Erotic hypnosis: Hypno Slave listens to MP3 “Surrender 101”

The following correspondence was received from “r” a UK subject, who has begun his journey to submission… enslavement… by listening to My mp3 files.

he has been searching for a Hypno Domme since his previous Dominant, retired from being active in the bdsm community. “r” has a great desire to submit and to serve. “r” has now had a Live One-on-One session and begun to submit even deeper to My hypnosis. In the Live Session, I also take control of “r”‘s sexual arousal level, and use hypnosis to increase his sexual arousal…. and using hypnosis to orgasm on command

Issues of trust are also the subject of messages between Myself and “r”. Trust is such an important factor between Myself and a subject. The assessment interview which I hold before a Live One-on-One session, is an opportunity to establish trust and communication.


Dear Mistress

I didn’t think I could go any deeper but each time I listen to Surrender I get more and more lost in your voice. I just love the feeling of complete surrender I get. Just typing this gives me tingles to know you will read it.




I am listening every day and if I can more than once each day. I just feel I will surrender to your control. I loved out first session it was a shame about the skype link dropping but I think that was my end. I am not sure why but you were able to totally arouse me and then increase my arousal the way you did by saying the trigger phrases you used. Maybe it’s the way you say it Mistress.
I don’t remember most of the session but I know I felt so relaxed and submissive , it was lovely. I seem to have trouble remembering completely since I just get lost in your voice and the words don’t seem to fix themselves into my memory, but I know when you wake me up something has changed because I just want to surrender myself to you Mistress.
It feels so right why would I not want to surrender myself to you Mistress.


Dear Mistress

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I need to tell you something. Whilst submission and surrendering myself to a dominant woman is a fetish of mine, I have always had control over it. However I know I am losing that control to you and it scares me a little because I have never felt this before. I listen to Surrender and each time i feel my control getting weaker and weaker.


My reply to reassure r:

submissive r,

There’s no need to be scared.
your own inner wisdom…intuition… will tell you that I am trustworthy and your inner wisdom makes sure you only accept hypnosis to the level  that feels safe and right for you.
I would never do anything to cause you harm or pain.


Lady Surrender.



Thank you Mistress. I know you are totally trustworthy and I place a lot of trust in you. I don’t think the hypnosis would work as well as it does if I did not have total trust in you. I guess I have just never felt so deeply that I want to surrender control to anyone before.
Your hypnosis is proving to be very powerful and I guess I just accept all your suggestions. It just gets better and better each time I listen.




I have tried mp3’s before but I usually get bored with them but Surrender is different I find I want so much to listen to it again and again and I go deeper and fall much more quickly each time. The feeling it gives me is so wonderful and your voice is truly wonderful, I love it. Thank you Mistress for giving me such wonderfully submissive feelings. i know I am surrendering myself to your will.
It gives me such lovely tingles to think of surrendering myself to you. Thank you Mistress
I also find I get more and more aroused listening to Surrender and usually wake very aroused and that arousal just seem to be lasting longer and longer each time I listen. I get aroused now just thinking of it and you will guess that I am very aroused now having written all this to you, Mistress.


Sissy sluts, hypno slaves, submissives craving chastity, anal play sluts…

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