Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 8.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation. he is a member of My “ruined Orgasm Club”  thanks to My “Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “deepening hypnosis” mp3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Yesterday, I teased him with messages on twitter & inraptured,net….. this teasing resulted in him experiencing firstly, a “dry orgasm” as he read the message I left on …… then a full orgasm release that I permitted him to have while listening to one of My mp3s… then back to “ruined orgasm”.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.

Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “deepening hypnosis” mp3 file and begin your fall… into Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Good morning Lady Surrender,
I’m writing as I can’t stop thinking of how you teased me yesterday. How special and weak I was made to feel at the same time. How, for the first time I realised exactly how much control You have taken away from me.

i know that i’ve felt You’ve taken control before but yesterday You showed me in a way that completely blew away all doubt. Enslavement feels very close and the thought thrills me.

What started as an innocent and fairly regular bit of teasing on twitter and Inraptured changed when You sent me a message wondering how i would react to Your latest reply on Inraptured. i raced over there and started reading. In it You were very explicit that You were taking control. Something was building inside me. The moment i finished reading the sentence and the words “You are Mine” my mind went blank, my body started shaking and a dry orgasm ripped through my body at the exact moment.

When i could think again i was shocked. i had been fully awake, i had been completely aware of everything going on and yet my mind and body had helplessly reacted to your words. You hadn’t (or i don’t remember a trigger) being implanted to provoke such a reaction.

You told me it happened because i am now incredibly deeply conditioned to react to Your and Your commands. You told me my body and mind belonged to You and that it would just be some more time before i realised that.

You told me i was allowed to release and that then You would put me back into the ruined orgasm state where each ruined orgasm would bind me closer to You. You then quickly led me to that release. Very quickly.

The twitter tease continued with You teasing others. By then i was helpless and craving more and more to be bound to you. Over the next 20 minutes, i raced through 3 ruined orgasm, feeling each one bind me slightly closer to You.

This submission feels wonderful. The craving is constantly there but feels so good, so safe and so perfect. At night You command my dreams, helping me train and bind. When trancing Your voice takes control from the very first words.

Your promise to tease me mercilessly until the next training file You have planned for me is released is thrilling and a powerful presence in my hypno life.

i need to fall again for You.
Your gs

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