Erotic Hypnosis : thought re-education

I have just completed a Custom recording to implant memories of a girly childhood…. What absolutely delicious fun… toying with memory… implanting memories… deleting some memories…

This Custom recording was for a secret sissy – currently in a hetero relationship. When the subject was in their teens, the subject had been seduced by an older man.
Looking back on that sexy intro to being a sissy, the subject  wants to have a Custom recording to now have implanted memories so that … everything sissy said “no” to… or hesitated about… becomes real.
I implanted memories of sissy’s seducer being still around now…. continuing to dominate this sissy slut.

Then – just the usual, naughty hypnodomme play……. sissy can only get hard if thinking about their seducer….
Every time sissy does something that the seducer & sissy used to do- such as hold hands…. instantly holding hands with the seducer…..

Imagine that- the subject “thinks” they are holding hands with their partner…. only – their subconscious mind says…. they are holding hands with their seducer.

I also reinforced all the sissy memories…weakened the hetero encounters…created a little…amnesia here and there … of events that didn’t matter…such as…. kissing and fucking girls. All hetero encounters become difficult to remember…. and fade away.

How hot is that?!
Love, love, love…memory play….

Dear Mistress,

It feels absolutely wonderful having my memories manipulated!

i really enjoy how i’m now having a hard time remembering the girls i’ve had sexual encounters with, and how You have replaced them with memories of me being fucked by a man instead!

Soon all i will be able to remember is sucking cock and being fucked in my sissy clitty. These new memories are making my desire to be a sissy grow even stronger.

The way You manipulated my memories is so clever and effective! i can’t wait to listen to this custom recording more and more!

Love, lisa

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 Behaviour modification.
Thought re-education.
Memory manipulation.
Systematic sissification.

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