Erotic Hypnosis : Life & work.

Become Lady Surrender's mindless trance zombie



This year has been a difficult year as I went through lengthy medical treatment.

I am still in recovery and having ongoing medical assessment & monitoring.


your submission and service have always mattered to your Goddess…. even more so now, when I am still working reduced hours, and paying for expensive integrative health treatment.



There are so many ways to show your submission:


buy My files

write reviews

tell other subjects about My unique erotic hypnosis

become one of My elite enslaved subjects receiving personalised training

brighten My day with gifts

offer your skills



I appreciate your support and submission so much.


As the Goddess of your mind and heart, I look forward to the New Year…. and I know – your mind …tingles… with anticipation…. at the though of all the new seductive recordings I have planned.







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