Feminine Orgasm


Mistress Surrender.
This session was so wonderfully done. I felt like my whole body exploded in INTENSE waves of pleasure at the end of this session. My orgasm didn’t feel like one I normally experience. Perhaps it was the buildup. Perhaps it was hearing you whisper over and over it just felt like to me my body melted, exploded, and succumbed to orgasmic bliss. My entire body felt like it has become a lightening rod for sexual pleasure. I was just so HOT!

You really have such a beautiful way with words. Hearing you repeat certain phrases over and over made me just want to do nothing but give in to the feelings and not stop. I didn’t want the recording to end! Giving in to the pleasure your voice invoked within me was such a thrill. Surrendering felt like pure heaven, pure bliss. When the recording was over I just stayed in bed letting the waves of pleasure just continue washing over me. Your whispering is so erotic it just melts every part of my being. Thank you for this file Mistress Surrender. The more I listen to this the more enjoyable your hypnosis becomes. That’s really incredible to me.

It surprised me a little how accustomed to your voice I had become so quickly. Slipping on the headphones and succumbing to your control felt
so natural.
–  submissive m (from inraptured.net)

Mistress, delicious experiences…
i was a little surprised by the deep brainwashing aspect of the files…but feminine orgasm is blowing me away..i was initially a little disappointed that the induction was the same as for sex slave but it is such an effective one (that takes me so deep) that in the end i understand the logic of it…
this slave has only listened to file 2 for feminine orgasm once but it was almost unbearably charged with sex. i actually could not listen to the whole file and found myself waking in a state of unbelievable excitement – i think it was the shakes and tremors of orgasm pleasure my body was having that woke me… being new to the breadth of your styles, half-expected the style to veer into a fantasy rather than the oh-so-heavy brainwash. now i have a clearer idea of how it works. i will keep you posted on this.
this slave also believes, like Mistress, that there is a depth a complexity in the feminine orgasm files that uncovers itself slowly and is yet to emerge for me. i believe, and i don’t think i’m overstating this, that these files fit into the category of art rather than porn or psychological manipulation. this slave wonders if this is how you see them as well. wonderful work. this slave senses that his weakness will force him to listen to more and more and eventually, inevitably, to submit in a live session if Lady allows. oh my…
yes Mistress..slave did read those testimonies on your web site that subjects have written, but this slave, i guess, was surprised by the intensity of the brainwash…and its relentlessness *wipes sweat from his brow*…this slave will forge ahead with his training. the morning mantras will be the next step Mistress. so happy i have some time coming up to explore these more in the next week. embracing my weakness

your weak and bound slave k

– – – – – – – – –

Feminine Orgasm – Level 1

Priming you for the next step!

This recording will condition and prime you to experience a sexy and intense feminine orgasm.

I will remove all of your  doubts that you can experience a delicious melting… feminine orgasm… I will delete all of your prior socialisation and experience of male orgasms.


Feminine Orgasm – Level 2

No Fantasy – Simply Orgasmic Bliss!

I love giving My femme subjects the experience of feminine oragsm during live one-on-one Hypnosis sessions.

Now you can experience the melting bliss of cumming in waves of feminine pleasure whenever you desire and within the privacy of your home!


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