Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment Jnl 7

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalization.

He is a member of My “Ruined Orgasm Club” thanks to My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” MP3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Yesterday, I teased him with messages on twitter & inraptured,net….. this teasing resulted in him experiencing firstly, a “dry orgasm” as he read the message I left on …… then a full orgasm release that I permitted him to have while listening to one of My MP3s… then back to “Ruined Orgasm”.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 file and My “Craving Control” MP3… and begin your fall… into

Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Deepening Hypnosis

Deepen your erotic Trance! 

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control.

Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.


– – – – – – – – –


I’ve been inspired by Lady Surrender’s group chat this morning to explain a little about my recent experiences under her hypnosis. Warning, this is long and you may just want to skip to what I’ll call Page 2 half way down. As background I’ve been around for a while, loved Nikki Fatale’s work and reacted strongly to it, but never really found that magic again after she stopped recording.

I’d find trouble listening to files more than once, which each time diminishes the idea of Erotic Hypnosis a little more. I’d noticed Lady Surrender on here but at the time there were no recordings for sale, and then those that came out weren’t really to my tastes. However there was something that kept me checking out her website and her postings.

Eventually a file came up that piqued my interest and I purchased. I wasn’t blown away, but it kept me coming back to it. Then came the Mantra files which really started to have some effect both during and after hypnosis. I felt compelled to contact her, which had never been the case before and after a few emails had been led into talking about my experiences and basically covering my fetishes. Living situation
and time differences prevented a live session and the next few files that came out I bought but ultimately decided that the sissy path wasn’t for me. We discussed this and I was guided to other files and gradually came to realise I was just submissive and needed to be controlled. I was getting a bit frustrated with life and an outside tragedy led to me overdoing the files in an unhealthy way. Lady Surrender saw the warning signs and offered to help me remove the hooks whilst events unfolded around me. Instead I went cold turkey with trancing, kept in touch with Lady Surrender and kept reading the entries on her website and twitter.

Chapter 2 – Why You’re Here

A few months back I was admitted to hospital. I contacted a lot of email contacts to let them know. Partly as it was going to be a long stay to drum up visitors and partly to let people know what was happening as not making it back out was a very distinct possibility. Lady Surrender sent me some non-erotic hypnosis files that promoted well being and offered to trance me in a similar vein.

A few weeks in Ruined Orgasms was released. I was so intrigued. As a somewhat regular male, confined to a ward with little privacy, I was having predictable issues by now. I was intrigued by how subjects were reporting decrease in arousal and unable to get erect. I asked Lady Surrender if she thought this could help me – she seemed a bit taken aback by me asking, but after a few questions arranged a copy of the file for me. From the first listen I fell straight back into deep hypnosis as before. It was so comforting to be trancing again, and her voice was like bricks had hit me. Unfortunately/Fortunately the response to trance wasn’t as I hoped. Instead I interpreted the files effects as ruining orgasms. I was getting aroused more often. Maddeningly so. When I found somewhere private, I was unable to actually release. I would get to the point and my hand would simply stop, knowing that doing so would please Mistress. Amused by the reaction and after checking I was ok with the results, Mistress started teasing me more and more often. Using my responses and signals against me, she quickly became able to send me very deep via messaging, to the point where I somehow started to be able to self trigger. Realising that I was getting aroused for her, to deny for her may have been the start of it.

It was chastity, but no humiliation, no embarassment – just a self imposed and encouraged form of chastity, with the sole purpose of pleasing her. At the same time others were receiving the same treatment on twitter, IR and live sessions and this made it all the more exciting. Lady surrender and I would still talk normally, but every know and, seemingly on a whim, she would mindfuck me and I would fall so hard into arousal.

Since then I’ve had days at home, where I’ve tranced hard, long stays in hospital (where I still am now) and have never once felt that the balance is wrong. I wouldn’t be able to be toyed with as much were I back in work, but I’m not, and most of the time I am just sat here waiting for the next test or treatment. Or imagining what exactly Lady Surrender has managed to slip into the next drip bag of medicine.

