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Anal Play

sissy training 25

Dear Lady Surrender,
finally i have had time to download your anal play hfo and strap on files. what a lovely experience listening to them! still no anal hfo but some deliciously deep trances. i must shop for a suitable plug tomorrow. You have again surpassed Yourself.
weak slave k

Dear Lady Surrender,
i needed to write and tell you about my experience with your anal play series. guess i needed to share with you the power of these files and the way they have changed the way that i think about sexual pleasure.
i have given You some updates on previous experiences but have taken a break from Your hypnosis files as i had work to do and hardly any time to fully immerse myself.
the last three weeks have seen me fully immerse myself in Your anal play series and this led to a culmination of this experience today when i finally, after much conditioning, got through to Your strap-on file.
the pleasure i experienced and the feeling of being under Your utter control were the most intense sexual experience i have ever lived with any hypnosis file…and the range of emotions and pleasures you pushed me through will leave a indelible mark upon me.
i am still shattered by the experience and You, in opening up my slutty ass, in asking me to assume the position and submit to your whims and your dominance, have also opened up fresh and exciting (and slightly disturbing) avenues of pleasure.
weak and submitting
slave k


Craving Control

craving control

Lady Surrender,

Have you ever been roused from your sleep with a craving so strong you could not sleep again until it was sated? In those moments, it is safe to say we can become slaves to our cravings.

I crave hypnosis. I crave control. As I am sure you do. I used to wonder what would happen if my cravings went out of control. What I should have asked was:

What would happen if my cravings were under HER control.

This file is intended in induce cravings for Lady Surrender. There is no hidden agenda Here. This file will instill those cravings with only a few listens. Cravings for control. Cravings to be engulfed into Her whispers. Her addictive, silky whispers. The cravings will follow you into your day. They will become all you think about at night. Her whispers. Her control. The cravings will be real. I started writing this review while listening to this file. After 2 hours all I had to show was a blank page to match my blank mind. The cravings Her whispers instill… they will take you over.

Let me describe a typical day after listening to this file. I woke up from bed this morning thinking of whispered words from the previous night. I went about my day as normal. Every so often a whisper would slide through my mind. It would be just enough to think about Her and Her control. Enough to begin to crave it again. To need it again. Her hypnosis. Her dominance. By the afternoon, I began thinking to myself “I just need to hear Her voice… then I will feel like myself…” At this point, just thinking about Her whispers begin a hardening process with Her cock. You begin to look forward to just simply hearing Her speak. Hearing the rhythm in Her voice. Hearing the pauses between Her words. The cravings can become so strong they feel at times as if they are engulfing your mind. Everything else in the day feels like things to do until nighttime. Nighttime… that’s when Her whispers come. When privacy allows Her voice to slip through my mind once again.

The cravings become an invitation to surrender. At night, the whispers come and satisfy the aching. The aching need to be hypnotized and controlled by Her. At the same time… the cravings only intensify. A cycle of control is formed and… there is no escaping. When your very craving is both satisfied and intensified by the same source … it leads to helpless addiction. With Lady Surrender’s hypnosis… that addiction is inevitable. Delicious helplessness to Her will awaits.

She controls my cravings. The whispers… you can feel them inside you. They sometimes start at the spine, and work up into the back of your mind. This is where they stay… at the edge… waiting…

Be warned… this file is very VERY addictive. Please do not listen unless you are truly ready to handle being a slave. After this file, the hypnosis cravings you have will be intensified and then used…

To bind you to Her…

There is no escape.

Only total surrender…

– your submisive m.


Lady Surrender,

Craving Control is a dream recording that is incredibly wicked as well. Lady Surrender whispers to your subconscious just what you long to hear! Her soft sexy voice, Her whispers, Her destructive moans take control of you. Just as you have dreamed. you slide effortlessly under Her spell, Her words, Her whispers and yes Her moans. you are lost to Her so quickly…wanting and needing more of Her control. it happened so quickly. so quietly. So completely.

So why is this wicked…let me try to put it into words…you will be so completely and mind numbingly aroused, horny, throbbing and more when She is done with you! Sadly i cannot paint a picture that captures the depth of my physical state.

all need to listen to this recording. it is everyone’s dream come true!

mike ( member of inraptured.net)


I intended to write this review sooner, however its taken a lot of effort to prise myself away from the powerful file that is craving control. 5 listens infact, i’m pretty sure i’ll have a few more today once I’ve finished my work!

