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The following email application was received from a subject, who wants to live openly as a sissy:



I hope this is an acceptable first journal entry.

I have created my tumblr account: buffydiane

I begin my journal not knowing which direction I will be going. I have filled out my sissy declaration and await her decision. I do know one thing though.
I have become addicted to the voice of Lady Surrender and I want her to lead the way to my destiny. So worst case scenario for me is to go forth on my own and purchase her training mp3’s and hope for the best. It sounds worse than it is. I feel I am asking to much of Lady Surrender and giving very little.

My next task as I see it is a personnel one. I am considering whether to purchase Sissy Training 26 – Cock to Clitty. This seems to be the next step for me since I am desperate to go back into a mental state of chastity.

Sissy Training 26 – Cock to Clitty

Clitty Indoctrination!

Only a real man can satisfy a woman with his hard man cock.
Your sissy clitty is more comfortable tucked away in pink panties.

Your sissy training continues: In this session, I will hypnotize your useless man cock to be a limp sissy clitty.



Your age
• 52

Your occupation
• Computer Programmer

How did you become a sissy?
• This is a hard question because I was either born this way or it was an inevitable outcome. In reality though, I started masturbating at a very young age and used pantyhose to help a very niave young boy achieve a quicker climax and it built from there. I was only about 8 I think.

Have you served a Dominant before? (Please elaborate)
• Yes. My wife was my first real dominant, Though it was brief. We found that we were very compatible but as domme and sub not so much. I always considered her my domme however and could not bring myself to look for another while she was alive. I have had online mistresses since then most notably Mistress Nikki and Mistress Harley both on Clips4sale. Both were blackmail type relationships. I also was flirting with the idea few years back with Mistress Candice who is a Hypnodomme. I really like her recording and all but they didnt mesh quite right with what I wanted.

Do you have any other Masters or Mistresses?
• My last Mistress, was Mistress Harley. I stopped talking with her in the beginning of May and have not had contact with her since.

Are you Straight, gay, bi or bi leaning towards gay?
• I am not sure if I am attracted to women or envious of them probably both, can I say lesbian male? With a cock fetish to boot?

Your experience with chastity
• I turned myself Chaste last August using Hypnosis programs from Trance Princess on clips4sale. They worked remarkably well It took about three months before I started getting anything resembling urges in that way. It was really just Once a month milkings after that until I stopped talking with Mistress Harley. I fell of the wagon after that. I am in deep need of chastity.

How long have you been a sissy?
• I confuse the terms sissy and crossdressing a lot, I have been crossdressing my whole life and have often consider myself a transgendered wannabe. The things I buyand wear tend to be for crossdressing more so than sissifying.

What is your experience of being a sissy?
• Based on my size and my choice in clothing my experience in being an actual sissy is limited but am a very experienced crossdresser.

When did you first want to wear panties?
• Over 20 years ago

Are you wearing panties now?
• Yes

Do you wear panties every day?
• Yes, have been for the last 10 years or so.

Are you prepared to work hard to become the best sissy you can be?
• Yes I hope so.

What kind of sissy clothing do you have?
• The little I have don’t fit very well.

What other items of feminine clothing do you wear?

• I have a full wardrobe. I have about 8 pair of shoes, 3or 4 dresses, pant, skirts, blouses, leggings, you name it. I just don’t get to wear them as much as I like.

How many different girls’ clothes have you worn?
• To many to remember.

What are the most embarrassing things you’ve ever done?

• I dressed up for Halloween as a women and handed out candy one year. One of my favorite memories.

Who knows that you are a sissy? (if anyone)
• At this time no one but the few dommes I mentioned.

Why do you want me to be your Dominant ?
• I think the best path for me is through hypnosis. Having a hypnodomme guiding me sounds like it should be a perfect fit. Your voice and technique are excellent. I have Morning Mantra Blank and Deepening Hypnosis.

Why should you get to be My sissy as opposed to anyone else?
• I don’t think I could give you a good reason to choose me.

How much time can you dedicate to me?
• I am not sure the best way to answer this. As far as being there when you need me. I would try and be available at all times but the time difference between the US and NZ is big. If you mean doing things for you or my assignments, as long as I don’t need to leave my house I would have plenty of time. I work from home. I would have to plan out anything else around family.

What is your favorite part of being a sissy?
• The smile on my face when I am dressed up.