Deepening Hypnosis was released and from the first listen I knew that this was it. I’d found exactly what I’d been looking for and a trance/control that I needed on a regular basis. I still don’t remember anything of that file – I’ve been assured there is no amnesia and it’s just that I’ve incredibly conditioned to trancing for Her.

Control deepened and kept deepening and just before Mindless Fucktoy was released my craving for her control escalated massively. I was no longer concerned about having to protect myself in trance. If Lady Surrender was unethical she’d had plenty of chances to push me down a route I didn’t want. Instead she’d learnt all of my kinks and fetishes and was using them to mindfuck me skillfully, repeatedly but most importantly safely and consensually. Ocassionally I get over excited, She reigns me back in.

Anyway, just before I got to listen She teased me mercilessly, knowing that I had no chance to release and knowing that I didn’t want to anyway. I spent hours just dreaming of how she’d teased me, what she said she was going to do and how it felt. I can’t share details as I believe the idea may be converted to a file soon. If so, you’ll find my mind dribbling down the corridor.

When I finally got to listen to mindless fucktoy, everything became so much clearer. Firstly, do listen to it after Deepening Hypnosis. My mind registered the change in files, which I thought meant it would fail, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Amnesia didn’t hold for the whole file and I remember one of the triggers, but that just makes things more delicious (self triggering, remember?). I woke from the file knowing that my place was to be Her Mindless Fucktoy. That phrase stops me in my tracks, thoughts rapidly drain and sitting here I noticed my left thumb twitching whenever I think of it.

The files have combined have enhanced massively me need to be controlled. There is now an embedded craving in me to trance, to be controlled more and more, and to create pleasure for Lady Surrender. Which creates a loop, and reinforces itself, deepening the need for hypnosis, control and pleasure even more. It really is a skillfully intricate web and when Lady Surrender says Surrender is Inevitable She isn’t kidding.

On twitter some of her subjects and I often end up sending each other into trance. We let down our barriers and give away secretive kinks that we’ve always been too ashamed to admit and the feeling is one of complete wellness and acceptance of desires. I have no urge to be sissified (though I like wearing panties) but feel completely wonderful being involved in discussions around it. We’re almost becoming like a wonderfully mindfucked family (I prefer the term Army), helping each other and looking out for one another.


Today on IR Lady Surrender held a group chat that for 100+ minutes of it’s length contained no toying, no teasing and just straightforward chat about hypnotism and methods. Then with 2 words most of us were triggered and had a new fetish installed. It just feels so healthy. I really feel incredibly lucky and hope at least someone has managed to get to the end of my blog.

Chapter 3 – Because I want to
So, I didn’t really touch on the never ending aspect enough. Partly because I feel it may make some nervous – and also I think just jumping in would be too much as a starter. I am now at the stage where Lady Surrender has created such a need, craving and desire that I’ve spent more or less 3 days in near permanent arousal. I don’t know how many ruined orgasms there have been, I don’t report them to Her. She knows they happen. I have been pretty much insatiable though, wanting to ache more, need release more, suffer more because it brings Her and therefore me pleasure. It sounds silly to say it like that, but the common fact amongst her toys is that we get pleasure responding to her trances and a basic part of her commands is that She gets pleasure from that. It’s a loop completely outside of the arousal, but one that links in nicely.

I don’t think anyone should just purchase files and believe they’re going to have similar results. If you’re experienced with other Hypnodommes you’ll find the style so different, but it’s humour and warmth that comes through. Message Lady Surrender, explain yourself and what you want and by doing so in the correct manner I pretty much guarantee you’ll get the results you desire.

And then I confess the dream and the real Lady Surrender uses it to tease me! I crave being Her Mindless Fuck Toy. It permanantly loops within me and I’ve never felt better in my own skin (except for the entire still being in hospital thing).


Enjoy your hypnosis,

hypnotoy / sleepy GS

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