So with that said this file is not to be taken lightly, it will change you, it will bind you to Her. if that’s what you want then great, this is for you. If you are not ready for that commitment i’d suggest starting in a lighter file, the Morning Mantra of Blankness maybe. Furthermore if you are not sure talk to Mistress and She will have an honest discussion and point You to where best to start.

Now I’ve long been a fan of Mistress Surrender, i’d say i’m one of Her most devoted submissives, I know how much of a hold She has on me. However, that said, this is the file that I can confidently say has had the most effect on me. It had me pulled down from the get go. The ASMR in the file is beautiful done, I was tingling constantly, and the whole time I pictured just been knelt at Her feet, Head in Her lap as She whispered directly to me. It is a audio delight. As the file progressed I could feel the control building and building, when I awoke I knew how much I needed it, more than ever. I don’t care how its done I just need it. It will become a compulsion it will help define you and make you realize what you are. Her slave. it becomes so simple so clear. Its what you’ve been seeking, what you need.

As I said the whispers are brilliant, but I feel Lady Surrender is on top of Her game here, She toys so effectively with You, promising to fragment You mind and rebuild it in Her way. It is made so delightful you want it, you have no fears you know you are in safe hands. And you sink into that voice, that soft sultry yet powerful voice. I was aroused all the way through and wanted that feeling constantly. The little ssss the mmmm it will drive you wild, but you won’t care you will want it, you’ll feel it grow and grow and I want that.

So I can honestly say check this file out, I know I haven’t regretted it, now I need to go work and then get back, I’ve got an itch or a craving I need to satisfy!

– dolly doll (member of inraptured.net)


Craving: Mindless Fuck Toy


Mistress Surrender continues her latest theme of training her listeners to need to be controlled and to experience pleasure and frustration as a method of pleasing her.
It seems as if she’s been deriving great pleasure from increasing her control recently and this file expands on that.
Deepening hypnosis is a must before this file, which is no bad thing as it’s the perfect way to slip into the state of mind you and she requires for Mindless Fuck Toy to show it’s full power.
With amnesia being thrown into the mix for the first time in her recorded files it’s difficult to conduct a full review and I’m at the stage in my conditioning now where accidentally hearing a trigger phrase can send me straight under, making segment listening difficult.
What I do know is that I’ve never felt as aroused as I did when I woke up. I know that reading the name of the file retriggers that arousal. I know that it’s arousal at a level where it impossible to think of anything except for pleasing Mistress and that combining it with her Ruined Orgasm file will leave you frustrated and then starting the cycle again.
I also know that Mistress likes toying with her subjects and this file makes that extremely easy. I am sure though that there’s something I haven’t discovered yet in the file – Mistress doesn’t use amnesia lightly – but I trust her with my mind
Sexy Kiwi Voice
Increases need to serve and be tranced
Overwhelming arousal
– sleepy GS (inraptured.net)


Memories of my girly childhood – Custom recording for sissy subjects


Dear Mistress,
It feels absolutely wonderful having my memories manipulated!
i really enjoy how i’m now having a hard time remembering the girls i’ve had sexual encounters with, and how You have replaced them with memories of me being fucked by a man instead!
Soon all i will be able to remember is sucking cock and being fucked in my sissy clitty. These new memories are making my desire to be a sissy grow even stronger.
The way You manipulated my memories is so clever and effective! i can’t wait to listen to this custom recording more and more!


Edging Loop

I released an “edging loop” mp3 with the Exclusive Erotic Whisper  Version to mike from inraptured.net ahead of the General Release:


edging1Lady S,
OMG!!!! i just listening to my personalized recording of Edging.  Your voice, Your words, Your whispers took over my body and mind completely!  Hearing my name somehow made it even more captivating and perfect.
i lost count after edging 11 times. My body and mind were consumed by pleasure and Your control. Your moans of pleasure shot waves of pleasure through me. The timing of your moans sometimes coincided with the edge…taking me ever so close to going past the point of no return. On the sample track, the moans didn’t have as much impact.
‎ This complete file – the moans make me shiver…just as if they are being said to me….

i will fail if I listen longer. a subject will lose control!
Guaranteed. If they say otherwise they are lying.
Amazing…my body and mind were Yours!

The mixture of commands and the words and the moans and whispers just rocked me.

