. before settling on a name.
it may be that you love My sissy files…
or you may want to be a member of My “ruined orgasm” club…mmm….

In the meantime, I could list the journals on My web site under a temporary name… e.g. “slave in training”
“new slave toy”
“toyable slave”

and add that you are a member of inraptured.

Let Me know what you think…..

Lady S.


Lady Surrender,

That sounds good! A temporary name works just as well right now, personally i like the “new slave toy”.
i`m positive i would love Your sissy files, have always had a little sissy  tendencies  in me i think. The ruined orgasm club sounds very  delicious and intresting  as well. i`m just so eager to surrender right now. After work today i`m going to listen to “craving control” mp3. Can`t wait to experience the effect the file will have on me.

Your new slave toy….

Mistress surrender
i have only after listening to “craving control” mp3, realized how powerful Your hypnosis really is. Have never thought that it could be so potent. i need some time to think about if this is something i really want to do before i continue. Hope You understand.
i`l be in touch…



you didn’t say how many times you had listened to this file.
It sounds as though your response to this recording, has frightened you….. perhaps you had an intense response that you have not experienced before.
Remember that- your subconscious mind acts as the gatekeeper and won’t accept any suggestions that are in conflict with what you desire.

Lady S.



craving control

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