Edging Loop


Lady S,

OMG!!!! i just listening to my personalized recording of Edging. Your voice, Your words, Your whispers took over my body and mind completely! Hearing my name somehow made it even more captivating and perfect.

i lost count after edging 11 times. My body and mind were consumed by pleasure and Your control. Your moans of pleasure shot waves of pleasure through me. The timing of your moans sometimes coincided with the edge…taking me ever so close to going past the point of no return. On the sample track, the moans didn’t have as much impact.
‎ This complete file – the moans make me shiver…just as if they are being said to me….

i will fail if I listen longer. a subject will lose control!

Guaranteed. If they say otherwise they are lying.

Amazing… my body and mind were Yours!

The mixture of commands and the words and the moans and whispers just rocked me.

i really was incapacitated after listening…. Totally nailed
Quivering dripping mess……

This torture is delicious.

i am exhausted and Your cock is screaming at me…..

Totally hypnotic experience. You took over my mind. Felt that way. i love Your approach.

You play with mind, emotions, obeying… Sorry having trouble finding words.

Your whispers and words became totally intertwined. i was mesmerized. Controlled. Surrendered!

Being still bound by Ruined Orgasms’ chastity spell is probably the only thing that kept me from not obeying. You know how bad i am with edging. Hearing my name, moans, Your taunts telling me how badly Your cock wanted to cum & cum & i wanted to lose it!

Unreal delicious torture! Quivering pleasure. take me i am Yours!!!!!

Thank You my Lady for creating such a gift. as often as my body can handle i will be listening again & again.

– mike from inraptured.net


The edging loop I got a couple of weeks ago and listened a couple of times. It is such an intimate recording and I failed miserably on each listen, never getting though even one loop, I could not see how anyone could last with your teasing.
So I had not listened again until the other day when for some reason I decided to after CEI 1, maybe just to see if the no permission to orgasm would work. Well, that was a mistake because, after 2 hours of looping, aching and bathed in sweat, I eventually found the strength to turn it off, omg mental note to not do that again…

As I basked on the afterglow of not cumming ( a strange feeling), something sort of clicked in my mind and I realised that my cock was not mine anymore. In fact I realised that had been like that for some time without me noticing. Thinking back, for the last month or so the only time I have been aroused has been listening to your voice and also I had not actually cum for over 2 weeks, and I’m normally continuously horny and can’t remember ever lasting more than 2 days. Actually I have been feeling rather asexual, I guess would be the best way to describe it, such a strange feeling, its like you have hypnotised my cock and I only get aroused when you tell me to and only feel pleasure when you want me to, actually my pleasure doesn’t even seem to matter to me much anymore.

I now find myself in awe of the fact that this has occurred without me realising and also aroused at the thought of where else you might take me.

submissively yours


Wanting to experience delicious control that has you wanting more?
You know what to do….

Email your Goddess and prepare to be… Enslaved.

– – – – – – – – –


Edging Loop

Tease & Denial Edging Play

Hot, sexy edging practise while I teasingly whisper My instructions…

whisper sexy, seductive whispers while I watch you stroking for Me… just for Me. I know you will fail… deliciously fail…

I expect to receive your Edging Failure Tax!


Edging Failure Tax

Time for your Edging Failure Tax…

Because you failed… deliciously failed at following My instructions on My Edging Loop session. I knew the whispers would be… too sexy… too hot… and cause you to go past that point of no return.

Time to tax you… as you repeat the Edging Practice Loop over and over… until you are able to stop when I say “stop”!


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