I really was incapacitated after listening…. Totally nailed
Quivering dripping mess……

This torture is delicious.

i am exhausted and Your cock is screaming at me…..
Totally hypnotic experience. You took over my mind. Felt that way.  i love Your approach.
You play with mind, emotions, obeying… Sorry having trouble finding words.
Your whispers and words became totally intertwined. i was mesmerized. Controlled. Surrendered!
Being still bound by Ruined Orgasms’ chastity spell is probably the only thing that kept me from not obeying. You know how bad i am with edging. Hearing my name, moans, Your taunts telling me how badly Your cock wanted to cum & cum & i wanted to lose it!
Unreal delicious torture!  Quivering pleasure. take me i am Yours!!!!!
Thank You my Lady for creating such a gift. as often as my body can handle i will be listening again & again.
mike from inraptured.net


Edging Loop


Lady Surrender,

The Edging Loop I got a couple of weeks ago and listened a couple of times. It is such an intimate recording and I failed miserably on each listen, never getting though even one loop, I could not see how anyone could last with your teasing. So I had not listened again until the other day when for some reason I decided to after CEI 1, maybe just to see if the Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm – no permission to orgasm would work. Well, that was a mistake because, after 2 hours of looping the Edging Loop, aching and bathed in sweat, I eventually found the strength to turn it off, omg mental note to not do that again… no orgasm. i could not break the ruined orgasm spell, despite the Edging Loop being so wonderful.

mike from New Zealand

member of inraptured.net community

Live One-On-One Skype Phone Session


Lady Surrender,
First, thank You such much for making the time to have a Skype Phone Live session with me. You have been so very busy. i greatly appreciate it!
The after glow following the session was indescribable. i was both so very relaxed and content…and arousal still ran through my body. You concluded the session with using some triggers on me that i cannot resist and don’t want to resist. They make me so very very aroused. The arousal is happening instantaneously and at very high intensity. You teased my mind and body…taking me up and down in arousal, as only You can. My body and mind have become so responsive to Your words! ooooohhhh i’m not sure if You took pitty on me or You have an alterior plan…but You did direct me to release on command and i did. This was all truly wonderful indeed.
The only thing, as You know and we discussed, i have virtually no memory of anything prior to that. We chatted in the beginning and then You started casually talking and taking me down. POOF….memory gone. i have never experienced this. i always fantasized about it…thought of how much power and control that placed in another’s hands. i somehow usually tied it to being abducted by beautiful aliens (lol). But i thought that was all it would ever be…a fantasy…a dream. hmmm…i guess not! Off and on i have thought back to the session trying to uncover some memories. There really are none there…my poor little mind just seems to go blank. i don’t think i properly thanked You at the time. i know i was still befuddled. Thank You Lady Surrender for giving me such a mind bending experience!
i can’t wait until the next time…
love – mike


