Erotic hypnosis: sissy training feminine orgasm

The following journal has been written by sissy ashley. sissy ashley has been listening to a custom recording since 27 April.

This sissy has become so conditioned to My voice and My hypnosis that an IM from Myself, produces the programmed responses I recorded in the custom recording- as well as ashley becoming aroused when reading the IMs.

sissy ashley’s training continued – with further sissy brainwashing. In Friday’s Live One-on-One session, I  programmed ashley to experience a feminine orgasm, as well as sensitive breasts and nipples. Such delicious feminine and- sissy- responses. The type of sissy response that a sissy may feel in the privacy of their home – without having to be “out” as a sissy.

I anticipate- delicious responses as I continue to brainwash and install sissy responses in sissy ashley’s mind and body. Hypnosis to experience feminine orgasm, sensitive breasts and sensitive nipples is a hypnosis script that I have used many times before – with wendy, cynthia and lindy … melissa…

The following IMs record sissy ashley’s responses to the Live One-on-One session, together with My reply.


thank you for your help with the feminine orgasm. I truly enjoyed it, so intense, and you kept triggering me. Wow.
I enjoyed hearing your voice and hearing you laugh as well.
I woke up in a sissy mode and still am. Feels good to be a sissy 🙂

thank you

I just remember feeling very sissy like as you guided me through all the wonderful sensations. Sensitive breasts and nipples too. I remember now after you hung up finding that my sissy clitty made a wet spot. And I never touched it
Do you think I would respond well to the new file (cum eating – level 1) you’ll be posting?



My reply to sissy ashley:


sissy ashley,


I know that you will obey and respond to all My programming instructions.

This new cum eating instruction file is level 1… with NO orgasm at the end. It will be released tomorrow. Level 2 will be released in a week’s time.

The cum eating mp3 – 1st level is designed to strengthen the fetish and for Me to gain control of the subject’s mind and body.
CEI – level 2 will be building on the CEI – level 1, and allowing orgasm.


I look forward to deepening My control over you.



That sounds great. I’ll definitely get it once it goes live.

Just realized the thought of you controlling me is arousing making my sissy clitty tingle. Wow


I will continue to programme and brainwash sissy ashley through the custom mp3 she now listens to, and through additional sissy hypnosis.


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Wanting to feel what sissy ashley feels?… you know you do.

On the edge of pleasure… there is only Surrender.


Feminine Orgasm – Level 1  – (Reviews)

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Feminine Orgasm – Level 2

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