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Group Trance Induction

Trance will be on the Discord app.
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“Morning Mantra of Submission”

Morning Mantra of Submission was one of My first recordings. The new 2018 version embeds My voice & My whispers in your mind… becoming deeply submissive as you crave more and more control… Click here to listen to the free sample.

AUDIO MP3 version available here:

VIDEO MP4 version featuring candle flame available soon!



Entrancement Bundle 1


I have been called by many names.

Goddess. Dominant. Siren.

After today, you will begin to realize why. Relax and allow My whispers to sink themselves deeply into your mind. All thoughts you may have will disappear before My powerful seductive tongue. your mind will slowly begin to melt into My will. As My words consume your resistance, your thoughts will be left behind until there is nothing. Until you are nothing. Blank. Empty. Powerless. Mindless.

Will you be next?

Entranced & enticed into deepening hypnosis!

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My pleasure is your pleasure...

Enslavement never felt so good.

Surrender is Inevitable, resistance is futile.

Demonstrate your devotion & spoil your Goddess.

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