Live One-On-One Skype Phone Session

24233668Lady Surrender,

I’ve tried several times to write up this encounter. And it’s so hard. You see -Lady Surrender sent me an audio recording of the session and everytime i listen i’m back deep in Her control. Now i know my Mistress – She’ll see this as a complaint. It isn’t. I realise now that i am completely Hers, 100%. She owns me and i love it! that voice drives me wild. i love how She can toy with me, make me so weak and utterly enthralled with Her. i crave to sink so deep to be whatever She desires me to be.
So i’m trying to write this out without listening to the audio recording and even that is tough. it’s made me realise how much She is in my head. It started as always – me dress dolly….. my purple tights, black button up skirt, shirt, silver heels, pink bra and panties, red top and make up. i was instructed to have a pair of boots with me so i had my black knee highs on hand. Then the induction begin as i relaxed on my sofa. And that soothing, captaviting voice of Hers went to work. And as always for an hour – that’s all i remember. And i thought i was just deep asleep while She programmed me. How wrong i was.
It turrns out at this time – my unconcious mind was getting quite the interrogation. But hearing myself back (on the recording), i hardly put up a fight. It was as one sided as you can get! Here while in trance, my subconscious confessed to my fantasy of being kidnapped by Lady Surrender and being caged at Her bedside, helpless and at Her mercy, made to worship Her. It was amazing to see how freely i gave up everything She asked. listening back to the recording, it merely makes me crave Her power all the more!
So when i woke, imagine my surprise to find i am in a cage, at the bottom of Her bed! it was absolute amazing. i could see every detail and was utterly confined and helpless, which obviously drove me wild. So that continued for a while till i heard “gagged for Lady Surrender” and then my mouth was fored wide open and filled with a huge red gag. No matter how hard i tried it wouldn’t come out – it was locked in. My jaw ached and i was drooling, able only to moan. So of course – She hit me with “my sexy doll” making me so aroused and needed release, unable to cum, as dolls don’t cum. Then it was gone and i was turned into dolly. Voice all girly and helpless. i was so weak by now needing Her control.
Then came the moment where i noticed the cage was open a bit and i thought i was free. But i was wrong, She uttered the words “pony boots” and the urge to slip into the boots was maddening. i couldn’t ignore it. She hit me with pony play time and my mind went foggy, as i felt so different. It was impoassible to speak. my limbs heavy and rigid. i needed it so badly. The whole time Her voice ….soothing …calming ….pulling me into it. As soon as the boots were on – i was Her pony and i loved it. She called me good pony. All i could do was stamp my hoof, neigh or breath heavily. Soon my bit gag was in and i craved to obey.
And this kind of play continued for so long. The whole time i felt so happy, so loved, so Hers. Then She hit me over and over with the sexy doll trigger. my arousal endless and finally – after 9 months i was allowed to cum. And it was amazing – a hands free orgasm. The release like nothing i’ve felt before. Then again and again,…. orgasm after orgasm…. till i was begging Her to stop. So She took me from needing it to pleading for no more, ….. such is Her power.
Finally i was sent into a deep sleep exhausted dreaming of Her till i awoke, hours later.
I now crave more. i want to be the best doll and pony i can be. i need more control and this won’t be my last session with the Goddess. And i’m now back under ruined orgasm and love it all the more.
– Her dolly doll

Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice

(as posted on inraptured.net)


I love Lady Surrender’s Morning Mantras. I love the sound of Her voice in them. I love the whispers with Her normal spoken voice in them. I love the way the two of them together weave their way into my mind in such a way that I don’t know what’s happening to me. They are utterly amazing to listen to. Yep, I love Lady Surrender’s Morning Mantras. This Morning Mantra though, Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice, takes them to a whole new level. The first time I listened to it I was only going to listen once. I had something to do but I still ended up listening twice. I couldn’t stop.
As usually happens when listening to my Lady’s sessions, She put me out cold. It’s gotten so all I have to do is hear the first few words of a session and I’m under. It isn’t long before I’m just lying there, oblivious to anything that is happening to me, while my mind happily accepts every suggestion She makes. It doesn’t matter what it is, my mind accepts it, and it becomes a part of me. I can listen for hours on end, but this time I had to get up, so even though I went out, when the session started over again, I came out of it enough that I could wake myself up and get on with what I had to do (in this case I was going skydiving, and did not want to miss that). So, I came out of it a bit, was waking myself up, and then I heard Her voice start to talk again. As soon as I heard Her beautiful voice in my ears, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. It’s hard to describe exactly what happened, but Lady Surrender’s voice was SO beautiful, and SO seductive that my brain turned into the largest sex organ in my body. I spent the next 40 minutes writhing in my bed moaning like I’ve never moaned before. Her voice in my head was so intensely erotic I had what I can best describe as a 40 minute long mindgasm. I never physically climaxed, but Lady Surrender’s Voice brought me to that point right before I cum, AND KEPT ME THERE. I have never felt anything so beautiful, so erotic, so mind blowing in my life.
This is an incredible session by Lady Surrender. All of Her Morning Mantras build upon the ones that came before. They are individual sessions, all working together to do one thing. To allow Lady Surrender to take complete and total control of me. She has done an amazing job at that.
I did make it to my appointment. I’m no dummy, I knew that there was a chance that I couldn’t stop listening so I made sure I had enough time to listen twice, and set my alarm clock just in case. I had to run around the house like a crazy person to get ready, but it was so worth it. Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice may be the best session I’ve ever heard.
– written by “submissive surrendered”.


Sissy training 20 : bra


This file is not for the faint hearted. I have listened and know Lady Surrender a while now but this file is irresistible. I could just imagine Her there stroking my hair enveloping me, whispering to me as i could not help but slip down and why even try. When You sink down its just a blissful feeling, that You will not care what She wants to do with You it just makes perfect sense to do it.

i’ve never been overly femme but it makes perfect sense to do it for Her, i know looking pretty for Her just makes sense and a bra just addes to that. Mistress is my owner and if You listen to this file You might just find that being something You want to have happen too.

