ABDL – Wet Diaper Training


What is the “ultimate” form of control?

hands free orgasm….?

The subject who wrote this email, finds Regression hypnosis to be the ultimate demonstration of a hypnodomme’s control.


Lady Surrender,
i saw this file last night in an email… and i had to try it.

i’ve tried other ‘wetting’ files. When they work, which is rare, it gives me a stronger sense of being controlled as i am literally losing control and peeing on command…so to speak.

Of course YOUR recording is incredible as all YOUR files are. i was deep deep in trance and wetting my diapers 1/2 way through the recording. i was even more amazed that i actually wet in diaper multiple times. in the end my body was still trying to wet even though there wasn’t any more urine to expel.
i will listen to this recording again and again. the freedom, the real physical loss of control, obeying Mistress…nothing could be better.
Thank YOU Mistress Surrender!
– wm.

Wanting to experience delicious control that has you wanting more?
You know what to do….

Email your Goddess and prepare to be… Enslaved.



Absolutely Fantastic

This is the best incontinence programming or training hypnosis file I’ve ever used. I’ve been a diaper lover since my teens and big baby for over 20 years. I’ve tried files from just about every one and every place I could find, with some results but not the truly baby like wetting with no resistance or trying.

Lady Surrenders soft programming takes you down deep and then implants her triggers and programming deep in your subconscious seriously affecting your perceptions and response to needing to pee. It becomes automatic and effortless to pee in diapers.

The first night after using the file just 3 times I remained soundly asleep all night and woke up with a wonderfully soaked diaper in the morning. Refreshed from a good night sleep and warm, wet and happy. I hadn’t slept through the night for years.

After two weeks or daily use of the file, I am wetting like a happy little baby with my incontinence switch permanently in the Pee in Diaper position. I’ve worn diapers 24×7 for over 30 years so I’m always in a diaper.

I highly recommend this file, and getting the Deepening Hypnosis induction, initial programming file. The second file deeply enhances the effectiveness of Wet in Diapers programming.

– Premie Peter (on www.sensualmistress.com)


A Deceptively Effective File

This file does not start in the way you expect, but by the end it will have you helpless to Mistress Surrender’s control. It creeps up on you quickly – if you’re even aware of it creeping up on you at all – and it definitely works! I was soaked after only one listen, and multiple sessions with this file have proven only stronger results.


I highly recommend this file to anybody who is looking to Surrender total control and wet helplessly on command. Worth every penny.

Mister_Marmelade (on www.sensualmistress.com)


Feeling Naughty in a wonderful way!

This file is extremely easy and relaxing to listen to. Lady Surrender has the most pleasant voice I have ever heard. But don’t let this soft voice fool you into thinking that listening won’t have an effect on you. Please be sure to put on a Diaper when she instructs you to. Thanks for a wonderful and most full filling evening Miss Surrender.

B. (on www.sensualmistress.com)


– – – – – – – – –


ABDL: Wet Diaper Training

Your Incontinence Trigger!

Now, My sweet one, it’s time to put your diaper on and listen to all My hypnotic suggestions.

From now on, every time you wear your diaper and listen to this recording, My voice will trigger your subconscious mind to instantly wet your diaper.


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