Addicted to your Devious Hypnotherapist 1


This recording is simply mind blowing. i have now listened to it many times and every single time its erotic charge engulfs me completely. At least for me the recording hit right to the weak spot of my mind and my secret cravings.

Lady Surrender’s erotic hypnosis was a finding that has multiplied my sexual enjoyment during last months. i can feel how Her seductive words are permanently entwining my mind and body and the effect is deepening all the time.

This recording has couple of phases which are all part of the story starting by reminding of the addiction the listener has to she-male cock. The trigger word will cause immediate arousal as it is already familiar from “Addicted to Anal Play – She-male cock”.

Then the listener participates to Lady Surrender’s therapy session but before the session may begin the listener will meet the house guest – of course by accident.

And finally there is a blissful anal sex session which do not need further description. One must find out himself! It is blissful to cum to Lady Surrender’s voice…

– lepidotera

A Masterpiece!! Use earbuds while sleeping!! YOU WILL DREAM OF SHEMALES!


– – – – – – – –

Devious Therapist 1

Shemale Cock Cravings!

In this fantasy hypnosis, you will be addicted to your hypnotherapist… Who specialises in helping with problems such as clients wanting to be fucked by shemale cock.

She promises to “help” you with your “problem”: Your insomnia. You just can’t stop thinking about shemale cock…


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