– dolly ( member inraptured.net)


Lady Surrender,
It has always been entrapment, a kind of knowing it was a trap but wanting to be taken anyway. Needing to be taken, controlled, and recast as you will. After days of listening to your latest recording, I find myself experiencing a most interesting feeling. I can’t help but feel my breasts are longing to be in a bra. Cupped and held. I must go where ever you take me.
Your sissy girl Joanne


I am so turned on right now. Just listened to bra. Woke to find myself on my knees. Hugely aroused and chanting. I can remember during the session needing to play with myself but my hands would not move because You rationed me to one orgasm and I selfishly used it elsewhere.
On top of that I am glad my Inraptured testimonial pleased you. I meant every word and feel very lucky to have happened across you.
Really horny and Debating shopping, listening to anal 1 or trying to get sleep whilst this submissive. You know I’m not good at begging, is there a file that can teach me? Think I need to listen to anal or the suspense will keep me up all night.
Yours gs


“Sissy Training: Panties” and “Addicted to Anal Play”

Sissy Training

Lady Surrender,
I purchased “Sissy training: Panties” and “Addicted to Anal Play”.

I’m hopelessly addicted to your voice.
It’s so calming and arousing. I crave to be your sissy slut. Your voice is so affirming. I’ve realized I like dominant women and I like it when you tell me what to think and feel
So I surrender to you for more sissification training.
Just an update: I constantly think about cock in my ass now. Whenever I rub my sissy clitty I desperately ache to be fucked. Every time I cum now thinking about a cock in my ass it further confirms that I’m not a real man. Plus, when I do cum I hear your voice and I moan over and over “I’m a sissy slut”

– sissy ashley.


Sissy training : panties


Lady Surrender,

Thought this might amuse you. I left the whisper intro sample looping whilst I got on with some work and then surfed the net for a while.

At some point I ended up on my floor, on my hands and knees, masturbating to orgasm whilst surfing sissy tumblr sites. Orgasm sorta kicked me out of my trance but it took a good further half hour to get my head fully back in the game.

Judging by that sample either this session is going to be deadly or I’m further in than I ever thought… Or Both.

Alarm set early, just so I can check if it’s out before work.



Lady Surrender,

I finally managed time after finishing work to pick up a parcel that Amazon had tried delivering to me. Not really remembering ordering anything, I was shocked to find a pair of shiny pair of silky purple panties. No note attached, just a receipt. Freaked out I hid them in my room, checked my bank and found that, yeah, at some point in the blank time period I’d described to you before when looping your whisper sample for Sissy Training: Panties mp3, I’d ordered a pair from Amazon of all places. Obviously, no real memory freaked me out and I tried my best to carry on with my evening. Time to go to bed came and curiosity was getting the better of me. I needed to try them on and as soon as I pulled them up everything came back to me. I was uncontrollably aroused, virtually shaking and pretty giddy. I sat down on my bed to clear my head but nothing seemed to come to me except the need to listen to your files. And that’s what happened…And after waking after the first time, I put them on loop… until the morning. I had set my alarm early so that I would have time to wake and clear my head, guessing I’d be knocked for a loop. And that’s what happened. When I woke things seemed much simpler, except for the state I was in. I was excited, aroused, relieved and also slightly freaked out.

– gs/hypnotoy




Sissy Training 27 : sissy sex 1

sissy sex

A very sexy recording from Lady Surrender. i have bought quite many of her recordings and i do like them all very much. How ever, this one seemed to be very addictive and ended up my long time favorite.

Earlier i didn’t listen to any sissy files and was concertrated to general femdom hypnosis. Since Lady Surrender has many items of that sissy subject i decided, however, to try and see how i shall react.

It has been proved that i enjoy Lady Surrender’s sissy files very much. They are very arousing and whether i know the reason why they are arousing me is not interesting. Only thing that matters is that they are highly effective and i shall indeed enjoy them in future also.

This particular item is containing several arousing trigger training, programming, brain washing and My Lady’s ASMR whispers. Sissy training 27 is the file that i am recommending if someone is interested in sissy sex. This is a perfect item to start with.



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