What is your least favorite part of being a sissy?
• The time it takes to do my makeup vs the time I have to do my makeup.

What other information would you like to tell Lady Surrender?
• The truth is Goddess, I am trying to figure out what I truly am. Am I transgendered? am I just a crossdresser? am I a sissy? I need to figure out what I am and I know I will need help getting myself to accept it. I know I don’t want to live my life in secret anymore, so I want to bring out my confidence in who I am and live my life the way I should. Based on my filling this out, I am not so sure this will be the right way to go. Would it be better if I bought personnel program so that I could get the assessment done?

What type of training are you searching for? e.g. email training skype sessions chastity training consensual blackmail diaper training/incontinence training.
• My preference would be Skype sessions, though they may get expensive for me so it may have to be a mixture of email as well. If you deem consensual blackmail as a viable option to help in my training I would gladly sign one. I would not say no to you in that regard. I guess the same could be said for diaper training though I see no reason why. Lol. I need all the help I can get in accepting who I am and becoming who I am, and it would be such an honor to serve you, Goddess.



Loved reading your sissy application. which I am pleased to accept.
I suggest you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what label to put on your fetishes/gender/sexuality …. just “be” with how you feel.
Acceptance…. accepting yourself for who you are.

The more we try to repress those desires/parts of us we don’t like or accept… the stronger those repressed desires become. That’s the good old “binge/purge” cycle.

The other chastity option is the Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm MP3:

Given the volume of emails & messages…. I simply can’t reply to all messages.
I recommend you undertake a Personal Training programme…. the sissy/slave training programme set out on My web site is a general programme only.

The use of Live Hypnosis one-on-one sessions – particularly when the essential trust & communication is established – enable Me to talk with the subconscious mind and uncover the obstacles that get in the way of desired outcomes.

you will have read the journals written by subjects such as dolly and masscamber… who have experienced Live Hypnosis sessions where I have interrogated the subconscious mind…. uncovering fetishes and secrets that the subjects thought they could keep hidden. Remembering that thoughts, feelings, behaviour all arise from the subconscious mind…. so change is fastest when the subconscious mind is accessed and programmed for desired outcomes.

A trustworthy hypnodomme – subject relationship is essential to allow the subject and their subconscious mind to feel safe and be open to the deep embedding of hypnosis. This takes time… and nurturing…. which is why I have limited time and energy to personally oversee the training of subjects.

I also suggest you read the brief professional & work bio that is listed on My web site…. I have experience in working as a therapist with all those who identify as femme…. as well as areas of professional interest & focus on gender & sexuality, intimacy & relationships. This training & experience enables Me to work in highly effective ways with subjects….

And … of course…. I am a Lifestyle Domme.

I would like to post your application form and emails to the web site…. keeping certain details about your personal life confidential. I know how validating it is for subjects visiting My web site, to read of experiences that they relate to.

I look forward to … accompanying you on your journey.

Lady Surrender.




I have attached the Application for the Personal Training Programme. I noticed it had an addition question than the other I filled out and just updated that one.

I thought you explained things very well. If you are worried I am going to fast for this to be effective, I believe I am not. I like to have a few recordings to rotate through. Morning Mantra and Deepening were both great starters, and ruined orgasm was something I needed. I may have rushed into buying the Training Programme but not because I was in a rush to go but rather I wanted to show my commitment to you as well as a need for my assessment.

You asked if something was missing from my other dome relationships. Yes, truthfully just about everything. The way I think about it now and I thoughy about it then too. I wanted blackmail from them so they could expose me for the sissy I am. To humiliate me to everyone I knew so that I would have to confront my greatest fears and moved past them. Fantasies like that change and realities creep in as well and you just look at the situation and say WTF am I doing.

I love hypnosis. It has taken me a very long time to learn how to allow myself to go under and feel the effects. In your to examples from your two chastity file I could feel my penis wanting to sleep almost immediately. If I hadn’t known already I knew then that your hypnosis was something special that I needed to explore, and explore in a positive way. Hypnosis has always been a positive aspect in my life, what better way to make positive changes.


– – – –

Wanting to explore your sissy self?

I am a skilled hypnodomme and therapist. My erotic hypnosis for sissy subjects is based on My experience as a therapist working alongside all those who identify as femme….

Intensive programming of your mind and body…

Behaviour modification….

Thought reprogramming….


My training tasks combine erotic hypnosis with daily/weekly tasks that are focused on transforming you into a sissy.


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